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pickledradish  nothing personal. just kdrama addicts. haters gonna hate, but we're just gonna shake it off. no bias. just honest kdrama reviews.

Original Title: 내 아이디는 강남미인
Episodes: 16 / JTBC
Cast: Cha Eunwoo / Im Soohyang

SYNOPSIS: How far do looks and good visuals take you in society? “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” explores this intricate and complex question through the use of plastic surgery and visualizes the changes that comes with going under the knife. The story starts off with Kang Mi-rae (Im Soo Hyang) bidding goodbye to what she thought was the reason for all her sufferings – her ugly face. She gets plastic surgery done. However, at university, she is being teased as the "Gangnam plastic surgery monster." The drama follows her story of recovering self-esteem as she gets to know Do Kyung-seok. As Do Kyung-seok helps Kang Mi Rae slowly gain confidence, she learns what true beauty really is. (source: wikipedia)

slow clap para sa writer na walang takot i-tackle ang sensitibo (kahit obvious naman) na issue ng plastic surgery sa Korea. first time ko napanood ang ensemble na ito sa isang kdrama (except sa actor na gumanap bilang TA), pero convincing naman ang mga acting nila. very, very nice. pero special mention ang supporting character (Jo Woori) dahil gigil ako sa pailalim na kamalditahan nya sa drama na 'to, which means, very effective ang acting ni ate gurl. maganda ang goal ng story, na huwag tayo basta huhusga base sa itsura ng mga tao. pak ganern! at higit sa lahat...you'll experience kilig for daysss. hahah.

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Original Title: 49일
Episodes: 20 / SBS
Cast: Jo Hyunjae / Lee Yowon / Jung Ilwoo / Nam Gyuri

SYNOPSIS: Gullible yet cheerful Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri) is living a perfect life. Meanwhile, Song Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won) is in an existential crisis following her boyfriend's tragic death. One fateful day interweaves the two characters' stories as Yi-kyung attempts to kill herself by walking into oncoming traffic. A bystander saves Yi-kyung by pulling her out of harm's way. However, a massive pile-up ensues from her actions. Ji-hyun fails to hit the brakes as she approaches the collision site and crashes into a truck. When she regains consciousness after the accident, she shockingly finds that she could neither make physical contact with the people crowding around her car nor could any of them hear her protests. She also sees her own body being carted into an ambulance. A motorcyclist nearby seems to be the only person who can see her. After Ji-hyun leaves him to follow the paramedics attempting to revive her body in the ambulance, she meets the cyclist again at the hospital. The cyclist reveals to her that he is indeed the "Scheduler," an angelic being charged with guiding souls to their final destinations. He explains that since it was not yet her time to die, she is given the chance to recover from her comatose state and live again. The offer is contingent, however, on the completion of a mission: Ji-hyun must gather three teardrops shed out of pure love by three people not related to her by blood within the next 49 days.

flashback post tayo today. isa ito sa mga nagustuhan ko na kdrama kasi kakaiba ang storyline. heavy drama but very interesting ang plot, connection ng characters at magagaling ang mga artista. asan na kaya sila ngayon? hehe. pero kung naghahanap ka ng mga luma pero hindi naman extinct na magagandang koreanovela, try mo ang isang 'to.

#49days #romantic #drama #leeyowon #johyunjae #jungilwoo #namgyuri #kdrama #review #49일 #이요원 #조현재 #정일우 #남규리 #pcto

Original Title: 이리와 안아줘
Episodes: 32 (30 mins. runtime) / MBC
Cast: Jang Kiyong/Jin Kijoo

In his childhood, Yoon Na-moo was a seemingly quiet and mysterious boy whose father was a psychopath serial killer. He meets his polar opposite in Gil Nak-won, a daughter of a popular actress. Through Nak-won's persistence, pure and loving nature towards Na-moo, Na-moo falls into a reciprocated love. But, when Na-moo's father Yoon Hee-jae, a man who has a twisted affection for his son, murders Nak-won's parents their short love comes to an end. (source: wikipedia)

hindi ko na hinabaan ang synopsis, bes. it's complicated eh. parang ang kdrama na 'to. pero, pero, pero...don't get me wrong. it's complicated but not in a bad way. oo, heavy and dark ang tema nya pero bawing-bawi ang writer sa screenplay. damang-dama mo ang lahat ng scenes. mapa-drama or suspense. kudos din sa cast, although mga baguhan ang bida, hindi naman maipagkakailang beterano ang mga supporting. ang gagaling nilang lahat, in fairness. special mention para sa 'kin ang mga child actors (for Namoo and Nakwon) dahil two thumbs up ang acting nila. saka si Heo Junho (Yoon Huijae) kasi natakot talaga ako ng bongga sa kanya. hahah! eto 'yung tipo ng kuwentong although open-ended, hindi ka naman feeling hungkag sa ending dahil ipinakita lang talaga ng writer ang realidad. kung handa ang dibdib mong manood ng heavy drama, this one's worth the watch.

