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Antony Lo  The tall, bald, Asian-looking physio detective. Loves Crossfit, jazz, studying and teaching but most of all helping people every day.

Woot! Go Ruth! •
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Thanks to @physiodetective for introducing me to this little beauty, the reverse burpee! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥For the last 5 years I have based my exercise around what was meant to control my symptoms rather than what was fun and joyful. Whilst I’m grateful to those boring exercises for getting me this far, I’m happily kicking them to the curb for things that make me smile 😀😀. Is this the correct technique for this exercise? I have no idea, and I don’t really care! I moved freely and without over-thinking and it felt great. It also fired me up about a future full of possibility far more than single leg floats ever did 😜

NOTE - this post is inspired by all those clients of mine who are pushing themselves everyday to get stronger, and feel better both physically and mentally. I see you and I’m inspired 😘

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Thanks @thelukesummers from @powerathletehq for the great idea of organising my cables and accessories into pouches. Makes setting up much easier!

True Lies - best line in the movie!

An end of an era. For nearly 25yrs this has been my fragrance of choice. It was cruelly cut a few years ago by @ysl. Not sure what the next one will be... :(

The Female Athlete Course in Sydney. What a great group - lots of great discussion and participation :) I am learning lots - I hope they are too!

@adammeakins course review. I think this first picture is what people expected. The second picture is probably more accurate but ultimately the last picture is the reality. The course was well structured and logically presented. The slides were clear and kept changing. The content was up to date and anticipated many questions. Even though his framework is simple, the depth and complexity and ability to adapt to the patient in front of you really resonated with me. The exercise ideas were more interesting than the usual Physio courses. Adam’s confidence comes from a place of uncertainty - it doesn’t sound right but I love it. We just don’t know for so many things. I came on the course looking for things I can learn, things we agreed on, and things to argue about. In the end, even the differences we had, we both conceded we could see how it could work. It was an entirely reasonable experience, and I didn’t get to see or start any fireworks. His course is entertaining, evidence-based, practical and clear. If you are a hater, it is a shame because we need more people like Adam. He is definitely a great guy to talk to in person and not like how you might imagine him to be based on his social media persona. Thanks for a great weekend Adam. Cheers 🍻

Brisbane - Continence foundation of Australia QLD branch state conference. Great lineup!

Wanna run after having babies. Consider this program from my friend @taryn_gaudin. .
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It’s here!! Introducing RUN MAMA 🏃‍♀️ My signature program & soul work for the last 3 years (A lot of learning, planning & fine tuning 😃) •~•~
💫 Do you want to REBUILD your CORE from the INSIDE OUT? 🏃‍♀️Return to RUNNING WITHOUT RISKING PROLAPSE or LEAKAGE? 💫 Know HOW 'SLOW TO GO' & WHEN you will be READY to 🏃‍♀️ Enjoy CHALLENGING & SAFE EXERCISE that will help you reach your RUNNING goals? 💫 And Understand how to MONITOR, MODIFY & TROUBLESHOOT your EXERCISE WITHOUT having to KEEP PAYING for EXPERT ADVICE? 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
If the answer is YES then RUN MAMA is for you. •~•~
You get lifetime access to the 10 video series including both educational & exercise videos, access to the private Facebook group where I will support you EVERY STEP of the way! A step by step guide to returning to running - including how to choose your terrain, improve running gait & progress your running safely! Yours for the INTRODUCTORY PRICE of just $99! Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. All the info via the link in bio 😊

Let’s go Sydney, let’s go! Here supporting the violet crumbles 😜 #sydneykings #kingsrevolution

2017 has been a rough year for many reasons but viewing the volcanoes 🌋 of the big island of Hawaii has been inspiring. In the face of adversity and destruction, there is hope, survival, and life. I tried to find the best filter to fit the vibrancy of this scene in my mind and just how intense the colours of the rainbow were. #grateful #blessed #kickasstime!

The Female Athlete v3 seminars are done for the year. I had 2 awesome groups as well as the privilege of sharing with these awesome health and fitness professionals and my FIRST member of the public! .
Many thanks to @pelvicguru1 Tracy Sher for hosting me. I love how Tracy is smart and adaptable to the changing nature of what our professional landscape looks like. Thank you for what you have done to help spread the message about what we all can do to help female athletes! .
Key messages from the seminar keep growing 1. Get a WHPT to check you internally because you doctor/obgyn is looking for different things. 2. It’s HOW you do the exercise, not what exercise that matters. 3. What is the next logical step for your practice? 4. What is the primary limiting factor? 5. Do something different. And the new one I coined as I was packing up...6. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water...but don’t keep the poop in it either! #tensiontotask #spreadtheload #BulletproofPFRoutine

Starting the day with a workout! @richardjamesfly in charge at @crossfitbpm #tensiontotask #spreadtheload #BulletproofPFRoutine

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