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Phuong🐯Nemo  Passion-T snacks & desserts 2266 senter rd #128, san jose CA 95112

Drank so much coconut juice that our farts will probably smell like fresh coconut juice all month. Cant trust the water here so coconut juice is the best option. #nhatrang#vntrip2017🇻🇳#minivacaywithbffs#spontaneoustrip

This friggin lady in front of me ruined my view ugghh..#closeyobuttcrack

Nha trang's beach isnt the same anymore since everything is cater to tourists now😞. #vntrip2017🇻🇳

We spent all day since 9am doing nothing but relaxing stuff..ends but being super tired from it. Eat, eat, coffee, massages, eat...repeat..sleep#vntrip2017🇻🇳

First night clubbing in Saigon. Penthouse and XO club was whack as hell. Dont know why people say its crackin' there🙄. We made it fun tho

....and two clubs later...she wanted to deliver her message to the world lol😂#vntrip2017🇻🇳 #dontmixchampagnewithhenny

Hi! Selfie before the club....

Seafood heaven🤗#vntrip2017🇻🇳

Our first night in VietNam chilling at a street restaurant. Got fucked up already. Killed 2 bottles and only have 4 bottles of legit liquor left so i dont know how 4 bottles can last us for another 7 days😔. #vntrip2017🇻🇳 #spontaneoustrip

First day in Vietnam! Gonna be a good trip forsure this time! #vntrip2017🇻🇳

Guess who is going to Viet Nam?!? A couple of weeks ago i spontaneously wanted to go and @msang3lly and @jewelxle was down to go right away! Ahh excited!! In desperate need of a good vacation and im sure this trip will be a good one. Our plan is trying not to sleep at all so we can go eat 10 meals a day 😊#vacation#bffs#pigout#relax#fsu#

Look in the mirror...that's your only competition. What others can do, you can too! Don't let other people's dumb actions brings you down! @sherwinthephotographer #beconfident#bestrong

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