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Phoenix Askani  Fluid woman; stream of consciousness. Film photography: @ruledbythesun

American Ho(usewife) Story

I’ve wanted my aura photographed by @haloauragraphic for a long while now and this week, finally made it happen. I honestly almost cried when I saw this. Thank you for such a lovely experience Michael.
Indigo - wise, intuitive, spiritually gifted, peaceful, enlightened consciousness
Magenta - non-conformist, creative, intelligent, free spirit, strong willed, eccentric
Red coming in on receptive (left) of my body - strong, passionate, hardworking, grounded, sensual, honest, self confident
Yellow on my expressive (right) side - energetic, optimistic, confident, sensitive, fun loving, creative, generous, free spirited, childlike, happy, connects with nature and animals
Crystal - gifted healer, highly spiritual, sensitive, one with nature, meditative, adaptable, calming, highly intuitive

I sent this photo to my mother last week as a reminder that she did a great job combining genetic forces with my father. As I get older, I find more to appreciate about my parents on top of their unconditional love and support. I realize how I am like them, despite being my own person and incredibly different. For the most part, my mother’s face, but with my father’s blue eyes holding a pinch of green gifted from mother’s brown/green hazel. My mother’s drive to help others. My father’s story telling and ridiculously quirky sense of humor. My mother’s will and perseverance. They live in me and I am grateful.

More cats just because cats are great but also because Instagram should finally get it together with the whole cropping option thing.

The day before I turned 30, I had a very casual birthday celebration with a couple of girl friends at @crumbs_whiskers followed by a cute lunch. I’m just finally getting around to sharing these and this was from a month ago - oops! :) If you’re in Los Angeles, check out this wonderful cat cafe! All of the cats are adoptable and your visit supports their needs 💕

First post all month. I haven’t been using as much social media at all lately - not even for paid brand offers. My heart hasn’t been in it because for the last month or so I’ve been in a transition and “go, go, go” mode so social just hasn’t been a priority. If your brand’s culture and product are ethical, helpful, and relevant to my feed/followers - I’ll consider, but frankly, I’ve known for a long time that the “Influencer” thing wasn’t something I was after. Those people dedicate so much time to this and work so hard to give you content constantly, but that’s just not something I currently have the energy for. I have only ever posted products I can stand behind, have used, and enjoy. I have tried products and not posted about them because I didn’t like them - it’s simply not worth it.
I turned 30 almost two weeks ago and I’m feeling great about it. I started a new full-time job (because writing is feast or famine, right?) and bought a car. I’ve set my intentions in a new direction and I’ve taken on more responsibility, so I feel driven and renewed by this productive fiery energy that the entire hectic Leo season supplied me with.
Right now my focus is on my tangible life and the day to day. I spent a lot of time not knowing what path I was really on, but have had so many valuable and wonderful life experiences along the way. I want to find more time to post here and share the truth about what’s happening, because there’s something special about that vulnerability to me.
I love to engage with you all when I actually have the time to scroll on here and I appreciate all of your kind words, messages, comments and the emails that come like clockwork asking when I will release something next. Thank you, for reminding me that I could even possibly brighten your day.
I’m not sure what this page is to me anymore or what is in store for Phoenix next. I will always write and at least model on occasion, because I am a creative at heart and I need these things like air and water. By year’s end, hopefully I’ll finally stop holding back and release the words I’ve been collecting since 2014. Maybe I should just call it “Bad Poetry and Confused Essays”.

Goodnight Moon 🌕

It’s Leo time again. You have been warned! Credit: @thevoluptuouswitch

Oh hey there, did you miss me?
photo: @whoismrbates
mua: @alondraexcene

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

🎶Going Back to Cali 🎶. Enjoyed the short and unplanned visit with family despite unfortunate circumstances. 🖤

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