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mmm convoy !

So I suppose I better start thinking about pedals . . .

so if you thought the service de course vehicle was cool the neutral car was "nice enough to almost make a mechanical something to look forward to :)

it's like a 4ft high 2 wheeled Mondrian !!

As a Leonardo Di Vinci painting that was bought for £45 sold for 40 million I recon I'll hang onto these works of art and plan what I'll spend my millions on this time next year (Rodney)

I'm not sure insta are ok with the word "bastard" . . eg "thats that bastard hill out of Asciano" so contrary to whatever the location says "thats that challenging hill out of Asciano"

Well I suppose I could make do with it as a pub bike . . .#legnanopubbike #firstworldproblems

his socks were so loud you could hear him at least 4 miles away . .

oooooo ! Suntour Superbe long cage, not as pretty as the Campag Rally, but almost fit and forget

conclusive proof that there actually was a warm glow and that it wasn't just my rose tinted memory

I'm 90% sure I set off when I was still technically asleep . .

It was very nice of people to dish out free drinks, but for the life of me I've no idea what it was ! nice Alfa though

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