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Pia ❤ Florina Radulescu  Hello! ❤ 🎨 I hope my creations make you smile today. Have a good one! 🐦 @piart33 🎥 every Week


Hot Pink. (doesn't really look like it 🙈) @realtimelettering #realtimeletteringchallenge

@garyvee 🔹 If it ever trumps the soul you lose.

512. #letteringbypia

🍂Day 97 #100daysofmakingnotebooks 🍀Collage time! Putting together the covers of my last notebook for this project ( I have 2 more already prepped and ready to book bind ). I have 3 more day to go and I can't really believe that I'm almost done. 
Anyway, this notebook has 8 signatures with 4 pages each - only one has 5 pages. 🌱See you tomorrow!

Day 1 - 8
Catching up with #outlandishlettering
I found it more therapeutic to do the whole month in 3 sessions. ( 3 more pages to come)

I hope it's alright @sawyerforddrivingby and @gsallicat 💕💕

💛Day 96 #100daysofmakingnotebooks ✨Today I found out a new way to stitch the front cover - from 4 stitches I got only one right. Anyway, learning means making mistakes so it's all good. 🌟See you tomorrow!

@pompsie 🔹 work hard and life will take you places

511. #letteringbypia

A rabbit and a rhinoceros ( SPOILER maybe because I saw #BlackPanther last night😊). 383. #dailyillustrationbypia

🌟Day 95 #100daysofmakingnotebooks 🚗Endurance. I'm on the last leg of this daily project and the little voice is becoming quite louder telling me to skip a day because I need some more sleep. Well, not gonna happen. So, as I said yesterday I want to try bookbinding a notebook with 4 and 5 pages per signature. Like 4-5-4-5-4... and so on. You're gonna see how I fold those pages and group them to make signatures. I really love how the edges turned out. 🚀See you tomorrow!

Guess who's got a metallic brush pen? Meee.😊 @andreeadancila 💛

For the latest #HOMwork we had to complete 'I love you so much I'd...' with funny words or anything than lovey-kissy-mushy Valentines stuff. So I went for 'help you cook' NOT 'cook for you' because the kitchen plus house would most likely burn down. Because I need supervision if I go near some kitchen appliance by being the biggest clumsy human being on Earth. Okay. Maybe I'm in the top 1%. 😊
Anyway, I hope you like it and thank you @homsweethom for another fun prompt.💕

DailyVee 414

#DailyVeeLettering Project💚 🌟Celebrating 🎈 🎈🎈 100 (now 400 and counting) episodes of DailyVee by lettering the episodes' titles. ❤Thank you @garyvee @davidrock @babin @justindalferes @irisychen @teamgaryvee for this amazing content that's DailyVee ❤💚💚 To many many more! 💚💕

@pat_kay 🌄 Your fears are only as big as your mind tells them to be.

510. #letteringbypia

🌊Day 94 #100daysofmakingnotebooks 🌈Today was a day of sewing covers and painting a stack of paper. I used a lot of glitter paint, no watercolors - so I'm curious to see how the signatures will look. ☀Once I fold the pages I should have enough signatures for 2 notebooks. Still debating if I'll go with 4 or 5 pages per signatures or maybe I'll alternate from 4 to 5 in the same notebook - just to see how it turns out. 🌕See you tomorrow!

@garyvee 🔹 your moment doesn't pass when you are good.

509. #letteringbypia

✨Day 93 #100daysofmakingnotebooks 🌺Sewing covers. Enjoy. 🍂See you tomorrow!

Airport Terminal.

382. #dailyillustrationbypia

DailyVee 413

#DailyVeeLettering Project💚 🌟Celebrating 🎈 🎈🎈 100 (now 400 and counting) episodes of DailyVee by lettering the episodes' titles. ❤Thank you @garyvee @davidrock @babin @justindalferes @irisychen @teamgaryvee for this amazing content that's DailyVee ❤💚💚 To many many more! 💚💕

Some #wednesdaywisdom from
@joerogan 🔹 Losing is important.

508. #letteringbypia

✨Day 92 #100daysofmakingnotebooks 📖Full disclosure: the bookbinding on this one is not good. DON'T let the photos deceive you. And I'm not saying it because one signature is not aligned perfectly or other minor issues I had in the past. Nope. It's just a mess. It all began with my mistake of not measuring the correct distance for the covers when punching holes in them. Then I numbered the signatures the wrong way. I only saw this when I started binding so I had to flip the signatures for them to align somewhat with the holes I already made in the covers. I laughed when I finished it. No lie. Anyway, I'm not upset. It's on me for not paying attention. Nevertheless, I finished it. It is what it is. 📎See you tomorrow!

@garyvee 🔹 there's no right answers, there's just doing.

507. #letteringbypia

The entrance of a cave and a river.

381. #dailyillustrationbypia

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