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Master Phoenix Le Grand  Master Black Belt, Trainer, HipStep Massive, Stuntman, Music Composer&Writer, Photographer, Film Maker...I'M BATMAN! Twitter: Master Juice


Brooklyn home of the LEGACY

The Legacy Continues.....


Does anyone recognize any of these men in this picture? If so, who are they are, name them and tell me a little something about each.

The LEGACY Continues......

Welcome to Brooklyn!

The LEGACY Continues......
@lostlegacymma @teamlegacystunts

Lost Legacy Martial Arts
Team Legacy Stunts of South Florida and NYC
International Meihua Quan Federation
It's Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group, Inc.
Jsap Media
Manawor Films
Urban Action Showcase
@lostlegacymma @teamlegacystunts @urbanactionshowcase

Introducing Team Legacy Stunts of South Florida and NYC!!! Check our website!

Come witness it at the AMC Empire 25 Times Square, New York City brought to you by the Urban Action Showcase @urbanactionshowcase

Go to our page and let's us know you will be there!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/228225564369416/?ti=cl

Check our movie trailer and experience the excitement!!! https://youtu.be/kCO-4sje4H8

Get your tickets now!!! www.UrbanActionShowcase.com

The Legacy Continues. .....
It's Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group, Inc.
Lost Legacy Martial Arts
Jsap Media
@lostlegacymma @teamlegacystunts

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The Eye of the Storm makes his way to New York City

As most of you who follow my journey already know, I'm making my way to NYC this weekend. It marks an incredible historical part of my life that sets me up to continue to impact the world one city, state and country at a time. My LEGACY!
This weekend, the movie I wrote and directed, #EquilibriumLegacy , will be premiered at AMC Empire 25 in Times Square, New York City November 11 at 11:35am by ways of the Urban Action Showcase @urbanactionshowcase ! Even though they show my movie earlier, I will be at the event all day so definitely come thru even if you can't make my movie time! Do your best not to miss it though lol!
Get your tickets ASAP! www.UrbanActionShowcase.com

For all my NYC family and friends, my time is very limited. As much as I would like to schedule to see you all, it would be quite a challenge for me. Coming to the movie premiere would be ideal and perfect if you can!

During the week following, I have numerous martial art school visitations, filming obligations and meetings with others I need to see on this journey that ties in to what it is I do. I would like to say in advance, my apologies if I haven't gotten the time to sit with you, have dinner, take a picture and/or share positive energy. We will soon.

We all are subjected to do something with ourselves in order to achieve the next levels of life. Our journeys are different but yet somewhere they are similar because they all equal to success when passion is applied. I look forward to seeing you all.


The LEGACY Continues......
Lost Legacy Martial Arts
Team Legacy Stunts of South Florida and NYC
International Meihua Quan Federation

@lostlegacymma @teamlegacystunts

I would like to thank our partners that allows us to form VOLTRON!

It's Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group, Inc.

Manawor Films ( Monte Daproducer Morgan )

Jsap Media

Tiger Shark Media USA

2018 is going to be BANANAS!!!!!

THE LEGACY APPROACHES NYC IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS...... In the 80s, I traveled to Old Times Square where Martial Arts was a strong and influencing part of that generation (before the invasion of Disney lol). Being a practitioner of the arts for so long it is all that I've known. It is my family. My culture. My Way of Living. I can not and will not see myself without it.

I was very fortunate to find online, a picture of the Martial Arts Cutlery and Gift spot in the 80s which was well know in the city in that era. I basically lived there because of my love of the arts and still have the many supplies including gear and Weaponry I originally purchase from that very store.
WHO REMEMBERS THIS PLACE? Who has actually been there?

Going down memory lane has brought up these very joyful and fond memories and has open my eyes to realize that Demetrius Angelo has risen that culture of martial arts back on the very same block it stood on about 4 decades ago! Incredible! The AMC theater is our secret Holy Ground where many from all over comes to demonstrate their technique and skill in a neutral and respectful competition.
The Urban Action Showcase has allowed me and many others involved in the martial arts to openly express our love through creativity of our own different movie genres and to share with others and keeping alive the culture of martial arts in action movies.

Saturday November 11, 2017 the movie I Directed #EquilibriumLegacy will be debuted in theater 10 at 11:35am.

Let me know if you are coming or thinking of attending by clicking the link below


I am also co staring in a movie with Kung Fu Star Marco DaAnswer Johnson son of Willie Johnson ( founder of Point MMA) called #TheLegendOfKungFunk which will also be showed that day but later on at 7pm.

I look forward to seeing everyone there and reconnecting with old friends and meeting and making new ones.

The Legacy Continues...... Lost Legacy Martial Arts
It's Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group, Inc.

Instructions for Life according to Phoenix
Some ask, how do you do so much that you do?
What keeps you going? Where do you find the energy and motivation?

Here's a few of my quotes I live by:

Without mistakes and failures there will be no success. Nothing can give you your life back....you have to take it back yourself.
Create your moment. Stop saying what if.

My failures fuels my success.

In Life there are no dress rehearsals.

Get Out of your own way.

I live in the NOW but my past empowers me and my future is Unlimited!

When you have a good teacher, the name of your style doesn't matter.. Embrace your failures and own up to your mistakes. Learn through Life's Lessons.

Like My boy Heru H Keith McAdams would say. "I tried to show you something but your eyes were closed". The Legacy Continues....... Lost Legacy Martial Arts
It's Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group, Inc.

Photo by Micheal Anthony Clark MAC Photos


My beautiful Daughter Tea.

The Legacy Continues. ....

Loving Life and its Lessons.

The Legacy Continues. ...

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