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Comment your city below...

Life’s better when u stop caring so much...

Tb to when I took this kid to prom in the beast 🖤🧚🏽‍♂️ new @yourstrulyclothing available now!

Good all by myself 🌹

Happy 4th of July.. plz take Trump and give us back Selena 🌹


In the end I learned how to be strong alone 🖤🇿🇦

8 years in the game. 7 albums deep. Another album on the way... I deserve it ALL.

Never let them take your happiness from you...

Truth is, I think about you often...

#justiceforjunior Rest In Peace. usually I try to stay away from making posts like this, but I hope they get caught. I wasn’t going to say anything, but when I saw the actual video of this happening, it made me sick. Sick to see that someone could actually have the nerve to do this to a 15-year old kid, I wish I didn’t see the video, but when I did - it reminded me when I got jumped and stabbed by a bunch of grown men and really made me take this personally. it’s a sad and fucked up world, the killers are out there and although I don’t wish death - I hope they live in a cell for the rest of their lives and live with what they did say after day after day. All that street shit, all that no snitching shit, all that tough guy shit goes out the window when a 15-year old kid is stabbed, and I stand by that forever, and I will forever stand by that. It’s not worth it. This shit needs to stop, we gotta do better and find a better way to handle things instead of KILLING EACH OTHER!!! All my people out by the Bronx, I don’t care what these idiots say about “don’t snitch”, these fools are murderers and if you see them let somebody KNOW. May he Rest In Peace, and if anyone knows the family of Junior please let me know what I can do to help.

I just been so numb it feels like nothings real..

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