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Antony Lo  The tall, bald, Asian-looking physio detective. Loves Crossfit, jazz, studying and teaching but most of all helping people every day.

Last night gave a lecture to the local PTs - great group! They started off very wary and slowly warmed up πŸ˜‰ .
The talk was on "Stop Hurting Women With Exercise" - we had to call it "Help Stop Women Hurting Themselves With Exercise" but it is the same kinda thing. .
My 4 key points were .
1. Stop promoting weakness but promote strength instead,
2. Stop keeping it comfortable but keep it *relatively* intense,
3. Stop focusing on the core but focus on movement variability,
4. Stop creating fear but create confidence. .
This talk is similar to the I did at #whfs16 and is available online at - what a great night! .
Thanks to all who came and organised it!

I've thought long and hard about this product and whether it should have a place in the market. Bottom line is that some women simply won't go see a women's health Physio which is what I believe is the best option to treat stress urinary incontinence. This product is like a contiform (basically the same) and the company supports women getting the underlying cause sorted by seeing a women's health Physio. To change the world, we need as many avenues as possible to educate women about what can be done for stress urinary incontinence. Ideally get women's health Physio first! . . .
(This post is unsponsored and not an endorsement for this product but a comment on whether the over-the-counter products have a place in helping stress urinary incontinence) #Repost @confidantaustralia
Shout out to all Women's Health Physios- we put this little message with ever purchase - Support the brand that supports you - if you need brochures for your clinic or want to stock us email #dontpadtheproblem #pelvicfloor #womenshealth #jeanhailes #womenempowerment #physiotherapy #physio @dfpelvicfloorreform @mishfit @yummymummyphysio @pelvicwod @physioaustralia @physiodetective

What a great time @crossfitrebuild teaching #thefemaleathlete course for @pelvichealthsolutions @mypteducation. Many thanks to @nellyfaghani for being such a great host and all the team that makes these seminars possible!

Here we go!!! Sold out The Female Athlete!!

I swear we are discussing what we are going to teach this weekend. Honestly. It's not about the meat or the company. It's work. #5meatplatter #3largesides #cornbread #totallyappropriate

@stephvarasteh dancing for the first time in 3.5yrs - where else do you see weightlifting and contemporary dancing in the one place!?

This morning @cherylleia asked me to run a class. Then I had to wear a tutu. The things we do πŸ™„πŸ€£

Got to hang out with these legends today @crossfitwest10 and @mamalionstrong - did some coaching and filming and all sorts of fun stuff :)

So, I am lying in bed recovering from a big weekend teaching. @cherylleia messages me and says "so do you want to do a hike?" I said "No thanks. Recovery and paperwork day". She says "if I had to do squats and friggin' push ups, you can do an hour hike!" So I got up and here we are! #norespect #calledouthard #totallyappropriate πŸ˜˜πŸ™ So next is apparently The's a mountain side...I'll make her do the CrossFit Hero WOD called The Chief Rx'd before I do that!

Lots of great PBs this weekend but melinda's 105lbs increase in her PB was amazing to watch 240lbs like a beast - doesn't lift, she rock climbs!

Guess what we are doing as part of today's seminar? The Female Athlete Course - book now!

@fitrightphysio telling it so much better than I can. .
#Repost @fitrightphysio (@get_repost)
This article has got me mad. I'm not the type to get mad easily but the fact that this is being published and shared is making me go 😑

😑It obviously intends to empower women to 'pad up and play on' if they have stress incontinence, but completely misses the point that this issue is preventable and curable with help from a Women's Health Physio (and gynae if further management is needed). Don't empower women by normalising incontinence - empower women by showing them how to seek help to prevent and manage incontinence.
😑it encourages the misconception that urinary incontinence is due to 'bladder weakness'. Your bladder is not weak, it's the tissues around and under it that should be supporting it that are weak and possibly damaged if you have stress urinary incontinence. And these are the same tissues that support the bowel/rectum/anus and prevent anal incontinence - I wonder if this woman will finally admit there's a problem that needs addressing if she also starts 'pooping herself', as she puts it...?
😑it gives Crossfit a bad name, especially in the Women's Health community, and after doing The Female Athlete course with @physiodetective Antony Lo, I am even more aware of promoting that it's not the type of exercise, but the way you exercise that is the issue. Crossfit is not the enemy, but publications that spread this message are. πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 Don't stop exercising - but learn how to exercise in a way that does no harm πŸ™ and please don't use leaking with exercise as a bragging tool for pushing the limits.

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