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Megan Sutherland  Video gal that works wonders in weddings // @thecollectivepgh co-creator // Dabbler in abstract art • Pittsburgh

Creating little corners in our new apartment gives me soul points.

Rather than overwhelming myself with needing to make things perfect immediately. I like living in an empty unfinished place and letting the space...speak to me? Present itself? Eh, you know what I mean. 😉

The only Bogey I know makes smoking cigarettes look awesome in ‘Casablanca.’
Though I don’t know much about golf, I still felt blown away getting to see Pinehurst on Saturday’s wedding. 💕⛳️

Sending you signs of Spring despite the winter weather. Thank you @katestoltzfus_!

Thursday’s trip down south can’t come soon enough. ⛈ I’m coming for you Bridge Run! And by coming for you, I mean slowly sauntering because my training only involved getting up and down to charge my computer. 🙌🏻

I painted this 5’x7’ beauty for @thecollectivepgh. I’m in love with how it turned out and I’ve already started taking commissions on replicating it (on a smaller scale.) 😅 It took a long time, but this artist did not suffer thanks to the company of puppies, @hannahconardbeauty and a Fleetwood Mac playlist.

The dirty streets of New Orleans are my life goals. Treat every day like it’s covered in confetti. 🎉

I love that this little alien face will occasionally scare children walking down the street.

When the entire cast of West Side Story comes together in love, harmony and wedded bliss...and also booze. ❤️ @joeyscarillo @thecompanybandlive @historycenter

Wedding Tip: Keep the bride up to speed on all events of the day, such as a super dope bridesmaid dance-off. 📷: @rachelrowlandphotography Gorgeous Hair: @simply.captivating.pgh_hair
Beautiful Bride: @haleymcl829

When Italian and Jewish wedding traditions come together, magic happens. Link in bio to watch Rachel and Joey’s full video.
@joeyscarillo @historycenter @thecompanybandlive @whitlingphotography

My current mood thanks to this burst of warm weather. Seasonal effective disorder is a real thing people. What isn’t real is Brent’s skill at casually brushing hair out of my face for a photo. We’re so awkward. 📷: @amandathomsenphoto

When your tribesmen get married...you force them into a foam pit. Don’t worry, they loved it (I mean come on - that’s a lego boutonnière.)

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