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Piebird Farm Sanctuary Retreat  Piebird Vegan Farmstay / Farm Sanctuary - 12 years of being a happy home for animal-friends & a vegan agri-tourism destination. Nipissing Ontario

A moment of love with Freeda and Sherry. Sending out big smiles of gratitude to all of you working to make this world a kinder place. Sending out uplifting hugs to any of you who could use a boost today. Freeda is a very personable person, she loves to make new friends, and she loves to connect-with old friends.

@ Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay — Head’s up: Autumn bookings (until the end of November) will close in a couple of days. The on-site sanctuary gift shop will be open by appointment for much of Autumn. If you’d like to be a regular Winter volunteer, we have a couple of roles that need filling. #VeganLove

Mercy and Jollygood connecting in the morning light. Saying hello with grace and friendship. The sanctuary will close for the season for overnight guests at the end of November. We’ll be doing some work over the Winter towards our @peacebird.vegan.ecovillage project (converting the main house into the common house, etc). Exciting! We’ll have the on-site gift shop open by appointment for “market days” all Autumn if you are looking for sanctuary-supporting gifts & vegan baking! Thanks for supporting our work, friends, hope to see you before Winter!

Seen through a hedge of asparagus berries, Rain is enjoying her bridge over her pond. Peace for all. #VeganLove 💙 If you are interested in Autumn/Winter regular volunteering at the sanctuary, we’d love to have you in the circle: love@piebird.org 705.724.1144

Cookie announcement! For now, our sanctuary-supporting Piebird vegan cookies are only available for special order, direct from us! This Sunday will be a bake-day if you want to order. Note: Our Piebird cookies will no longer be found at the Kind Choice Food Co booth (at the North Bay Farmer’s Market). To order these famous cookies, contact Sherry: love@piebird.org 705.724.1144 — available in North Bay area or here at the sanctuary (not yet by mail order). Thanks for loving these vegan cookies for 12+ years!

There’s been some confusion that the @kindchoicefoodco is part of Piebird and we have to clarify that they are totally separate! (and they have re-vamped branding that reflects that) ...they make their own great vegan products (they’ve just launched some yummy vegan nachos!). We partnered with them to help them get going, and 5% of their market sales initially went to the sanctuary-residents here (thanks for that, friends!). The Kind Choice Food Co currently carries some of our Piebird soup mixes, be sure to check those out when you load up on vegan cheeses!

Give us a ring if you want to be in the cookie club! Made with whole organic spelt four and sweetened with maple syrup.

Remembering our dear friend Roy who passed away on the New Moon of October 9th. Roy came to sanctuary six and a half years ago and has long been at the heart of the chicken-family. He was generous with his friendship and proud of his role in the flock. He had a great sense of humour and loved to make his friends smile.

When he grew to be an elderly gentleman he left the chicken-friends’ house and came to live with us in our home. He had his own special Roy-sized door so he could go out and head over to his favourite spot in the garden and nap beside some flowers, or join a picnic if he found one.

Those of you who met Roy know how much he loved cookies and other baked goods. Sherry baked him special Roy cookies and he got one every morning. He always said please and thank you with his lovely song. On his last day he was very excited about his fresh batch of blueberry muffins. He told us stories all day long that day, chatting and chatting. It’s deeply moving to imagine what memories and reflections he was sharing. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, leaving the rest of his muffins for his friends.

Thanks for sharing all your kindness, Roy. We love you! -Sherry & Yan

Celebrating turkey-friends like Laura! Laura just celebrated her one-year sanctuary-anniversary and she’s had a happy year of family and friendship. She is such an outgoing and confident person (who loves making new friends!), and for those of you who have visited the sanctuary this year, Laura was likely the first friend to greet you. …and for some new-friends, she doesn’t leave their side. Laura likes quality time of simply sitting with a friend and enjoying the moment together. She loves to have a good chat and tell about her day and the joys she finds within it. // We’re grateful for all of you who support the sanctuary work we do here that uplifts persons like Laura and celebrates them for who they are. // For visiting the sanctuary or booking an overnight stay, we’ll be closing soon, so make it happen! If you are celebrating #Thanksliving this weekend, then be sure to download our free “Turkeys are magic” placemats for setting your table!

Honouring Bill, the eldest goat-friend in sanctuary here, who’s journey has taken him beyond this life and the incredible joys he brought with him.

Bill was with us since the beginning, arriving in 2006 at around 3 years old, he shared his wisdom and humour alongside his friend Ginger (who passed away in 2012). Also known as MommaBill or Sweet William, he would be seen enjoying his all-access pass to everywhere in the sanctuary, every day of the week. From eating hundreds of flowers daily in the gardens, to napping in the chicken house, to long sun-soaked scratches on the veranda, to eating giant salads (cut up just right for his elderly teeth), Bill was 100% free and 100% completely aware of it!

In 2010, Bill adopted a young friend named Sadie, and he really opened up to the World. As a person, Bill was very generous with his love. He truly brightened the lives around him with his sweet presence and confidence to do whatever the heck he wanted, which is what he did up until mere hours before he laid down his handsome head for the last time, at sunset/moon-rise on Autumn Equinox. With both us by his side, in his private quiet apartment, we got to say goodbye as our sweet freedom-loving friend moved along to another form of freedom he found. Long live Bill's freedom.

Bill's patience and guidance helped us become the sanctuary we are and for this we are ever-grateful. His friendship is dearly missed.

Love ya, Bill! -Sherry & Yan (“Lady and Man”)

#tbt Follow project: @peacebird.vegan.ecovillage 💚 Pic: Pepe and @yan.piebird

Thanks @ptbovegfest !! We had an amazing time! Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers! Thanks for inviting us to give a talk on sanctuary! Thanks to all the friends (7!) who took shifts watching the sanctuary while we were gone for the day! Thanks to all the happy hearts who stopped by the booth to pick up some sanctuary-supporting goodness! We'll be open for overnight guests until the end of November -- or if you are a new friend who is interested in the @peacebird.vegan.ecovillage project we'd love to chat further! Piebird will have presence at @vegfestguelph this Saturday, come by and chat with Vivian and Cez, two former sanctuary interns who are now a part of our happy team! 💚💚 @gaiapanacea @vegancycle
@whirlincircles @deyfennslayd @mutha_figure @jessrenedury

At Peterborough VegFest @ptbovegfest this Sunday! Talk at 4:30. See you there, friends! ✨Presenter Spotlight✨Join @sherry.piebird and @yan.piebird of Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay for a conversation about sanctuary, as they explore what they have learned about love and liberation from some of the animal-friends who share life as an interspecies community. Piebird is a farm sanctuary and vegan agri-tourism destination in Nipissing, Ontario, that just celebrated 13 years of "peacefully powered animal liberation." The sanctuary, as an interspecies community, is currently taking the next steps and growing into Peacebird Vegan EcoVillage & Animal-Liberation Cooperative @peacebird.vegan.ecovillage

Peterborough VegFest @ptbovegfest this Sunday!! Find us there!! We'll have some of our fun new Piebird Farm Sanctuary up-cycled hand-printed clothing (supporting sanctuary & animal liberation!), we'll be giving a talk about sanctuary & personhood, and at our booth we'll be answering questions about the sanctuary's new Vegan EcoVillage project: @peacebird.vegan.ecovillage Peacebird Interspecies Community!

Thanks friends for being a part of the peace here. Piebird's 13th year has been filled with love and support. The cottage here will be open for your stay until November. Or consider joining our letter club if you want to support the sanctuary and be in the circle. Much love. #animalliberation

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