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Phuong🐯Nemo  🍝🍧🥫🥙🍣🍧🥘🍡🍝🍢🥪🐶🐶🐶🐶📩: 📍San Jose, California 🌸Snap: phuongy37

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Flash back when I wanted to do a bridal shoot just because i wanted to see how it feels like to be in a wedding dress... looked innocent and pg13 there at least. And my thought after i wore it? It was hot, the dress was heavy, had bad allergies that day, and was tired as f*ck. Therefore, only get marry to someone who is worth it for you to go thru all of this and more in life🤣. #2016

Don’t fear change. Change fear.

Im beyond happy to found someone who are willing to take in Phoebe💞. Her new family loves and spoils her so much and she has transformed so much! From a scared dog who hides from everyone, now she is so happy and is more outgoing. No longer living in filth and felt unwanted. Thanks Tom so much for giving her the life that she deserves!! Everyone, please do not abuse or neglect dogs because they have feelings and are more loyal and loving more than any human out there. If you can’t love or provide care for them, please try to reach out to see if any one else will want them. Just make sure they go to a good loving home. This is the greatest feelings for me when i get updates on the dogs that i found a good home for💞 #dogsarebest#adoptdontshop#lookathersmile😍#myhappiness

Who said skinny girls can’t have a natural 🍑🍑? My goal is to get bigger thighs and calves. Any recommendation on if i should get a personal trainer? Or know anyone who is good? In San Jose please! Thanks!

Thanks to my Gfs and their bfs for throwing me an unforgettable birthday dinner and party. You guys sure did make me feel special for taking the time out of your busy schedules with work and family for me. Im glad it is over and it is time to let my liver heal up. And big thanks for catching me like 100 times before my drunk ass falls face down!💞😘😘 @msang3lly @mstrinitytran @jewelxle @everlashing_duyen @mybeautyaffair_ @mikenguyen311 @newsamkee

Thank you everyone so much for all the birthday wishes i got today. I appreciate it very much coming from all the people who showed me that you guys are or wants to be a part of my life. Another year older isn’t as bad after all. I love you guys and thank you again!!😘😘😘#birthday#selfie#old

Summer body is almost ready! Bring on the sexy clothes, swimsuits, and pool parties!!Finally no more rain and cold weather. I dropped a weight bar on my leg at the gym so now i got a bruise there lol. I actually just got some hating comments from some chicks using fake accts so i post this just to pissed them off more ✌🏻. Now im confident to wear my birthday outfit tomorrow. Yay!!!#gyming#workhardfordatass#summer#body#almostthere#nofucksgivenhere

Damn, this pix was taken at Vegas pool party in 2016. It has been two years already and i looked young there😭. Ahhh i wanna go to Vegas pool party again!! #tbt#vegas#poolparty#ebc

When people keep pushing your buttons🤣 lol can someone please get me this outfit and hitting gears?!?

Thank you girls for treating me out for my early bday dinner. Who would of thought eh? We were about to get into a rumble with each other without even knowing each other’s faces 10 years ago. I followed Tiffany home from the bar she was at, but my dumbass ended up following the wrong car home🙄. End up got a job at the casino and sat at the same dealing tables as these two and became close friends with them..then i found out they were the ones that we were supposed to fight with back in the days ahahha funny how things turned out to be. You guys thought im just a fling of a friendship because of my crazy ass, but surprisingly a decade later you guys still cant get rid of me😁. Thanks for spoiling me so much last night with dinner and karaoke and ended up at Matrix gambling lol. Cant believe my ass threw up in the parking lot n still go to the casino like nothing happened. Thanks Vicky for washing my threw up off of my car with her water hose at 2am because i didnt want my parents to see it when i go home ahha. Love you guys and i know we are all still dead in bed right now. I appreciate it😘😘 @tiffytrang11 @vicky.nguyen.391 #bday#round2

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