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Adobe Photoshop  The official Instagram of Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard in digital imaging. To be featured, tag your work with #Ps_GoGreen.

Get in touch with your wild side. #Ps_GoGreen piece by @karencantuq. 🌱

Need to disconnect? Cut the cord with @nicolasbruno.

Go into the deep with this #Ps_GoGreen piece by @_intographics. 🌱

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Piece by @bagus711. 🌱 Tag your own #Ps_GoGreen work this month to be featured on our page!

Feeling at peace with this #Ps_GoGreen image from @connor_jalbert. 🌱

Put down some roots with this piece from @brookeshaden. Be sure to tag your #Ps_GoGreen work this month to be featured on our page.🌱

Time to reflect. @charlie_davoli brings #Ps_GoGreen to the mountains.🌱

For my last takeover post, I wanted to share this idea of a landscape melting like a waterfall. To start, I shot a landscape from the top of a silo as a start and then figured that in order to make it look as realistic as possible with the melting landscape I would have to shoot it for real (with a mixture of flour, water, food coloring and coconut flakes!) #Landfall @erik.joh
Now it’s your turn to share! This month’s theme is #Ps_GoGreen so tag your green, earth-toned, and earth-inspired pieces to be featured on our page this month.🌱

I’m back (@erik.joh) with a more recent piece I've done, illustrating an imminent constant threat – something just waiting to happen. The valley is composed of about 10 different photos from around the Faroe Islands. Thanks to the beautiful light and constantly changing weather on the Faroe Islands, the photo already had a nice mood, but I enhanced the warm feeling and contrast in Photoshop. #imminent

Hi again, it’s @erik.joh. This may be my most well-known manipulation, and it was the first step in my career as a photographer and retoucher! It was a sunny June day in 2008 and I was out driving when we stopped the car to shoot a few photos of the road. We then moved to the side of the road to shoot my friend dragging fabric through the grass with the same perspective and light. It is one of the more simple manipulations I've done since the piece only consists of two source images. #goyourownroad

@erik.joh here! This is a photo manipulation I was working on for almost 1.5 years, slowly collecting all the images I needed to complete it. The landscapes were shot on the Faroe Islands, the houses were shot in Stockholm and Prague, and the piece was created in Photoshop with a total of 340 layers. #demandandsupply

Hello! My name is Erik Johansson, a photographer/manipulator from Sweden, and I'm taking over the Photoshop Instagram page this week. I photograph all the images myself and love to see my photos come to life. Hope you'll enjoy my work and check out my page - @erik.joh.
For this piece, I wanted to make a landscape behave like paper, but how could I make it look interesting? I thought about the perforated lines you sometimes see in magazines and how they look like lines on a road. This became the natural transition between the paper and the landscape opening up. #cutandfold

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