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Physio Smart  Looking beyond pain || Reaching our movement potential || Redefining health and wellness. #functionalmovement #physio #movementismedicine

🌀HOW DO YOU BEND?🌀 check out this spinal flexion (bending)! On the left the weight is forward and there is heaps more curvature and hinging in his mid back ‼️ on the right, we have cued this patient to take more weight into the heels 👠 he still reaches his toes, but the emphasis is so much more about the HIP movement! With the hips doing more flexing, you can actually USE YOUR GLUTES AND HAMSTRINGS 🍑 and not just hang off of your ligaments and joints and hope for the best ⚠️ and suss the mid back now! See any of that excessive bending at one point in his spine? GONE! ⚡️⚡️ this is why we hashtag #movebetter on all our posts! A lot of the time pain and dysfunction can lead back to very simple movement patterns that have become lazy and neglected 😢 so do yourself a favor and 💥MOVE BETTER💥 #movebetter #physiosmart

💫OPEN SATURDAY MORNINGS 💫 you’ve spoken, we’ve listened- Physio, pilates and massage now from 8am on Saturdays! We’ll have you on track and kicking goals even if your 5 day working week wants you to do otherwise! 💪🏼 this is @nicolehamann who we’ve been treating for an interesting case of costochondritis (inflammation of the rib joint at the front of the chest), which is linked to her one-sided weakness in the obliques 💥 we’ve used #ktape to mimic her internal and external obliques to offload the ribs and relieve her pain ⭐️✨ #movebetter #physiosmart

SHOULDER PROGRESS PART 1 @justbharvthings is working on scapular (shoulder blade) stability and mobility whilst still under strict instructions for arm range of movement from his surgical team 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ scapular stability and control is integral to every shoulder we see! If you imagine the shoulder joint like a golf ball on a tee- the scapula actually makes up the entire ‘tee’ part of the complex when it comes to the tip of your shoulder. If your tee is off of an angle, you won’t be able to balance your golf ball ⛳️ and hence, you haven’t got a chance in hell in getting a good functioning shoulder joint! 🔥🔥 back to basics for Brad ✅ but they make the core fundamentals for his journey back to cross fit! You go Brad!! #gobrad #movebetter #physiosmart

💘Have you met Mel?💘 she has joined our Physio Smart family and is kicking goals on our Reception! 🤝 Mel @melissamclay is a Physio student at UniSA and can help you on our phones and on the front desk Wednesday’s and Saturday’s! ⚡️ Welcome to the team Mel! We’re stoked to have you on board 💪🏼 shoutout to our amazing support crew at Physio Smart who organize our lives and keep us all on track 💕⏰📖 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #movebetter #workbetter

⚡️BREAKING NEWS⚡️ we’re updating our website! That’s all. Carry on! 💪🏼 #movebetter

LET’S GET TO WORK 😏💪🏼🤝 this is @justbharvthings, who we met a few weeks ago. He came to us just before he underwent major shoulder surgery for recurrent right shoulder dislocations 🙈 we’re going to follow his journey and show you his progress as we put him through his paces 🏆 Brad is a passionate cross fitter and we are super keen to have him on board and get him back to doing what he loves! So strap in fam- we’re doing all of the rehab! 💫⚡️⭐️#movebetter #physioSMART #crossfit

PHYSIO FRIDAY FUNDAY! And another challenge ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ can you get from sitting on the ground to standing while holding one foot? Note you have to be all the way down on your bottom! Tag #Physiosmart and @physiosmart_sa in your attempts to win a feature on our story and maybe more 😏😏🏆 #movebetter

I FIX THE NECK, I FIX THE SHOULDER 🔥🔥🔥 when ya shoulder pain not the shoulder?! Listen and scroll if you want a Wednesday laugh! #movebetter #physiosmart

💞 We had so much fun this weekend at the #adelaidemarathonfestival 💞 we love our community and are constantly inspired by you guys! #appreciationpost #movebetter

Come see us at the Adelaide Marathon Festival in the Telstra Plaza!! We are here to help you stretch and cool down after your run and answer any questions you may have. If you can complete the tissue box challenge AND like and follow our Instagram, you go into the draw to win a half hour or an hour massage!!!

👟THE SHOE CHALLENGE👟 can you stand solidly on one leg and take your shoe off, sock off and then put both back on?! Level up: how fast can you do it! Check our story now! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

DO YOU GET TIGHT HIP FLEXORS?! Don’t stretch like an idiot, stretch like a pro! Put your hip in a safe and effective position to lengthen the muscles not the hip capsule! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ get the 💫TRUE 💫 hip flexor stretch! #stretchlikeapro #movebetter #physiosmart

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