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Don't like things because people tell you, you're supposed to do.

“You’re perfectly wrong for me, thats why its so hard to leave” sm💥💜 Not tagging anyone. The people I call my friends know it also when they aren't tagged in a pic, right?😊💜 #outfitpost #mood #happy #style #springstyle

There is always be somebody smarter, someone prettier who works a little harder 🤷💕👑 #loveyourselfie #faceofhonor9lite

You're saying it's hopeless, that I should hope less💭💓 #feelmarked

'Cause I promise you
I'm a dreamer too
Heavy on my heart
Wandering the streets tonight

#loveyourselfie #faceofhonor9lite

There's not a star in heaven that we can reach😂😍💓💫☄

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things ~ 5sos

#faceofhonor9lite #loveyourselfie

And if tomorrow never comes we had last night

Changing it's a bad thing, it never was. But at the end of the day you're the same person and where your heart is, that doesn't change ~ sm

《I search the past my mind created.》

A rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way and that's like humans too.

I will recover because I know I'm stronger than this

Light is easy to love, show me your darkness 🌙🌙❤

Cause everything that kills me makes me feel alive

If the whole world was watching, I'd still dance with you. Drive highways and byways to be with you❤❤❤ #mood #mirrorselfie #weekend #girl #tumblr

Even when the night changes it will never change you and me.

Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.

We have the choose: to live or to exist.

You're leaving because it's easier to walk away from something, than to fight for something you really want💋
#ariamontgomery #prettylittleliars
#mood #summer #summerbreak #sunflowers

I'm here again between the devil and the danger but I guess it's just my nature...💕 #strasbourg2017

And you don't have to be afraid because we're all the same
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much - @shawnmendes 😍❤

If you be my star, I'll be your sky.

You're leaving because it's easier to walk away, than to fight for what you really want.

If you love me, let me know❤🎀

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