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Piera Gelardi  Executive Creative Director & Co-founder @refinery29 and @29Rooms / Check out my Courageous Creativity talk👇🏻


"How do you stay motivated when hitting a creative block?" @thesalclark #pingpiera In general I am hugely motivated by the enormity of the possible… IE all the things that could be if I just gave them a little TLC! A few things I do when I’m creatively stuck 1. I try to focus on creating as many options as possible… brainstorming to come up with lots and lots of ideas (without judging them or weeding out good from bad… it’s all about volume!). Once I have options, it helps me feel less frozen and then I can start getting the creative mojo moving again (and workshop the options into viable ideas). 2. I ask for help… talking the problem out with a coworker or friend that I trust helps me immensely. Bonus points for people who make me laugh because laughter unlocks brilliance and conquers fear. 3. Walk away… sometimes if you’re really stuck, continuing to push on it gets you more frustrated and farther from the solution. I find that in those moments, I actually need to take a break and do something else for a beat. Often it’s about getting out of my head and into my body so shaking it out physically, going for a walk, or having a private dance party in the hallway help me get back in the game. Would love to hear YOUR tips for getting unstuck and please ask questions in the comments for future #pingpiera Q&As. Neon art by #AlfredoJarr #galerielelong

I've gotten a lot of questions in the past few months about my #CourageousCreativity talk and, good news!, you guys can now watch it on @creativemorning (link in bio). Public speaking isn’t something that is naturally comfortable to me (in fact it’s wildly terrifying) so I’ve put a lot of work into growing my confidence and skills in this arena through improv class, relentless practice, and hacking away at the talk to remove things that were tripping me up. I used to find myself rushing through talks and almost blacking out from the anxiety of them. So my biggest goal when I set out to create this talk was to slow down and enjoy being up on stage, to be generous to the audience, and to bring more of my personality into the mix. It’s not perfect, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come… there’s nothing more motivating than realizing your own potential to grow and push past fear and obstacles. Never doubt your own capacity! Thanks to everyone (and there are SO MANY of you) who have given me feedback… it’s been invaluable. For those that watch it, let me now what you think and if there’s anything you think I can improve. Getting ready to work on the next talk in the Courageous Creativity series… 📸 @cassidyturner #nopinkyoustink

Finding my inner oasis this week. ✨ Mirror Art Installation by @shirinabedinirad #InspringMeNow #thesurrealworld (rg: @ignant)

Last week I got to bring my mom with me to a festival @createcultivate I was speaking at and we saw Gloria Steinem speak. It was a really special moment experiencing that together and afterwards we talked about how the women's movement has shifted since my mom first got involved which got me to reminiscing about how my mom raised me with feminist values. How she read my brother and I feminist fairy tales at bedtime so strong female protaganists ruled our dreams. How she steered clear of making my looks a measure of my worth or to pressure me to fit any standard of beauty. (This lead to some teasing and hilarious pit falls like me shaving my mustache when I was 13 because I didn't know how else to deal with it. But she always waited for me to ask "can I shave my legs" because she wanted those things to be my own choice.) How she celebrated my stength, bravery, commitment, and compassion above all things and encouraged me in my dreams and identity, even if they were morphing day to day. How she's has never put an ounce of pressure on me to become a mother myself (and she chastises my dad when he asks When...) She has always worked hard to let me know she supports me in creating my own path. ❤️ My mom is my role model and today and every day I am grateful to her for bringing me into this world. @deborahpg #thewomanwhomademe

"Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means me too." - L.R. Knost 📷 Photo by @dapper.studios model @ohh.lolo #inspiringmenow

Now serving sweet, sweet nostalgia. 🍭😍 Candy mixtapes?! My girl @sweetsabacandy is a sculptor turned confectionier who is totally (candy) crushing the game with her imaginative, sugary creations. #MyCreativeCrushes 📼 #divas #inspiringmenow

Here’s the truth: Women are paid 77% on average of what men are paid (and those numbers drop even more for black and Hispanic women). Women pay 69% more out of pocket for healthcare than men do. Only 4% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women. These disparities and so many others are why we’ve partnered with brilliant filmmaker @tiffanyshlain on #Gettingto5050 — a global movement that aims to spark conversations that will inspire a more gender balanced world. Today, over 10,000 people worldwide are hosting 50/50 day events to have action-focused conversations about getting to gender equality. I’d LOVE if you would consider doing the same with your co-workers, your partner, your friends, your family, your taxi driver, whoever! Link in my bio to watch Tiffany’s film “50/50”… it’s beyond inspiring and a great way to kick off a discussion about how we can work together (it’s an US movement) to create change. #WeCanWeHaveWeWill rg @christenebarberich image @megjlaz

#InspiringMeNow @autumndewilde's Lighting Layers and Reflections installation... I.E. the houses I own in my dreamworld. ✨ #thesurrealworld

April showers bring May flowers and May flowers bring girl power! 🌺 @GirlsClubNY is having their annual Spring Fling dance party... and I'd love for you to come! It's a little $, but all proceeds benefit their groundbreaking work of raising the next generation of environmental, entrepreneurial, and ethical leaders. There will be good vibes and good tunes galore. Plus I'm kvelling to be honored at this year's celebration. 😊 (Link in bio for tickets and info.) #springflingnyc#girlsclubny 📷 @confettisystem (they're decorating this year's event.)

A month and a half ago, I said I was going to start doing weekly #PingPiera Q&As where I answered your questions. Well, I did one and then between giving my #CourageousCreativity talk in NYC and London, planning the next @29Rooms, and working on our #R29NewFronts lots got in the way. I slacked but today, I'm picking it back up! Hopefully I can continue with some regularity but forgive me if I fall off. Send me your questions in the comments and I'll answer them. ✨ Question from @pagetracicreative "What do you do in moments of self-doubt?" A: Self doubt is something that plagues me and so many of us. It can be debilitating so I have a few tricks for combatting it. 1. I have an Evernote document called "Feel Good Notes" where I copy and paste positive notes and quotes people have said about me. Then if I'm having a moment where I'm telling myself I am not creative, for example, I open that doc and see that the burden of proof — all the people who have said I am creative — is bigger than self doubt. So I can basically disprove my inner monologue. 2. I try to practice self compassion. If I'm having serious self doubt and beating up myself up, there is a good chance that I am depleted and need to take a break, step away from the computer, or do something for a moment that refills my tank. Sometimes I remind myself to treat myself as I would a friend. Would your friend ever tell you, "Yeah that happened because you suck, you're not creative, and you should just quit on life?" Hell no! (at least not any friend worth having). It's important to check your nasty inner voice and not let her rule you. #pingpiera (pic by @meganmadden from when my team filled my office with birthday balloons) #nopinkyoustink #insider29

Six months after Election Day and we're still marching... As legislators return to their home offices today, we're here to remind them we won't stand for attacks on our health care, our identities, our religious freedoms, our lives. It's not okay to legalize discrimination and prevent the basic human right of good, consistent health care to ALL people. I signed the #pledgeofliberation and so can you! ❤️Today, @womensmarch is calling for a nationwide Day of Action for collective liberation. Here's how you can participate... 1. Sign and share the #pledgeofliberation (link in bio) 2. Find a demonstration at a Congressional office near you or register your own: bit.ly/PledgeDayOfAction 3. Find your own ways to take a stand and make your values known. 💥 Together, let's send a message that we will not stop resisting until all people are free! #resistwithlove ❤️

Never wanted to lick a painting more. 😋 #xuzhen #frieze #nopinkyoustink

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