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Had a delicious brunch with @videojey who snapped all the pics in this series.
#GeorgeStreetDiner #Toronto #The6ix #gay #canqueer

Trying to learn to be less serious these days.
#GeorgeStreetDiner #Toronto #The6ix #gay #canqueer

New year new me. Need to start posting more often over here.
#GeorgeStreetDiner #Toronto #The6ix #gay #canqueer

I wasn't sure what to expect on this adventure, but I wasn't disappointed with the views. I could only imagine what it would be like if we had spent more than an afternoon in the park. And really we only explored one small corner of it.
This shot was taken near Skull Rock. We decided to do a little wandering.

While in Joshua Tree National Park, we spent the day hiking around and posing on the beautiful rock features.

Yesterday we rented a car and went on an adventure outside of Los Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park.
The drive out of the city went quickly as everything we saw along the route was new and interesting. But the stark beauty of the National park was simply breathtaking.

Strolled through Rodeo Drive first thing in the morning. None of the shops were open yet and the sidewalks and streets were vacant.

Found my way to the Beverly Hills sign. Found it on a hunch. What you don't see is the large group of Asian tourists behind me.

The Art Deco game here is strong in Beverly Hills.

Happy Nuit Blanche Toronto. Sadly, I'm going to miss this year's edition as I'll be in Los Angeles. But make sure you make it out there and enjoy the art.
The shot was a part of the Flash in the Park portrait series which I shot during Nuit Blanche 9 years ago.
#nuitblanche #toronto #the6ix

During Nuit Blanche I usually try and create my own art. Some of the best things at Nuit Blanche are when you get to participate in the creation.
This shot of @secretagentkr was a part of my Flash in The Park photo series which I shot at Nuit Blanche 9 years ago.
#nuitblanche #toronto #the6ix

Traditionally I try and do Nuit Blanche from start to finish often with my sister @kidkulit in tow. This shot is from 9 years ago as a part of my Flash in the Park series.
#nuitblanche #toronto #the6ix

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