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Spring flowers are good for the heart.

Looks like I will probably be saying goodbye to this toenail again. #justkeeprunning

I'm hoping this forecast improves.

#latergram of Renie and Jesse dancing together at their cousin's wedding. They crack me up.

I love walking up the back driveway to our house. Almost everything about our little homestead is a work in progress. We have a barn, but no fences yet, so no animals. I have a huge #garden plot, but last year I didn't get my garden in or get it plowed again, so I need to start over again. We love our old #foursquarefarmhouse but almost every room is still a work in progress. We have 4 acres of land, but are still working at getting the landscaping in shape. We have a gorgeous wrap around front porch with a porch swing, but both need painting. This is a labor of love and I am so grateful for what we have! #aprilhomestead @thepioneerprincess

I took graduation pictures of these two yahoos yesterday. They are a couple of kooks, but they are the awesomest kooks I know! I really love who they are and what they stand for. I'm so incredibly grateful Kennedy has a Drew. @dru.is.tru @kennedytatro #graduationnextmonth #senioritis

This was delicious! The end.

SPRING CLEANING the yard all day today. I have blisters to show for it. Meanwhile, this one sun bathed. #aprilhomestead @thepioneerprincess #foursquarefarm #foursquarecats

We've been clearing and restacking stone by our little pond today. We refilled it with water to check the liner and unfortunately, there seems to be a leak. So we have to get a new liner. Bummer. Anxious to get a couple of ducks in here. #homesteadgoals #foursquarefarm

I've not been doing well keeping up with the #aprilhomestead photo challenge hosted by Misty @thepioneerprincess. I might try to catch up tomorrow. For today, this picture of Camelia napping and purring in my bed seems to be the perfect shot of "comfort". First because I love being snuggled in my bed. It's my favorite place! And as much as these kittens can be a pain in the butt, especially the other one, there is something so comforting about holding a sleeping kitty. I've always been a dog person, but I cannot deny the appeal of a warm, soft, purring kitty in my lap! #foursquarecats #catsofinstagram #foursquarefarm

I took this through the window as the car was moving, so not a great pic, but you get the idea. I love when these hills turn green again in the spring! #wisconsin #midwest #homestead

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