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juj winn | picture maker.  artist. observer. pixel pusher. partner. mom. dog lover. trying to make the world a little brighter one square at a time. 💕 👋 sayhi@picturingjuj.com

Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah.

Happy Monday, kiddos! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m just sitting over here trying to figure out what happened to the month of September. I’m super excited about the prospect of fall (hello pumpkin everything) but if I don’t start paying better attention it’s gonna pass me by just like this last month did! And no, these cupcakes aren’t especially fall-like, but who doesn’t love a cupcake to start their week? Enjoy!

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I love my town, but I gotta tell ya I am BEYOND ready to gtf outta here for a few days. Headed to the mountains next week with my favorite boys. Look out Mother Nature, here we come 🌲⛺️⛰

Playing with my dinner and channeling my inner Kristen Meyer (@kmsalvagedesign). I really wanted to make a complete circle but I ran out of potatoes, and frankly, I was too lazy to be bothered with going to the store for more supplies. Besides, I got hungry! #WHPcolorpalette

Happy FriYAY, lovelies! Hope you all are heading into an awesome weekend. If you’re looking for a smile to start things off I highly recommend seeking out Rob Dubbin’s Twitter thread on defending his peach tree from a hungry bear. Just Google “bear peach tree podcast.” Seriously delightful stuff 🐻🍑 I wonder if his methods would work on tomato-thieving squirrels 🤔

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I spent way longer than I care to admit distracting myself looking for a quote about being distracted 😂😂 •
In other news, my oldest asked me to send her some of her childhood horses and since they won’t all fit in one box (and since she lives in a tiny house and has to ease her partner into the idea of being invaded by the plastic equivalent of the Chincoteague, lol) I have to post them in shifts. In the meantime you know I can’t resist herding them into the studio🐴📸🐴

Also, I started a Couch to 5K this week. One week down! Yay, me! 🏃‍♀️🏅Anybody else trying to get back in shape after being a couch potato for 6 months? 🙄🤪#onedayatatime

TFW #NationalBombPopDay falls in the middle of a heatwave. (Don’t worry - if you prefer your @originalbombpop perfectly perfect I’ve left one for you in my stories) Also, did you know that the Bomb Pop was invented in my hometown Kansas City? It’s true! Along with the fire pole, the bumper sticker, and the crock pot! What kind of fun stuff is your hometown known for? ❤️💥💙

That feeling when #NationalPineappleDay and #NationalSunglassesDay fall on the same day! 🍍😎🎉

Intercepted on the way to the compost. Actually, did you know you can regrow celery? Cut the end off and place it in a shallow dish of water cut side up. Put it in a sunny window and change the water every other day. In about a week you’ll have lots of new leaves and it will be ready to move to a new home. If the weather is in your favor go ahead and put it in the garden outside, burying so just the new growth is sticking up above ground, or, my favorite, put it in a fun pot and keep it in the kitchen as a houseplant where it will continue to grow indefinitely and you’ll be able to trim stalks as needed for soups and salads! Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?? #roottostem #EraseFoodWaste

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