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Strolled around #GraceFarms a few days ago.
Incredible building.
Pic 5 is likely the coolest basketball court I've ever seen.

One of my first photos I really liked was a photo of a row of Target carts I took with my 4mp Pentax camera (it fit perfectly in an Altoid box) in Danbury, Connecticut in 2003.
The other day I saw a very similar stack of carts somewhere in the middle of New York.
Since that early winter day in 2003 I started to look at photography and architecture differently.
In picture 3 you can see a security guard who told me I couldn't take photos of the building. Only in 🇺🇸.

Little red corvette. Baby you're much too fast.
Doesn't get much more Merica than this.
Speaking of red, here's a bible verse:
"Do not have sexual relations with a woman during her period of menstrual impurity." (Leviticus 18:19)

Had to stop and make a call to @nyquisten before it was too late in Sweden (because driving in the US with cell phone reception is as developed as high speed internet is in Australia). Taken calls in worse places.
#SkaneatelesLife #LiterallyCantDriveAndTalk

Another weekend in the Catskills means trying out new accommodations.
This time we stayed at @nineriverroad in Callicoon.
Anna was nervous to try out the hammock because last time I made her lay in one it came undone and she was limping for months. This one was only an inch above ground though, plus she's watching a very addictive Norwegian tv show called "Skam". #catskillslife #NineRiverRoad #callicoon

Not "straighto lino" like @michialbin would say if giving a cab driver directions in Japan.
Michi might've also come up with the expression "easy style" which you can see at most (all?) snowboard parks in the US.

Going into the Catskills in upstate/central New York again.
This stretch of road was not straight.

The most delicious alcoholic mixed beverage to come in a can is the Finnish "Lonkero" / @originallongdrink
Invented for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 as a quick drink alternative for the booze thirsty Finns (and visitors) and it's the most common adult beverage in Finland.
I personally feel it should be the most common adult beverage everywhere. Especially Sweden and North America but it just became available in Sweden and you can only buy it (non chilled) at some government owned liquor stores at times when you usually don't want to drink one. Unfortunately it's not even available on this side of the Atlantic Ocean :( As a huge fan boy of this beverage I asked where I could get my hands on their new clothing collabo with @billebeino and a week later clothing and a laminated card shows up in the mail!
Kiitoslainen! Kippis!!!
#lonkeromoment #lonkeroabroad #lonkerolife #originalbillebeino

I like late sunsets but I love when the sun doesn't set. This photo was likely taken around midnight.
While going through photos from Norway today I stumbled upon one of my favorite leg stretching spots at an island called Senja.
Norway builds a lot of cool rest stops which I used to frequent a couple of years ago. #tungeneset is one of my favorite ones along the #nationaltouristroutes / #nasjonalturistveger #scenicskate #scenicnorway #senja #codearkitektur #iusedtoskate

There's something about just pointing a camera while taking a photo. Not thinking about anything else than what film you loaded it with.
These were shot with a $20 Olympus Mju/Stylus Epic Zoom 170.
Pointed and shot.
Let's see if 1% will hit like.

Got some film back from the lab.
Ate cider braised duck here. Was tasty.
Would go again.
#PhoneciaDiner #phonecia

I'm not going to spend my life being a color.
It's black, it's white.
It's tough for you to get by.
It's black, it's white, WOOH.

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