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Pierce Freelon  Born and raised in #Durham. Husband, father, professor, musician, organizer, trekkie & former Mayoral candidate. Founder of @thespaceblack #WeAintDone

When I was a kid my mom took me around the world with her, as she toured. She took me to Japan, Finland, Vietnam and more. Every chance I get, I’ll do the same for my kids. Stella and I are doing our Daddy-Daughter debut in Orlando at the Global Peace Film Festival @globalpeacefest where my film History of White People in America is screening. We landed, had brunch and went kayaking. Any suggestions for activities tomorrow? Film screens at 3PM at the WP Public Library. #daddydaughter #travel #kayak #family #DirectorFreelon #Orlando #GlobalPeace

In Brooklyn at @ifpfilm shopping History of White People in America: an animated musical on the construction of race. It’s getting great feedback! Can’t wait to share with the universe. Loving the vibe here in Dumbo. #Brooklyn #Durham #Animation #Race #Music #DirectorFreelon

Hang time captured by @patrick.bullock.98031 during a lecture at Rogers-Herr. Had a lot of fun with the kiddos. #Durham

Excited to lead a #WokeShop at @timecamp002 in a few weeks, which will explore the nexus of worship, spirituality and black liberation. #afrofuturism #ashe #blackliberation #spirituality #charlotte

Every Friday at 9:19PM @thespaceblack gathers youth in downtown Durham in front of the bronze “Major” bull statue to rap, sing, make beats, and create community together. We call it the Med City Cypher because it takes place in Durham, the City of Medicine, and becuase the weekly ritual is deeply medicinal. At the cypher, youth are challenged to improvise and think on their toes and to build self-confidence and empathy. It’s group therapy through Hip Hop! Med City provides safe space for kids to occupy the heart of our city every week, to speak their truth unapologetically, affirm self-esteem, and help the creative fires inside each of them radiate. In doing so, they transform, not only themselves but the City of Medicine as well. #Durham #DURM #Bars #youth #Medicine #PeaceIstThePrescription #MedCity #MedCityCypher MUSIC BY @hirobeats313

I don’t come to upstate New York often since grad school at @Syracuse but I’m back! Delivering the keynote at @prattmwpcollege this evening. Forgot how beautiful it is up here! Come through if you’re around tonight 7PM MWP Auditorium at Pratt. Shouts to the incredible @ibeyi2 for the 👕 #NewYork #Utica #Durham #Keynote #ConsciousCampus

Had the pleasure of leading 3 Diversity WokeShops at Millersville University with @madamemonarch. Here’s to shaping change with the class of 2022!

Too cool for school.

As a Tar Heel alum and former Professor I support the students who tore down Silent Sam at UNC this evening. I had to walk by that wretched confederate monument every day on my way to class and the state had ample opportunity to remove it before the people rose up and did it for them. The sit-in movement which desegregated lunch counters in the Jim Crow South were launched by YOUTH. Most notably, a couple of teenagers at North Carolina A&T who came to be known as the Greensboro Four - but their work was preceded by the Royal Ice Cream sit-in, in #Durham and organizers and students mentored by Ella Baker in Raleigh where the first chapter of SNCC was founded. Acts of radical civil disobedience are an integral part of the rich legacy of the state of North Carolina. I made these comments during my MLK address earlier this year, just hours before felony charges against those accused of toppling Durham’s Confederate monument were dropped. Catch the whole speech on my Facebook page #DoItLikeDurham #SilentSam #LetsGoHeels

Happy Anniversary! One year ago today The People of Durham engaged in a historic act of Civil Disobedience. Had to bring the kids downtown to see it for themselves. #DoItLikeDurham

Here’s the thing I love about @thespaceblack we emit a certain type of energy, and that attracts people of similar vibration. Everyone who participated in @thespaceblack’s #BlackAugust youth retreat yesterday radiates their own special brilliant light, and I deeply appreciate @mbisfree for leading us in a process to harvest it. It’s like she is teaching us how to photosynthesize more efficiently. She’s a Solar Sister. The future is bright. #Afrofuturism #Blackspace #Community #Youth Thanks @byp100 @mxsrich @kaliqray @rowdylife for being present! Thanks @ohwonderpuff for the Cotton Candy, they gobbled it up! #Sweet #Love #Solidarity

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