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Sabina  Michigan Cosplayer, Disney Princess, Obsessed with Greek Mythology, DC nerd, Avengers Lover, Stony Shipper and all around geek. She/her

Rocked my Vampire Sunglasses yesterday while out and about with friends! #vampire #vampirefashion

When your waiting for your d&d game to start and you've been obsessed with Power Rangers so you draw the Lightning Bolt on your arm in sharpie. Yep I'm a nerd. #powerrangersmovie #powerrangers2017 #powerrangerslightningstrike

I am a happy camper. I got the 2017 Power Rangers movie on Blu-ray! I really enjoy this movie! I love how real it is and how layered the characters are. I'm super excited to watch the all the behind the scenes. Go Go Power Rangers! 🖤💛❤💖💙 #powerrangers #powerrangers2017 #powerrangersmovie #sabanpowerrangers

I totally would have survived in the 80's. I love 8o's fashion and music! #nomakeup #80sfashion #ilovethe80s

Throwback to last Saturday when I was sitting around a fire chatting with friends. I love campfires, the warmth and the smell is amazing. And being outside under the stars is just amazing. I really miss Camping....

I really love Billy Hargrove. I know he's a total dick and he deserves to get his ass kicked for everything that he's done. But I also see potential in him. #strangerthings #billyhargrove *All art is owned by the artist.

I found the best car while I was out! I love it so much! Super spooky!

D&D supply shopping! I'm going to be running my first game today I am so excited! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #firsttimedm #supplyrun

Feeling cute! On my way to @kellymaisel Birthday party I'm excited to spend time with her and everyone else it's always a blast!

Made myself some earl grey tea in the Ciel mug @tallywolfmantra got me at Shuto con.

Got a fresh buzz! It feels good

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend @rhyme_lawliet ! They're such an amazing person, I am a happy to call you my friend. Luv you!

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