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Marvin  Buying Agent / Surfer

Congrats @noah.yasuda for 2nd place at tournament.
Fight against over twice heavier than you and extension 3times . ( 4’4 64 lbs vs 5’3 130 lbs )
You did best fight at tournament. Everyone who saw this said got so inspired of your spirit and you are really the Winner ! #kyokushinkai #kidskarate

Congrats Noah for 2nd place in big event . You will be 1st next year !

Thanks so much for nice ornaments @iamtorquato ! see you in the water soon ! Yes you can !

Nice 👍 to cu @tarrrrrrro He became really the Athlete / Surfer 🏄 ! @noah.yasuda #athlete #surfer #projunior

Huge Congrats 🎉 to @tarrrrrrro You beat the best competitor in the event today and making to next round‼️ am sure your best coach @bradgerlach watching the heat from Australia 🇦🇺 so proud of you from Topanga local ! @hurley @sexwaxofficial @fcs_surf @vertra @hoorsenbuhs @kaori_yamaguchi_watanabe @masatowatanaboo So Happy to saw that today .

First Trophy 🏆 of his life ‼️
Congrats 🎈 Liam ‼️little brother of @noah.yasuda big brother of @junrima.y
#kidssoccer #bestplayer

One morning from topanga . @tarrrrrrro ‘s home break who won silver medal at @isasurfing contest in Japan with team @usasurfing . I never seen me riding waves but I can see I need turn deeper , go top more vertical , should done cut back after third turn n don’t kicked out the end ...........
Thank you for captured me @kookint I learn it Also thank you @jessefaen gave me chance to ride this magic board from @furrowsurfcraft who is wife of most talented shaper @swallowtailsociety and fins from nicest guy J.P. from @surfysurfy

So Happy to see one of da best shoot out at Final game yesterday. Congrats @noah.yasuda you made it !!!

あっそ。 ( Asso . )

Happy Birthday Goro aka Yellow eagle 🦅. I feel so lucky that I have met him in person many times and hang out with him at his shop .
That time he was standing / riding Indian motorcycle with bare foot .....n scream like a wolf .
Snow da his dog was always follow him , catch everyone 's eye as crazy person . Loved him and he now became a Legend forever .
今日 アメリカでは自分の誕生日と去年まで
高校生の頃原宿でバイトしていつも 吾郎さんのショップに出入りしてました。
あの頃 吾郎さんの周りでハングしてたのは
吾郎さんはいつも裸足で立ったまま直管で爆音のインディアンで、" ウオー" と叫びながら信号止めとかして登場するの。
#goros #indianmotorcycle #sioux

Look back for the Pop Up we done at Ron Herman Tokyo in March .
Space they made for us had such a nice atmosphere and felt so much love ❤️ n positive energy with it .
Hope we do this again . @christydawn @oddus @crittycat00 @canyoncoffee @allylwalsh @casewoj @yukarinegishi @madonnu @sakuraco.zzzz

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