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David Wint  I'm here for a good time, not a long time... y'know what I'd rather go home

I just want money to buy warm clothes, even tho it's gonna be summer, and build a net worth. Only so I can tell myself I look like a million bucks

Was gonna write something deep and meaningful, but I have commitment issues

Yeah so my professor got arrested before class started and I was late, so uh... am I counted as late?

A mood

In that moment I was a broken man

DANTE'S INFERNO IS 10/10 and I aced my comp org exam ya boi getting outta this bih... I never thought of Poe as a romantic, but then again if you're a poet you gotta write at least one romantic poem

I lost followers because I never post interesting things lol

I just found out that there are actually people that dress up as super heroes and do vigilante stuff like Batman, the Rain City Superhero Movement wouldn't stand for a help button going unanswered

There should be a conversation opener generator for the socially inept

~Book: sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs/ looking for Alaska, (I think its pretty funny so far/ I dunno I loved the story .
~Color: I settle for blue, but saying 'settle for' is a bit unsettling
. ~Place: my car, imma be real it's my therapy chair and music station, I'm a 'it's the journey not the destination' type
. ~Song:... it depends on the mood but I've been listening to @hobojohnson recently and he's my new favorite folk rapper (didn't know that was a thing until he declared his genre himself lol)
. ~I usually have to think long and hard before i answer someone who asks me about these so I say some generic thing people like lol

mental reviews rated you 10/10 stars and said that you were eye catching. ~
pic unrelated but now I can infiltrate FSU lol (I'm a good noodle I swear @myFBIagent)

Remember Easter candy goes on sale tomorrow~ run away from ur problems with chocolate bunnies 😉😋

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