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Original Title: 김비서가 왜 그럴까
Starring: Park Min Young & Park Seo Joon

Two-thumbs up ang enjoyment rating ko sa Kdramang ito, very lighthearted romcom ang #WhatsWrongWithSecretaryKim. Yung wala naman dapat masyadong ianalyze sa istorya basta masrap lang syang pampalipas ng oras.

Synopsis: The series revolves around the narcissistic Lee Young Joon, the vice president of a company run by his family. He is very self-absorbed and thinks highly of himself, so much that he barely acknowledges the people around him. Lee Young Joon has a capable and patient secretary in Kim Mi So who has remained by his side and worked diligently for 9 years without any romantic involvement. However, Mi So now want to set her life & focus on herself so when she decides to resign from her job, hilarious misunderstandings ensue. After 9 years of their strictly-workplace relationship, can it now develop in something more?

Ang sabi pa ni Google ay adapted ito sa webtoon na "Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga" ni Jung Kyung Yoon.

Bagay na bagay ang mga characters.. bagay rin sila sa totong buhay! ✌✌✌ Yung makikita mo na lang na naka-smile ka from beginning to end habang pinapanood mo itong dalawang to. Inspiring rin sa akin ang mga workplace scene. Gustong-gusto ko ang patience ni Kim Mi So sa trabaho, sana binayayaan rin ako ng ganyang klaseng pasensya sa trabaho. 😅😅😅 Hindi talaga madaling makapag-deal with the bosses. Kailangan ang matindi-tinding charm!

Highly enjoyable ang mga heart-fluttering scenes ng mga bida.. yung iwiwish mo lang sana ang right man mo sing gwapo, romantic at yaman ni Lee Yeong Joon. Kaya kung bet mo ang isang fast phase kdrama stories, isa ito sa mga irerecommend ko. napanood ko. #kdramaaddicts #pickledradishreviews #parkminyoung #parkseojoon #wwwseckim
#kdrama #honest #fearless #review #whysecretarykim

Original Title: 너도 인간이니?
Episodes: 36 (35 mins. runtime) / KBS
Cast: Seo Kangjun / Gong Seungyeon

SYNOPSIS: Oh Laura (Kim Sungryung), a renowned scientist, was forced to part with her young son, Nam Shin (Seo Kangjun). To cope with her loss, over the years, she builds various AI robot modelled after him, naming them Nam Shin I, II and III. Decades later, after surviving an attempt on his life, Nam Shin slips into a coma. To protect his position as the heir to a chaebol, Laura sends Nam Shin III to take his place and fullfill his duties. (source: wikipedia) » versus «

Original Title: 로봇이 아니야
Episodes: 32 (35 mins. runtime) / MBC
Cast: Yu Seungho / Chae Subin

SYNOPSIS: The Aji 3 robot was developed by Jo Ji-ah's (Chae Subin) ex-boyfriend, professor Hong Baek-kyun (Um Ki-joon) and his team. The robot was meant to be tested by genius Kim Min-kyu (Yu Seungho), however an accident caused the robot's battery to malfunction. As Baek-kyun modeled the robot after Ji-ah, the team ends up recruiting her to take the place of Aji 3. (source: wikipedia)

maikli lang 'to, bes. obvious naman kung bakit ko sila pinag-versus -- dahil parehong may kinalaman sa AI technology (robots). story wise - parehong may pinaglalaban at interesting. acting wise - pareho namang panalo...siguro, konting hasa pa kay Gong Seungyeon (Are You Human). pa-kilig factor, winner by a mile si I Am Not A Robot...chemistry pa lang, alam na. ewan sa iba pero kahit anong titig ko...feeling ko, kulang sa spark ang tandem ni SKJ at GSY (Are You Human). hindi ako masyadong nakiliti. pero all-in-all, pareho namang kaaliw panoorin.

#pickledradishreviews #areyouhumantoo #versus #iamnotarobot #science #fiction #romance #ai #technology #seokangjoon #gongseungyeon #yooseungho #chaesoobin #kdrama #honest #fearless #review #너도인간이니 #서강준 #공승연 #로봇이아니야 #유승호 #채수빈 #pcto

Original Title: 고백부부
Episodes: 12
Starring: Jang Nara / Son Hu Jon

#GoBackCouple is an amazingly heart-warming drama about a young married couple Choi Ban Doo and Ma Jin Joo who regret their marriage of 18 years, a strange occurrence has them travel back in time to the day before they met, saw themselves young again and be able to eventually rekindle their relationship together (c/o IMDb). Kung sana lahat ng mag-asawang dumadaan sa pinakamahirap na estado ng relasyon nila ay pwedeng bumalik sa panahon kung saan sila nagsimula at makita muli ang mga pinagdaanan nila together ay siguro hindi na talaga mauuso ang hiwalayan.
Isa itong time-travel drama na mayroong mensaheng -- If you could turn back time and do it all again, maybe we can all do better in terms of decicion making, treating people, appreciating your youth and loving yourself as a whole.

