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PhoneCasesToTheRescue  Each phone case sold feeds a shelter dog for 4 days! 🐾💙 Make a difference today!

Taxpayers pay 2 BILLION dollars annually to capture, shelter, euthanize and dispose of shelter animals. #dontbuywhileshelterdogsdie #wecandobetter #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #getyourrescueon #raiseawareness #statefacts #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #phonecasestotherescue

Meet Missy! ‘She was dumped in a sack at the shelter with her sibling and now is in her forever home!’
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Rescue: @amiciidogrescue

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Are you traveling from South Korea (Incheon) to LAX? Or perhaps Incheon to JFK? We need you to help us rescue pups from the S Korean meat trade - we can’t do this without you!

We have a bonded pair - blind husky and Great Pyrenees and a Golden /Cocker Spaniel mix that we need to get to LAX.
There is also a large rescue in NY that is helping with the other dogs being rescued from this same meat farm - they also need volunteers flying from Incheon to JFK to escort dogs.
Please, if you are flying these routes and want to help save lives, start here:

Not flying? Please Repost! #rescuedogs #incheon #lax #jfk

Some of our faves🙌🏻 Help support shelters and rescues with every phone case you purchase. To shop>>link in bio or

Meet Porter! ‘Porter is a 7 month old shiba inu and jindo mix. He was born on a dog meat farm in South Korea. @koreank9rescue helped shut down the farm and brought him, his siblings, and his mom to NYC to be adopted. He had an amazing foster mom who helped him adjust. The first night we got him he cuddled up right next to us, he was so happy to have a family. Recently he met up with his siblings who were also adopted. Watching them play together in the park was one of the best feelings. We feel so lucky to have adopted him and are hopeful that more and people will choose to rescue!’ 🐾💙
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Rescue: @koreank9rescue

Meet these 3 lucky rescues! ‘The Golden Retriever is Riley. He is 13 years old. He is a rescue that showed up at my front door 3 times. His original owner had been deported to Afghanistan and his parents had a hard time keeping him in their yard. Riley adopted me when he was 5 years old. The black and white dog is Scout. She is a street saved dog from San Antonio. Her owners moved and left her. For 1.5 years she lived under an 83 year old mans home. She had never been inside his home but he would feed her. The yellow lab is Beaux Tox who had been neglected in a backyard for 5 years of his life. He too had never been inside a home. He was born with a deformity and had severe heartworms and fleas. They are all happy and healthy. Rescue is the only way! They are all gems!’. We couldn’t agree more💙💙💙
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💫’Rescued Is My Favorite Breed’ Folio Phone Cases available🌌✨ Proceeds benefit rescues and shelters. To shop>>link in bio or

This face💙💙💙 Meet Dave! ‘I am a rescue from Babbington Rescue in Derbyshire. They rescued me from the side of the motorway in a bin bag along with my brothers and sisters. I now have a family that loves me dearly and I even have my own Instagram - @_dave_the_sleeping_lab ! I am now ten years old and living the best life a dog can live, along with my brother @arlo_the_dog_192 , also a rescue from Babbington! A big shout out to them because they have helped me, my brother, and many other dogs in need. This is me loving my happy life!’.

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