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We were all starving after playing at the water parks. We cooked a TON of food and scarfed it down in no time.

@dquann_219 and I are ready to go eat. #needfoodinmabelly

You guys, I am so glad that my trip to the Dells no longer involves me chasing a toddler through this evil play area. It is drips and sprays and bucket dumps everywhere! I hate being sprayed or splashed or spattered or dumped on. The first time we came here we had 3 complete non-swimmers. Now we have 3 teenagers. Time flies.

Headed for a much needed mini getaway. One night in the Dells.

A local landmark burned on the edge of town last night. Barn 23 was a complete loss. Thankfully the restaurant had closed a few months ago and was currently vacant. This was our view from our deck. My teenage girls happened to be passing by as they returned from the state Park, and they pulled over for an hour or so and watched the main part of the destruction. Many thanks to the many first responders from our own and many surrounding towns who fought the fire for many hours and saved the adjacent historic Don Q Inn.

Today I fixed this gate. Sometime not long after we moved in, the bolt fell out of the bottom hinge. I searched in the grass for it, but it never turned up. So today I thought I would look for it again, since the grass is all dead. Sure enough, right at the base of the post, I found it. It took me some time to get the hinge lined back up and to clean the holes out where the bolt goes through because it had been painted over. Just as I was preparing to finally hammer the bolt in place, it slipped out of my hand and vanished. I kid you not. It just disappeared. I searched and searched and never found it. Luckily I found a long, heavy duty screw in the barn and was able to get it done. #homestead #fixingfences #whycantaprojecteverbeeasy

Steamy and delicious! This is one of my very favorite things to eat, and I suck it down by the plateful. Yellow squash and zucchini sautéed in coconut oil (or butter) with some salt and pepper. So easy, so yummy. I can't wait until summer when the squashes are coming from my garden once again. #garden #realfood #homestead

I was gifted this pile of fenceposts. I hope that this is the year we actually put them in the ground and make a livestock enclosure. #goats #homestead #farmgoals

You would think that since we own a beagle, our yard would not be a bunny paradise. However, it is quite a cozy haven for the little buggers. Our side yard is covered with bunny poop. It is truly everywhere. That must be why that side yard is always so lush and green. Thank you, bunnies! #homestead #naturalfertilizer #bunnyparadise

Another spring project I'm dreaming about is building a clothesline right here between the garage and the tree. That's what I'm asking for for my birthday and mothers day. #homestead #farmhouse

These buds look a bit large for February in Wisconsin. #homestead #farmhouse

I'm wandering around outside on a warm, rainy February day, daydreaming about all the homestead projects I would like to tackle this year. One of them is to turn this rock garden/weed patch into my herb garden. It's bordered by the rhubarb patch and already has potted perennial chives. There are so many great landscaping stones on the property, I think I can use some to build a raised bed here. #springdreaming #homestead #herbgarden