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I've taken hundreds of similar photos like this.
For years I took one of every flight I was on.
Wouldn't surprise me if I took them to one day make a gigantic collage.
There's just something about the framing... I don't know.
Flying sure would be a lot lamer without windows, this I know.

Wifey leaving on a jet plane.

Throwback to a week or two ago when I made Matt drive me around Brighton Beach for no reason.
We eventually ended up at this art house in Rockaway.
These were taken with film. You know cause I gotta get back to shooting filming living in Williamsburg and all.
Next is a piano of some sort, or maybe a typewriter I can bring to Freehold and pretend I'm working like all the other patrons.

Full summer today so we went to Greenpoint for a smoothie.
Went by the colorful wall.
Posed a push for @mvtt.
Needs more Gino and less Swede who used to skate.
I wish it this temperature stayed for the rest of the summer. Anyone who enjoys NYC summers is a liar.

New coffee mug.
Agent Cooper approved!
Can't wait for May 21st!
For more Twin Peaks nerdiness look up #twinpeakstourist

I love the 80's.
My favorite color combination is grey/yellow.
I film sports.
I currently own a Sony video camera.
I've owned many Sony video cameras but never this one.
I think I need this camera.
It's so me.
I love it. 📹❤️

Hi 👮
It wasn't me.

Just bought a film camera for moments like this but forgot it at home.
Like the saying goes:
The best camera is the one you have with you.

Happy April Fool's birthday Ingemar.
Kudos for realizing fellow April 1st birthday shredder Craig Kelly's
memorial in Riksgränsen last year.
Hope you got some turns in today.., and a lonkero or three.

Coolest looking things in the sky.
Not the coolest thing to spend peoples tax money ($55 billion for 460 helis) on imo.
#v22osprey #ospreyhelicopter #americafuckyeah

Omg omg omg!
Looked up from the computer screen since I heard something louder than normal.
I LOVE Ospreys. Best helicopters.
Why have free universities and healthcare for all when you can have this awesome flying machine?
#merica 🇺🇸#americafuckyeah #ospreyhelicopter #v22osprey

I like Montauk.
Especially when you get to take hikes to/from the beach without any people around.
Meeting the 6 month official Montauk Lighthouse Newfoundland pup Katie Thunderpaws was the highlight of the day.

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