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Antony Lo  The tall, bald, Asian-looking physio detective. Loves Crossfit, jazz, studying and teaching but most of all helping people every day.


2017 has been a rough year for many reasons but viewing the volcanoes 🌋 of the big island of Hawaii has been inspiring. In the face of adversity and destruction, there is hope, survival, and life. I tried to find the best filter to fit the vibrancy of this scene in my mind and just how intense the colours of the rainbow were. #grateful #blessed #kickasstime!

The Female Athlete v3 seminars are done for the year. I had 2 awesome groups as well as the privilege of sharing with these awesome health and fitness professionals and my FIRST member of the public! .
Many thanks to @pelvicguru1 Tracy Sher for hosting me. I love how Tracy is smart and adaptable to the changing nature of what our professional landscape looks like. Thank you for what you have done to help spread the message about what we all can do to help female athletes! .
Key messages from the seminar keep growing 1. Get a WHPT to check you internally because you doctor/obgyn is looking for different things. 2. It’s HOW you do the exercise, not what exercise that matters. 3. What is the next logical step for your practice? 4. What is the primary limiting factor? 5. Do something different. And the new one I coined as I was packing up...6. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water...but don’t keep the poop in it either! #tensiontotask #spreadtheload #BulletproofPFRoutine

Starting the day with a workout! @richardjamesfly in charge at @crossfitbpm #tensiontotask #spreadtheload #BulletproofPFRoutine

First workout in over 2 months. There was a guy next to me who was moving at a similar pace but doing 24” box jumps. Naturally competitive, I went to the wall to keep up and overtake...took me 40mins to recover (headaches if I stood up or sat up). Loved it and would do it again! Thanks @crossfitbpm - great gym and looking forward to teaching there this weekend for @pelvicguru1 (The Female Athlete)!
Btw, 105 deadlifts in this workout and my back isn’t broken...who woulda thunk it!? Hahahaha

This is what the CrossFit and s and c community looks like. I’ve heard of Harry before and met him on a skype chat for some business reasons. He and Liz hosted me at their facility last weekend. A lovely couple from their gym hosted me at their home from Monday after @thelukesummers and @paetkae hosted me at their home for the weekend. Their children are delightful and a real testimony to this wonderful family. Their community is friendly and welcoming and I feel like I got real Texas hospitality. Thank you so much for the past week. If you guys need anything, please let me know. You have family in Australia you know! Cheers!

“Nothing I’ve done in life that mattered happened at a low heart rate”
“There’s never been a mission I’ve been on that was planned and executed as expected”
@andystumpf212 on training

It’s snowing in Austin Texas! Power Athlete HQ event going down tonight - Podcast is being recorded...

I see too many people who are given a prognosis based on scan results and the type of injury they have. This sets up fear. This slows recovery. Let’s try something different. Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable and try to understand what our patients think of what# we say. Maybe we will get insight into how we might be causing more problems. Let’s work together to keep things real.

#Fascia. It’s trendy. It’s a nightmare. It is present all over our bodies but we are constantly told stories why it is so important. DISCLAIMER - I am NOT saying you are a bad person if you treat fascia...just that why your treatments help@might be for different reasons! .
So let’s have a think about it. Here are 2 legs of lamb. I have marked the bone and some of the obvious fascist components you can see. What exactly do you think we are affecting here? First of all, we have to go via the skin loaded with sensory nerves. Any consideration of how we are affecting the tissues beneath the skin have to take into account this interaction with the neural system. Next, get a leg of lamb and try from the skin and try see just how deep can can get pressure. Now think about how hard a muscle can contract compared to your pressure...which is likely to tension the fascia more? If tissues like fascia work via the SAID principle (specific adaptations to imposed demands), then surely exercise tensions and moves fascia more than the general pressure you can exert. But maybe your technique is “different” - how? It is harder? I doubt it. It is lighter? Ok...how is that going to change fascia? It is specific? Really? You slide muscle bundles and shear fascia? Really - more than exercise does? I have no doubt that your patients get better but it isn’t because you broke up their fascia. You are interacting with their neural system. You don’t care why it works, you know it works? Ok 😳🙄. Let’s stop telling stories why we are helping our patients. You don’t have to bash and crash to get a good effect going in a patient. Your techniques are no doubt helpful but at least challenge the reasons why they work. What do you think? #fasciascience #pseudoscience #believetheobservationnotthestorywhy

How long have I been teaching “touch your nose”? Ages but here is a cute photo which reminds me I took this photo 7 years ago to illustrate it in a lecture... (“Touch your nose” is a concept where I simply show you don’t have to think about muscles and how to contract them. I’d been working with a Pilates studio since 2005 and one of things I have been and still am working on is getting people to stop cueing the “core” unnecessarily. When you touch your nose, you don’t think about every joint angle, every muscle contraction, every bit of the very complicated task of touching your nose. You think it and you do it. So to completing rehab should also include throwing off the shackles of “activate this” and should reintegrate automatic motion back into everyday life with unnecessarily making peoples feel fearful that their “glutes aren’t on” or they have “a weak core” or “my hamstrings are on too much” or “my hip flexors are tight in a squat(!!!????)”. So if you can touch your nose, so too you can train your body to work automatically in the way you want it to without thinking about it!)

What a fantastic week. I love coming to NZ to do the Ultimate Training Camp with Athletes In Action NZ @aia_nz. The participants were fantastic and a reminder to me of just how great God’s grace and mercy has been to me and how privileged I am to witness significant change in these young people’s lives. It was a fantastic time and I hope and pray I get to come next year! #ao1 #utc #hurtinforcertain Thank you also to @airnz for the upgrade to premium economy!

@ultimatetrainingcamp is on in Auckland NZ. @aia_nz

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