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Having a photo with a messy background? Try the vignette effect. Apart from dealing with the distracting backdrop, you'll get a bonus dramatic effect. Use sparingly though.

Creativity is when you can find ways to make the ordinary beautiful.

A dead rat, splattered blood, decaying wood - who wants to see these things?

While photography definitely has its place in objective documentation, people often want to view photos that make them happy. Take photos that impart positive feelings: a smiling kid, a hilarious signage, a playful animal. That's the joy of photography - in a literal sense. Tag photos to #thismakesmehappy and share the fun to others.

No pokemon was harmed in making this photo. The fire effect was done with Photo Studio. #photogeekdom

You didn’t need to see the photo of the entire bike to tell you that this is one. Select a part that best represents your subject. Usually, it's more than enough to convey your idea. #photogeekdom

Posting a non-watermarked photo in the internet is like leaving your bike unattended in a park.

What is a watermark in the first place? It's something embedded in a work to identify the owner. Add anything on top of your image, then save. It would either be a signature, a symbol or a logo.

Keep it subtle though. Beautifully made watermarks flow with the image - they accomplish the task without ruining the picture. Overdo it and you may have an award-winning photo that no one will look at.

Our recommended app for watermarking is Phonto. Change the angle and alpha of the watermark so that it blends with the dark, bright or complex areas of your work.

Just as a bike chain can be cut, a watermark can be removed. The idea is: “If you’re gonna steal it, at least exert some effort.” Can you find the watermark in this photo? Tag your beautifully-integrated watermarks to #watermarks_pg.

Do you know why you take photos? This significantly affects the results of your work.

The scene: children's party. 2 photographers: the first one is a hired photographer and the other one is the dad.

The pro is taking photos because he was hired to do so. He’ll do his best on this gig to satisfy his client and looks forward to adding this event into his growing portfolio. The dad? He wants to be able to go back to this time someday, when his kid has already started a life on his own.

Reflect on this simple example and ask youself: why do you photograph? Do you want to preserve memories? Is it to build a career in this field? Do you simply like expressing your creativity as part of your hobbies?

The reasons are endless: but knowing your purpose is a big step.

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The lesson - animate your subjects. When you put captions that give life to your subjects, your photos exude more meaning. This one is true, indeed. When you google the word "apple" now, it would take you about 5 pages before you actually find a result related to the fruit. Captions in Photo Geekdom are created through the iPhone app Phonto.

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As you go through your day, how many objects do you get to see from top view? There's a good chance the only answer will be the shoes you're wearing. We always view the world at some angle, but it will rarely be 90 degrees. By taking your photos directly from above, you'll be presented with unique results.

This humble soda can looks different when viewed this way, and up close. With a touch of filters from the app Pixlromatic (Antonio filter), it gives a fresh look on a common object.

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Black and white works best when your photo is full of distinct shapes, shadows and texture. In the absence of color, the battle for attention between the dark areas and the bright ones becomes emphasized.

However, when a photo contains a mix of green and red colors, converting it into black and white may not be a good idea. Green and red convert into nearly identical gray tones, you'll end up losing detail in your photo.

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If there's one tip you need to take away from the 2013 posts - it's this: Always look for a different angle.

Do not just shoot where it's comfortable. Consciously look around and find at least 3 candidate vantage points. You always have 6 choices - and dozens of combinations: up, down, left, right, farther, nearer. By deliberately looking for the best perspective, you're increasing your chances in getting a great shot.

Seeing an obstacle? Then most likely, there are less people who have taken the shot at *that* orientation. That's where you want to go.

Shooting someone at the correct angle can significantly alter how pretty your subject will turn out in the shot.

Since food is often seen at a 45-degree view, choosing to photograph from the top can immediately draw interest.

Find *The Angle* and it alters everything.

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This would have been a typical piano shot - not even a good angle to begin with. But by including a child's hand, the familiar scene instantly gets renewed attention. Add a twist to your photo by surprising your viewers with an unusual element. Pick a common subject, but introduce something unique, or contradictory. Taking a shot of pet mice feeding? How about adding a computer mouse into the scene, let him feed as well. Shooting sushi? Why not try putting it on top of a chocolate bar? #photogeekdom #ronixus #yummyjavaorg

Fruit Ninja!
You don't need to spend too much, nor resort to heavy editing to produce interesting effects. While this appears like it was shot mid-air, it wasn't. Transparent strings were used to keep the apple slices up while the knife was slowly being posed into the shot. These strings were later edited out using Picasa's retouch tool.

There are a few intentional flaws that give this shot away, could you name some?

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