Thumbs up sa storytelling dahil na-appreciate ko ang mga flashback scenes. Itong dramang ito ay short but sweet with superb acting. This is the third time I saw Jang Na Ra on Kdramas. Her roles are spot-on and she never fails to show us the exact emotions to every scenes. Kaya kung tayp mo ng dramang pang-family, marriage and friendship, ihilera mo ito sa mga susunod mong papanoorin!  #pickledradishreviews #kdramaaddicts #kdramafever #gobackcouple #jangnara #sonhujon

Status: Ongoing
Episodes: 412
Cast: Ji Sukjin, Yu Jaesuk, Kim Jongkuk, Haha, Song Jihyo, Lee Gwangsu, Yang Sechan (new), Jeon Seomin (new), Kang Gary (former), Song Joongki (former), Lizzy (former)

DESCRIPTION: Running Man was classified as an "urban action variety"; a genre of variety shows in an urban environment. The cast and guests were to complete missions at a landmark to win the race. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. (source: wikipedia) ...dahil hindi lang ako fan ng Korean drama kungdi pati ng mga variety shows, naisip kong paminsan-minsan ay magpost ng mga recommended kong K-Variety programs. para sa 'kin, bias aside, sa Korea may pinakamaganda at nakakatawang variety shows. actually, bago ako nabaliw sa mga kdrama, mas nauna akong manood ng mga variety shows nila. stress reliever sya para sa mga Koreano, kaya sila bumuo ng mga ganitong klaseng shows...at stress reliever indeed! dati, kahit bihira pa ang subtitling, aliw na aliw pa din ako kahit sa mga reactions lang nila. isa itong Running Man sa mga paborito kong variety show nila. from episode 1 hanggang ngayon...nanonood pa rin ako. kung gusto mong tumawa hanggang sa sumakit ang panga, pak na pak itong panoorin, bes.

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Original Title: 미스 함무라비
Episodes: 16 / jtbc
Starring: Kim Myungsoo / Go Ara

SYNOPSIS: The series tells the story of the life of judges and the various disputes that they have to settle. (source: wikipedia)

mainit-init pa ang chika ko tungkol sa drama na 'to, bes. kakatapos ko lang panoorin as in mga 5 minutes ago. ang masasabi ko lang, I lavettt! bago sa lahat ng napanood ko na kdrama, so far. usually, ang palaging character na pinoportray nila eh prosecutors. pero for the first time (yata) ever, buhay ng isang judge naman ang ipinakita nila. sa totoo lang, akala ko nung una, comedy sya. pero medyo heavy drama pala. magkaganunpaman, hindi ako nawalan ng ganang panoorin sya. kasi, maganda ang pagkakarelay ng istorya. hindi boring, sa halip, interesting. pak na pak pa ang acting ng lahat...as in lahat...hanggang bit players. pero kelangan ko banggitin dito si Sung Dong Il (Presiding Judge Han) - kahit hindi na sya papasang oppa sa edad nya...winner naman palagi ang acting nya. seasoned actor talaga. at balita ko kay mareng Google, well-received sya dahil sa fresh na storyline. sa sobrang compelling ng istorya, hindi na ko magrereklamo kahit hindi masyado nabigyan ng moment ang love story ni Ba Reun at Oh Reum.

#pickledradishreviews #misshammurabi #kimmyungsoo #infinite #l #goara #legal #drama #kdrama #honest #fearless #reviews #kdramaislife #kdramaaddict #미스함무라비 #김명수 #인피니트 #고아라 #pcto

Original Title: 주군의 태양
Episodes: 17
Starring: Gong Hyo Jin / So Ji Sub / Seo In Guk / Kim Yoo Ri

Ito ay another higly recommended drama ni Gong Hyo Jin at So Ji Sub. Perfect match silang dalawa sa pag-arte at chemistry. Pero hindi ito para sa matatakutin.
Na-pull off ni Gong Hyo Jin ang character nyang Tae Gong Shil na kumakausap ng mga entity na hindi nakikita ng normal na tao. Pak na pak ang baliw-baliwan drama nya!

