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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 ... thankful for the people around me, and thankful to the fans who have changed my entire life and made this whole dream possible... thank you for believing in me. Thank you for uplifting me. the love and support means the world to me, and it ALWAYS will. No matter what. Thank you for everything. YOURS TRULY FOREVER

Prove em wrong. Believe in yourself. Anythings possible. πŸŽ₯ : @6thelement

Second message to the world... TREAT ALL EQUAL. This one especially means the most to me, growing up being raised by a single black mother, I saw the struggle she had to go through - I learned to base people off their actions, instead of what they look like, where they were from, or what they believed in. Just because someone is different doesn't make them any less or better than you. Treat EVERYONE you come across with the same respect you deserve.

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Message to the world....

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It's rare to come across genuine people these days.. but this dude always been 100. Cant tell u how many times u inspired me and @anthrobeats, how many records and beats from your albums that we tried to emulate lol, only to learn from your words, the answer to this music shit is just to be MYSELF. Thank you for inspiring. Thank u for everything u do bruh, the real ones will always respect it. @g_eazy

I know what it's like to lose the person you love and... I know what it's like to lose yourself to the drugs, I know... for so long I was battling with a FEW different addictions, some that I'm still fighting to this day. I've lost so many friends/family members to drugs and addiction, and the pain in me cuts deep, especially because I know a lot of it comes from anxiety, depression, and it's hard because there's no cure for those things, but these things we put in our body make it temporarily okay.. but we shouldn't be bashing or putting someone down if they're struggling with an addiction, that shit only makes it worse.. we gotta sit down, and talk, ask what's going on.. words are so powerful. If you know someone in a situation like this, TALK TO THEM!!! Words ARE the most powerful weapon on this planet. That's the only thing that saved my fuckin life - music and being surrounded with people who care... show more love, care more.. instead of hating each other let's start HEALING each other. To all my homies takin whatever you taking to Numb the pain, I feel you, I truly do. I know this pain and hurt is impossible to get away from, even with the drugs. Even with the alcohol. I KNOW. As someone who is coping with depression, paranoia, anxiety, dealing with the loss of a loved one - I FEEL YOU. And I ain't perfect, I don't have the answers, but I know that we should all try and uplift each other a LOT more.. talk to each other more. There's always a brighter day tomorrow. Always anther chance for a fresh start, and we don't gotta keep living life running from this pain and hurt...

Meet my lil nigga Rico πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸΆ we out here workin hard af grindin every night n shit 😜

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