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PICHARDO CORONA  🔴Tijuana🏇 ⚪ SanDiego🌴 ☯ Ill be a new Breed..

It felt amazing... Haven't felt this good in a long time #100rounds #1911 #45

Happy Birthday to the OG triple OG gangster dad that i have... and i dont mean gangster as the dudes who pretend to be something there actually not.. that think that life is about drinking there life away mistreating women and not caring about there families or think that having tattoos makes them bad ass.. im talking about the ones that fight for there family, make sure that there circle is having food on the table, the ones that know that life is about respect and treating everyone equal! My dad is the men that goes out of his way to provide for his loved ones and make sure that they never have to suffer, his the one thats always been there to show me the ropes and he's always shown me what it is to have someones back when things get hard! Loyalty and respect is what makes a men and thanks to him i learned that since i was a young kid! Sometimes you gotta do things you dont like to survive but thats just how life goes and thanks again because i learned that from you! Happy birthday pops have a good day today on your day! I wish i could've seen you today before i left to work but YOU were at work so now its my time to make this dreams come true. #42 your still young and you still have many more years to come and enjoy life next to your family! I Love you Dad

Nunca ay que confiar en alguien.. Por que asta el mejor amigo se convierte en enemigo.. #✌🏼#lostengocontaditos

No confundan la humildad con la cobardía.. #LosPichardoGallardoCorona

Felicidades @omarchavezzbu en tu victoria!!!! Ahora la que sigue @jcchavezjr!! #teamchavezjr bye familia alvarez!! 🥊🙌🏻

We are two warriors that will do everything to protect our strong princess!! #Family 🇲🇽

It always seems impossible until it's s done... but who said im done! 🙏🏼🥊☕️

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