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I'll be in class 12 and turn 17 almost after a month and as a person, I know that I am not the one who contemplates life a lot or overthinks or even thinks about life but while taking pictures of the Sports Day of the Primary section of my school I just wanted to be an 8 year old again.
When I think of how class 2 used to be a big deal for me when I was in the same, I feel both relieved and scared because maybe what I feel is a big deal right now may not be as big as what is going to come.
I want to be that 8 year old again who was carefree and not accountable for many things. Not that I want to run away from my present responsibilities(Can't even though!). It used to sound really funny to me when my parents said, "Time just flies. Look at you! Have we really been married for 18 years? Are you really 16?" but today, I feel that class 2 was just yesterday. We mould time periods according to our convenience because hey! time in tuition seems to be never ending and time given for an exam preparation seems to end within minutes.
It is practically not at all possible to time travel so I'll just ask my brain to stop working like a 16 year old and be like an 8 year old who is carefree and oblivious and still content with everything.
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