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David Wint  Truly sensational...

I don't know why but I have this thing for nature photos #beachday

I honestly need to post more

Village and rando gang gang gang
Show up and show off
We the realest to exist
Phrase to show hype

I wish I talked like Jaden Smith, but made sense like sad poetry.
A misunderstood wordsmith
An abstract minority

Stay alive challenge accepted

That one moment when you might get a roommate, after a semester of having a dorm to myself. I might just die inside if I'm hype for no reason #latenights #earlymournings #ImMoreOfAnAfterNoonPerson

HAPPY NEW YEARS I'm hella thankful for my homies old and new, being able to go to college and not having an emotional breakdown, and my family blood and not blood, y'all the realest! This year I strive to begin adulting and not write bad poetry, blah blah generic stuff I say I'll do, but won't because that's just how the story goes 🤗

Concept: I finally talked to you and our first conversation filled the hole in my heart.

I should take more pictures of myself but I'm in the awkward phase after a good haircut to looking like I'm balding before the final afro then cut, rinse, repeat. #GORILLALIFE

I was the one that wore designer clothes with the body of an A-lister. You were the one off the radar until prom night when you looked like you were about to win an Oscar. This time when I fell in love with you the feelings were reciprocated because he didn't get in the way, charming you the way cliche jocks do. You still held feelings for him, but this time we got to know each other because I had a chance against that demon. He left your mind except this time he didn't take your life with you. Funny isn't it? In the original story the princess ran away with the monster.
- I had a dream the nightmare stopped

I honestly don't know what's going to happen on Wednesday... I'm frightened but I'm intrigued with the thought of going off on my own for once. A new beginnings in a pretty big town, I hope it's fun. FAMU here I come!

I still want to know the story of the rose I found in the parking lot after school... were they forgetful? Were they not in love, or did they fall out of it? #bored #roses #AStoryIllNeverKnow
On a lighter note I'm off to university in like 3 weeks and I'm hella excited
#NewBeginnings #FAMU

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