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Piera Gelardi  Co-founder and Creative Director @refinery29 x @29rooms ✨ Board member @girlsclubny 🌹 Be the spark 💥 Live with heart ♥️ Turn it into art 🎨

Pot of ✨ at the end of the rainbow. 🌈 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ Giving my all in the “Rainbow Voyage” room by @marinafini 🎨 Epic photo thanks @karendoolittle 📸 Sequin dream dress @lpa#29rooms

Jazzed to be here in San Francisco for Pride weekend! 🌈 Can’t wait to unveil the new @29rooms and celebrate the beautiful spectrum of humanity parading down the streets in sequin finery, rainbow colors, and sweaty skin. Let’s celebrate each other and those we paved the way. 🏳️‍🌈#pridemonth 🎨 Art by the technicolor master @space.ram #turnitintoart

Almost 2,000 children have been forcefully separated from their parents at the border in the last 6 weeks. This is a serious violation of human rights and one that breaks my heart into a million smithereens. 💔 We must act! If you’re as distraught and outraged as I am, I’ve put together a list of ways we can help, here and more in my story. 1. call your Congress members and demand they support #keepfamiliestogether Act 202-224-3121 // 2. Go to @baby2baby for a supply drive // 3. Click the link in my bio or story for organizations to donate to and upcoming protests. 🎨 Art: @lazy.beam #endfamilyseparation

Growing up, my dad and I hand made all the furniture for my dollhouse... turning toothpaste caps into lampshades, wiring the electricity, and making teeny tiny books with real covers for my dolls to read. We once spent 6 months perfecting the formula for root beer float ice cream (it was an art and a science!) in an effort to win a lifetime of free Ben & Jerry’s. We loved doing business brainstorms around the dinner table at night... coming up with concepts and then figuring out the company name, products, and marketing plan (some memorable ones were my brothers’ teddy bear factory and a karaoke chain for kids). And today, my dad is still so engaged and creatively active... he just pitched me a 29Rooms idea last week that we’re bringing to life for NYC. Thank you to the BDITKU (that’s short for best dad in the known universe) @pgelardi — your larger than life imagination, sense of possibility, and infectious curiosity has inspired and shaped me in more ways than you know. I love you endlessly.

Sending love to all of you this father’s day and a little extra for those who have lost, been separated from, have strained relationships with, or have yearned to become dads. Thinking of you. 💛 🎨 @hanminncheese for @refinery29

Today last year, it was sunny and I was feeling hopeful. I'd just cruised past my first trimester. I was starting to show. When I stopped in to drop off a dress, my dry cleaner saw my belly, lit up, and congratulated me. On my way to the office, I thought about calling my granddad to tell him the happy news but decided I'd do it after work. // A few hours later, a big meeting ended. I stood up to leave and felt a rush of blood. // At 1AM the doctors came into my hospital room to tell me my baby's heart was no longer beating. // They started talking about next steps but I didn't hear them. I was holding my breath, trying to remain perfectly still, trying to keep the news from landing, keep the feelings from coming, trying to stop time. But eventually, I had to breath. The news landed. The feelings came, and came again, in waves. Time continued on. // It’s amazing how much you can love a person you’ve never met, and how much grief you can hold for that person when they’re gone. It’s a lonely feeling, the recalibrating of your hopes and dreams. That feeling hasn't gone away. Now, it lies mostly dormant as I continue on. // In the past year, I've gained as much as I lost. I may not have had that quintessential womanly experience of giving birth, but I had an equally quintessential experience, one far less talked about. That experience has connected me to countless women and I've learned how life-affirming it can be to allow yourself to be seen, to be held, naked, vulnerable, imperfect. Thank you to everyone who's buoyed my spirits this past year, who've opened up to me, who carry your own sorrows alongside your joys. I am left with deep, deep reverence for the human spirit and for our resilience as women, warriors each and every one of us. Be patient with yourselves, be compassionate and kind. We all bear untold heartaches with us as we walk down the street on a sunny day. 📷 Photo @zeewipark #loveyourself

Beautiful man. Iconoclast. Rebel prince. You served us the world on a tin plate. Took us to parts unknown. Shared the meaning of a meal. Dear explorer, dear champion of humanity, it was a privilege to travel with you, to learn from you. We’ll miss your voice and your view. Rest In Peace. 💔#anthonybourdain

NYC mantra: Every day I see things that people travel from around the world to witness. ✨👀 Keep repeating this in my head recently! Feeling deep gratitude to live in this boundless city. 📷 Artwork @tinycactus (my favorite) #livewithheart #thesurrealworld

Closing out the week, honor your baby steps and any progress, no matter how small. Keep chip, chip, chipping away. ⛏ #livewithheart #kaizen 🎨 art: @blindsaay x @refinery29

"Growing up in Chicago, no one wanted to have a gay or trans child, but my father never told me I was different. He told me I was special, that it was okay, and that I could accomplish anything. And I am: My parents’ dreams are living through me.” - @leynabloom@refinery29 kicking off #PrideMonth interviewing incredible people who use style to express pride. Here’s to equality, self love, and loving who you love. 📸 by the amazing @charlie__chops for @r29style x @hm✨dream team: @jessicabobince @seongheeparkmakeup @yuhi_kim @ricaromain @melissabethk + #r29creative

The Chicago Sun Times called @29rooms a “creative phenomenon!!!” 🎉🎉 So excited to open our doors in our first Midwest city. Chicago, are you ready to immerse yourself in our funhouse of style, culture, and creativity? 🎟 Tickets for @29Rooms #Chicago are officially on sale NOW! 🎟 Head over to the link in bio to get your tickets and tag a friend to join you as #29Rooms goes ~Midwest~ 📸 @lhoycel in the @PlannedParenthood "Bright Future" room #TurnItIntoArt

Love sandwich on rye. 💛🥪 Happy birthday best baby bro in the known universe @pepintoday I love you and your munchkins too. xoxox photo: @abbeydrucker

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