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Megan Sutherland  Video gal // Abstract art dabbler // @thecollectivepgh co-creator • Pittsburgh

@ntellivest asked me the meaning behind this one and I said “I kept making mistakes on top of each other until I didn’t.” There’s gotta be a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

I didn’t post a lot in 2018. You see a lot of travel, beauty and visual success. I see discomfort and burn out - but a ton of growth in the aftermath. If you break a muscle to make it stronger than 2018 was one long gym session - which is an unfortunate metaphor because I dislike working out. 😉 On the plus side, I feel like Super Woman going into 2019...now I just need the gold boots. 💕

This time last year we were soaking up Copenhagen, literally. It rained a ton and we were both sick...and it was absolutely perfect. 🍁

I made this. At the time it was just an experiment, but I’ve come to realize it’s my chaotic brain craving more white empty space...either that or it’s a drunk rainbow who can’t get it’s act together. Art doesn’t need a meaning, it’s whatever you want it to be.

After extensive research, Los Angeles is just groups of people walking around trying to figure out where they parked their car.

Catching a bird mid-flight on my low end iPhone after a bottle of champagne will go down in history as my greatest professional achievement.

This is what I’ve been up to! Todays the last day to register for #cschool. Check out @jessclively for more information. 💕

It’s no accident that Italy is #accidentallywesanderson

Italy and endless espressos in one month. @annettejosephstyle is clearly the queen of pattern play. #lafortezzaworkshop

Here are photos from our launch party at @thecollectivepgh. @communityofvisuals took the photos of our space and I’m so thankful for her talent. I still can’t believe this beautiful space exists and I’ll be posting photos from our gathering for...ever. 💕

Arrived feeling burnt out, now I’m departing feeling brand new. I could get into it now but I don’t feel like crying happy tears into my sandwich at the airport gate. 💕

I had to cardio for this picture. Even in the rain, it was worth it. ❤️

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