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Bedrooms that look this good, just have to be shared! And check out that fabulous rug. Major home envy with @bethney.backhaus.home ! Such a good boho vibe on her account. 🖤 #repost

Wrap me up and Snuggle me. ✨
Did your babies love to be wrapped? How long did you swaddle them for? Cruz is coming up to 4.5 months old and still loving it.

“Dear Ordinary Day: Never let me take you for granted. I promise to see the beauty in you and try to focus on your positives. Let me breathe in your fresh air and live you to your fullest. For I recognise that you are always changing and I am not entitled to you indefinitely.”
- Me

There is SO much information around sleeping (or lack there of) to navigate through when you’re a new Mum. On top of what you read, new mums are targeted with unsolicited advice coming in all directions. Having two baby boys with two very different sleeping personalities, I decided to write a blog post on the topic. Head over and check it out... I promise it’s not what you think! 😘 #gimmeallthesleep #thisoneisforyou .
And by the way.. we have sold out of our Jungle Palms! You guys are amazing. Stay tuned for when we will restock. ✨

We are so overdue to travel and explore Australia’s coastline.. Where’s your favourite spot? Gimme all the hidden gems 🙋🏼‍♀️
📷 by one epic photographer, unknown via Pinterest.

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Put me in a box, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel more comfortable. But hey, I already live in one. It’s called renting a small apartment the size of someone else’s bedroom. However, I realise I’m still more privileged than most of the population in the world. And if you’re reading this, you are too. And I’m gonna focus on that. I don’t have an easier life because my photos look pretty on instagram. I’m just a creative person behind a camera with modern technology and a google search button. You’re over there working your full time jobs.. hiring housekeepers or leaving the place a mess. I get it. Go do your thing, get that promotion. Or start that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Recognise that in order to succeed in the areas of your life that are important to you, some other things might not shine as bright. It doesn’t mean you’re failing at anything. It actually means you’re kicking ass at what you’re good at. Clean house or not, stay at home or working, breast or bottle, cosleeping or crib sleeping - there needs to be more love. I’ll just be over here styling up my tiny kitchen trying to get sponsored by Costco or something. And if you’re still reading, I’ve popped my favourite brownie over on the blog. ✌🏻

Oh Cruz, how did I ever think my heart couldn’t expand? ✨

The prettiest little corner by @allthingzzpretty. Do you guys have a decor style or theme you’re loving right now?

Happiness is the smallest yawns. So, Cruz is a good sleeper. I say “good” and I mean he still wakes 1-5 times a night to feed. But he does doze off during the day many times on his own... without all the tears. And compared to Phoenix, who woke up hourly for over 2 years... and couldn’t sleep anywhere during the day but in a sling... I’ll take it. I still am not sure if I can believe anyone who says their baby sleeps through the night. When did your baby sleep through?

Do you guys have a room in your home that just makes you feel happy? One day the boys will likely want to cover the walls with Lightning McQueen posters and stickers... but for now, I can enjoy sweet neutral treasures in this little space. ✨

“My little brodda is my best fwiend mummy” ... are the words of two-year-old Phoenix today. Mind you, he did also try and step on his stomach, wack him with a pillow and drive cars all over his head. It’s pretty cute and dangerous at the same time. What funny things did your toddler do to the baby? 🤭

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