Dahil sa Kdramang ito, kapani-paniwala nga naman ang mga ligaw na elemento sa paligid natin. Kung sana lang merong taong gaya ni Tae Gong Shil para tulungan silang tapusin ang mga unfinished business nila ay baka mas peaceful ang mundong ito.
Napakaganda ng balanse ng misteryo, katatakutan, kalokohan at romance. Syempre hindi papahuli ang charm ni Joong Won!

Sabi nga nila, do yourself a favor and watch this! #pickledradishreviews #kdramaaddicts#kdramafever #sojisub #gonghyojin #themasterssun

Original Title: 너의 목소리가 들려
Episodes: 18
Starring: Lee Bo Young / Lee Jong Suk / Yoon Sang Hyun / Lee Da Hee /
Ayon sa synopsis: After overcoming poverty and a difficult childhood, Jang Hye-sung becomes a public defender, but she is pragmatic and jaded. Her life changes when she encounters Park Soo-ha, a high schooler with the ability to read other people's thoughts by looking into their eyes. Gaya ni Park Soo Ha, sana meron din akong ability para mabasa ang iniisip ng iba, tiyak na 'who you?' kayo lahat sa akin!!! Hahaha
Sabi ko nga sa previous post, iba talaga mamili ng istoryang gaganapan si Lee Jong Suk (Park Soo Ha). Acting ability and versatility wise, there's no doubt that LJS is a great actor.  At first few episodes ay nakulangan ako sa pag-arte ni Lee Bo Young (Jang Hye Sung) but eventually nakabawi naman sa huli. Tayp na tayp ko rin yung love and hate relationship ng dalawang bidang girlash. Napaka-effective ng villain actor nila sa dramang ito, yung kung baga sa pusa ay may siyam na buhay. Ibang level ang screenplay sa galing ng scriptwriter nila para mahabi seamlessly ang bawat elemento at kabuuan nito.

I also learned about how hard it is to become a public defender. Suntok yata sa buwan ang maging isang matuwid na public defender o abodago. This Kdrama shows us how highly stressful is a public defender's day-to-day work. The struggle is on how they can make their career path as rewarding as possible and the truth is... "The order is wrong. The truth doesn't win in court. What wins in the court is the truth." ~Jang Hye Sung

May hustisya naman ang bawat mataas na rating at reviews na nabasa ko at isa ito sa masasabi kong must-watch!  #leejongsuk #leeboyoung #ihearyoourvoice #pickledradishreviews #kdramaaddicts #kdramafever

Original Title: 커피프린스 1호점
Episodes: 17 / MBC
Starring: Gong Yoo/Yoon Eunhye

SYNOPSIS: The drama tells the story of an unlikely romance between a tomboyish woman, who dresses like a man in order to get work, and a young food empire mogul. It contains homoerotic elements, as the man does not initially know of the tomboy's true sex. (source: wikipedia)

ang kdrama'ng nagpakilala sa akin kay Gong Yoo. isa sa mga unang koreanovela'ng napanood ko na tunay namang naaliw ako. andito din 'yung isa ko pang bet na si Jaewook (first name basis? ganern?). isa rin yata ito sa unang kdrama na nag-touch ng medyo sensitive topic pero naging well-received sa medyo conservative na bansa nila. saka base sa iba ko pang napanood na projects, ni Yoon Eunhye, eto lang yata ang pumatok (pwera Princess Hours, mga bes. kalma.) ang tanong, san na nga ba si Yoon Eunhye ngayon?

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Original Title: 당신이 잠든 사이에
Episodes: 32 (30 mins. runtime)
Starring: Suzy / Lee Jong Suk / Jung Hae In / Lee Yu Beom

Pagkatapos kong mapanood sa W si Lee Jong Suk at makita ang trailer nito ay naging interasado na akong panoorin ito agad. Alam na alam nyang piliin ang mga interesanteng roles at may talent sya to pull off those roles.

Meron itong promising na storyline: seeing the future through dreams, every day conflicts and the justice system. Nakaka-intiga, debah? 👍👍👍 Ang gaganda ng mga camera shots sa seryeng ito. Maganda rin kung paano ipinapakita ang flashbacks sa present time scenes. Maganda rin ang court room drama scenes.

First time ko mapanood si Suzy at Jung Hae In. Medyo subtle lang ang love triangle rito, alam mo na agad ang mas matimbang sa puso ni bidang gurl na laging pasagip sa seryeng ito. Akin na lang si #junghaein!! Effective na kontrabida si Lee Yoo Beom, maasar kang talaga sa paismid look nya.

Superb naman ang storytelling kaso marami rin
akong frustrating moments as to how the characters are able to change the outcome of those dreams in real life. Kaya kung naghahanap ka ng suspense na may pa-whirlwind emotions, panoorin mo to! #leejongsuk
#pickledradishreviews #kdramaaddicts #kdramafever #wyws #whileyouweresleeping #suzy

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