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phrique phrique

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so damn p(r)etty. 💅🏽  😸 jj 😸 petty/offensive 😸 but it's cute when i do it 🖤 😸 here for the drama 😸 not👏🏽the👏🏽one 😸 chicag0land 😸 tell yo daddy quit paging my ass


shoutout to @charli_aka for keeping me atitty to all the trifling hookery that is the shambles of what once was #couponbeef. 😹 i know i'm not missing much, but i like a little mess with my morning coffee. *stirs in judgement*

ok, beyoncé is a far reach sis but #goodmornting anyways . 👋🏽

all the old heads ran for the NES & i said nah, that was before this young tenderoni's time. now THIS, i'm running for & if i get to the store & one of you couponers got 8 in your cart your wig will be snatched & thrown across the damn room & when you come back you'll have 7 left. #youvebeenwarned #snes

#polilmustasha in a damn stroller but her shift at dollar tree starts @ 2. #mexicanmonday #jajaja #🌮

@csboi1337 asked for one, why the hell not get a #phriqueremix for #notonthelordtsday 😹

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