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Phonetic Planet  📚 Let our beautiful books show you how literacy opens the door to a new world. 🌱🌍

Here’s another glimpse of our old stomping ground in #Connecticut. We are so excited to know that our books will be available to purchase at the Litchfield Montessori School Fall Festival on Saturday! Please send us some photos if you get to attend.🍁

Learn from yesterday,
live for today,
look to tomorrow,
rest this afternoon.
- Charles Schulz

New England is on our mind this week, as we send our best wishes to our friends in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Autumn in this part of the world is a treat for the senses! The leaves are turning shades of red, orange and yellow, and the sound of migrating geese provides another sign of the changing seasons. There are tastes and smells associated with the fall season, too; special hugs to our friends at @thehardpressedcidercompany who are entering one of their busiest times of the year.🤗 If #cider and #doughnuts are on your weekend to-do list, go check them out!

Although our family is now spread across Europe and North America, many of you will know that we once lived in a beautiful corner of northwest #Connecticut. Thanks to a very kind friend of mine, our books will be available for sale at the @litchfield_montessori Fall Festival, which takes place on this coming Saturday. We have lovely memories of this small, community-oriented school. Hope you can stop by, if you are driving through New England on a leaf-peeping expedition! The area around the Litchfield Hills is particularly beautiful.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
- Albert Einstein

People often tell me that I walk very slowly, that I spend a lot of time looking around me as I walk and that I become very interested in tiny things that others don’t regard as being significant. Well, I’ve walked many miles in the company of young children, my own and those entrusted to my care. When you walk with a child you learn to slow down, to be aware of your environment in a more attentive way. Children always teach us so much about ourselves, if we take the time to reflect.
Life is precious.
The world is full of beauty.
Every little detail can be interesting.
If I have ever walked a little ways with your child, be assured that I have loved every minute of the journey.

It is always a privilege and a responsibility to nurture, encourage and protect. 🌱 Our focus is the promotion of literacy through education, and we are very interested in the work of individuals or organizations who have a similar outlook. On our website you can now read about Fay Hendriksen in Amsterdam, and her world with Educateurs Sans Frontières. 🌍
Link in bio.

If you are looking for magic, October is sure to provide you with some.

Good morning, good morning,
And how do you do?
Good morning, good morning
I’m fine. How are you?

Saturday mornings are always more fun when we make the time to get outdoors. Where are you headed today?

If you are looking for a little evening reading, then look no further than our website!
By clicking the link in our bio you can learn about Fay Hendriksen, who works to serve the needs of diverse communities on six continents through a wonderful organization called Educateurs Sans Frontières. Educators without borders, love without limits and encouragement without hesitation; these values are important to Fay and are important to us, also. Phonetic Planet wishes you a wonderful evening, wherever you are and whatever your dreams may be. 🕊❤️📚🌍

What does October look like in your part of the world? In the streets of Vienna’s first district, it looks a little like this.☺️

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