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David C Phillips  Photographer, writer. New Book: @ReflectionsofVenice (For Paris @aparisianmoment and

Life in Paris... more Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane Venice @reflectionsofvenice Bhutan @bhutanlandofhappiness

Le Dôme in Montparnasse has to be one of Paris’s most beautiful, best known and most historical restaurant/cafes in Paris. And the staff are fantastic. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane Venice @reflectionsofvenice and if you are interested in Bhutan you can have a look at my new account @bhutanlandofhappiness

Something so elegant about this wooden spiral staircase in the Hôtel de Ville... more Paris including exciting giveaways and a blog post @aparisianmoment and more Paris @georgiannalane Venice @reflectionsofvenice

Well there are ceilings and then there are CEILINGS! This one (which definitely falls in the second classification) is the CEILING in the Salles des Conférences of the French Senate building in the Luxembourg Palace. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

The fascinating Officine Universelle Buly Saint-Germain-de-Pres on rue Bonaparte. One of a very famous chain of unique perfume shops originally founded in Paris in 1803. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

I watched this gentleman as he progressed through the Luxembourg Gardens, very polite to all, very interested and with a serene half smile on his face. I can’t help wondering who he was, what his background was and so on. He reminded me of the best of aristocracy. Lots of interesting people in Paris! More Paris @aparisianmoment (including an unusual giveaway) and London and Paris @georgiannalane. Venice @reflectionsofvenice

Scooter ride from dad around Luxembourg Gardens (note the scooter design with built-in child platform!). More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane (maybe with London making an appearance). Venice @reflectionsofvenice. #family #kids

This is the start of the day for many Parisians. It’s a bit of an institution, like the daily baguette. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

I love Paris in the morning. Somehow many Parisians manage to make it leisurely. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

My kind of café (I go by how they look and photograph😊)! Left bank near Quai de Conti. More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

Regaling the passing public on Pont des Arts at sunset (and enjoying himself). More Paris @aparisianmoment and @georgiannalane and Venice @reflectionsofvenice

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