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I’m so sorry for my long absence, but I’m full of work and Instagram needs good photos to share, I’ve lost inspiration during these months. This isn’t a “goodbye”, I’ll take my time to have new ideas to share and new masterpieces to show. For now I’m having a break in the beautiful Venice, I love Italy. Maybe I’ll have news in September, for now I’ll use my profile as a diary, posting when I feel like I want to share something that captured my attention. Today it’s the water, the most natural element we know and the origin of everything, like someone would say. This is my masterpiece for today. Take care everyone, see you soon with new inspirations to share after this summer break!

Another @saloneautotorino has gone. This year it was really a masterpiece, I can’t wait until the next one! Thanks to DeLorean’s owner for making me go back to my early years thinking of “Back to the future”

Yesterday there was a beautiful party inside the astonishing @museocinema , a great building in Turin, so I moved from Milan to be there. Many chefs cooked for guests, I hope to be invited once more. A very good experience!

London through past and future

The astonishing British Museum is full of masterpieces: paintings, statues and, last but not least, a wonderful tea

Wanna fall in love? Come to London

I’ve always loved the British style

I just need a pen

Good morning, beautiful people! Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

Carnaby surely has a piece of my heart

Today is the day! I’m back in the beautiful London! I’ve grown up in the city and it’s a very big emotion every time I’m here

Today is quite a boring day, but tomorrow it will be better! I’ll take you to a wonderful place, so stay tuned for more

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