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Pete Piazza 

I was lucky enough to capture this quick hit of @calvintemperature from yesterday's session. #backsidenoseblunt

Christmas Day with #zechstewart #shaymartinson @tettygram and @mobblo_sings 🎥 myself & @tettygram Make sure to check out @tettygram page for some sick SF city madness!
Hope everyone's having a great holiday!

@mikesbarbershopsanfrancisco said to come get brute and that's what they did. Yesterday's rain or shine contest was lit 🔥🔥 @scottymcdade @luielliott the rest of the savages handled it!

Aloha adventures part 3 of 3
Aala skatepark Honolulu is the place!
Good times with @dlxhi @808skate @bong_ripzz @yungmackb @tonzofphotos and the crew.
#aalaskatepark #honolulu #hawaii
🎥myself & @bong_ripzz

Aloha adventures part 2 of 3
A day at Banzai skate park with @tonzofphotos #northshore #banzaipipeline #pipeline #hawaii 🎥 @tonzofphotos and myself

Aloha adventures part 1 of 3
#wallows #offthewalls #manholes
A big mahalo to @dlxhi @808skate @bong_ripzz @yungmackb @shitty_kids @tonzofphotos and the rest of the crew for all the love! Oahu rules✌🏻️
🎥 @shitty_kids & selfie

A couple quick ones from yesterday's mission with @calvinandhoes .....#endlesssummer

All @caligypsy needs are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and he'll be just fine. #heybudletsparty
#metrogrammed 📽 @a_fraction_of_the_sum

Today was an unexpected treat when I stumbled upon a vert ramp in the middle of the city with #tonyhawk #stevecaballero #kevinstaab #lincolnueda #elliotsloan and a few others putting on an awesome show! A big shout out to the @tonyhawkfoundation for helping to get skate parks built all across the country.

@calvinandhoes doubling up with a boardslide tailslide.
@billswheelsskateshop #metrogrammed #twoforone

Had a busy weekend hitting spots and dogging cops. @_jessepapa_ with da #bruddahcam

It was a Christmas to remember out in the city with a great crew. #zechstewart putting it down in the streets of San Francisco. I hope everyone had a good time today! #merrychristmas #skateanddestroy #thestreetsofsanfrancisco

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