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piddleass  I am a Kate

I miss home 💜

Join me? ⚰️

hey it’s me kate, yep it’s been a while. yep I’m still biting my lip. whoops.

I hate having good dreams that don’t finish and then your brain starts a nightmare 🙄

happy Easter from a handsome boy ❤️


when-did-I-take-this Wednesday AMIRITE??? Ha ha don’t need no TBT when there’s WDITTW

Someone please make me stop biting my lip. I’m not going to have one by the end of the year if this keeps up. Also WHY IS IT SO HARD TO TAKE SELFIES NOW. DID I JUST PROGRESSIVELY GET UGLIER OR IS MY PHONE BROKEN. DAG NABBIT.

i need ideas for a new twitch emote! Do you have any ideas? ☺️

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Legs as smooth as dragon scales to channel my inner Tohru 🐉 Thank you @laseraway ❤️ #sp

Streaming soon 🌷

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