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Phoebe Lapine | Feed Me Phoebe  🌿🍫Queen of #HealthyHedonism 🍞🚫 #GlutenFree Chef & #Hashimotos Advocate 📖 Author of #TheWellnessProjectBook 🎙Host of #SIBOMadeSimple 👇🏼The Latest

Yesterday for a brief period of time my website was being automatically redirected to a series of porn pages.😰👯‍♀️ Luckily a few of you guys wrote me immediately, and the dudes who I pay on retainer to keep my site safe immediately jumped into action, found the compromised plug-in and shut it down. But not before giving me a mini-heart attack and precipitating an on-going existential crisis about what it means to host 7 years of your work on the Internet, where in just a push of a button, your avocado brownies can instead become naked Russian girls.🥑🍫💃🏼 Anyway, apologies to those who came for the former and instead got Olga spicing up your work computer. Mercury has been a salty bitch this month!! I’m going to be catching up on life this weekend, which also means baking up some Passover-friendly treats for you. Stay tuned 💕 Xoxo P

THE BONUS Q&A EPISODE is finally HERE!🎙😱 We’ve covered a lot of ground on this season of #SIBOMadeSimple, and along the way I’ve received some amazing listener questions. In today’s episode, past practitioners come back to answer them all. Dr. Allison Siebecker tackles some of the nuances of SIBO treatment, Dr. Jason Wysocki chimes in on structural and thyroid-related queries, @drwillcole talks about experimental treatments like FMT, and @katescarlata clears up some diet confusion. If you don’t hear your question, don’t stress—there’s a big possibility I’ll be getting to it with a dedicated episode in season 2. Make sure to listen to the end of this week’s podcast for a sneak peak of the topics we’ll be covering later this spring when SIBO Made Simple comes back from hiatus! And finally, don’t miss my recap of the SIBO Symposium in Portland, and more details on the FREE program I'm offering April 1st: The Spring Gut Reset.👉🏼 Link in profile to listen, or just pop over to wherever you get your podcasts! Finally, thank you guys SO much for all the support. This new venture has surpassed all my expectations in the joy and impact department.🙏🏼 Please help me spread the word during the break, and if you feel like taking a few minutes to leave a review on iTunes, that will really help keep up the momentum while I put my head back down to record the next season. Until then... xoxox P 📸: @dianadaviscreative

I’ve always had a cookbook buying problem.📚 But since becoming a professional food writer, that cookbook buying problem has turned into a cookbook receiving problem. I get unsolicited packages all year long containing cookbooks from various publishing houses that have me on their PR mailing lists. Which is known as a good problem to have. Except it’s made me overthink spending money on the cookbooks that I actually want.🙈 Such was the case with @alisoneroman #DiningIn. I managed to survive the cookies that broke the internet unscathed.🍪 Even after my friend posted a gluten-free version of them that turned my drool dial to the max.🤤 But when another friend told me about her version of Mexican pozole rojo, I knew that no lack of shelf space could justify a pass. I just had to have it. Needless to say, Alison’s pork stew with red chiles was the first thing I made, and it was well worth the $30 and then some.💸 I adapted it to be grain-free not just for health reasons, but because the four grocery stores I tried in my 10-block radius didn’t have hominy! If you don’t like this bastardized #paleo version, definitely feel free to add a can of it to the stew along with the tomatillos. 👉🏼Link in profile for the recipe. And please tell me...what other newish cookbooks should I save room on my shelf for? Would love to know your favorites in the comments! xo P #pozole #souprecipe #feedmephoebe

EXCITING NEWS.🙀 Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling a little blergh from the long winter? Did all those comfort foods make you a little more prone to the fetal position? Do you now find yourself unbuttoning your jeans halfway through meals as I did two nights ago at @tuskpdx ? Well, friends. I've got your back. While the podcast is on hiatus during the month of April, I'm going to be offering a ✨FREE✨ Spring Gut Reset. For 5 days, we will tackle many of the best practices I've learned throughout my gut research--together. Similar to my course, you'll get daily emails from me with small, manageable changes to incorporate into your life. Consider it a mini-coaching session and much needed Spring break for your digestive system. Regardless of what’s going on down under—#SIBO, #IBS, or any manner of tummy wonkiness—this program is designed to meet you where you’re at. And did I mention it's free?🤸🏼‍♀️ Click the link in profile to sign-up! We kick things off April 1st (no joke). I can't wait to do this with you and share some of the things I learned this weekend at the #SIBOSymposium. Give me a 🙋🏼‍♀️ below if you’re in! xoxo P #SpringGutReset 📸: @dianadaviscreative

Missing this stack today, and #thepancakeman who makes it possible every Sunday.🥞 But the good news is I'm learning so much at the #SIBO Symposium in Portland and can't wait to get more of your questions answered by these experts. If you have any new ones, leave them below in the comments! In the meantime, these GF matcha pancakes are in the #feedmephoebe archives and perfect for a little hint of green today.🍀 Make sure to check out my feed tomorrow for a very exciting announcement about a big new resource I'm offering you guys this spring when the podcast is on hiatus between seasons! Talk soon, happy Sunday! xoxo P

#ad What you can't see in this picture: my pants are on inside out.👖🙈 Yes, I showed up to the @twogoodyogurt @healthy_ish yoga event this week late and frazzled, and as I looked down during that first dog, I saw that there were machine wash instructions staring back at me. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, and this experience was a wakeup call about a few things. First, that I need to make it a priority to get to yoga a few times a week, because I felt much more balanced after (as you can clearly tell by my ability to eat yogurt while in tree pose).🧘🏼‍♀️ Second, I need to stop skipping breakfast. Intermittent fasting served me for a while, but I notice especially during times when I'm more strung out than usual, skipping meals just makes me more anxious.🍶 In one of my interviews this week for an upcoming ep of the podcast we talked about some gut research that indicated that people who consume fermented dairy actually have healthier microbiomes than those who don't. Between this fun fact, and finding a yogurt that has 2g of total sugar, 12g of protein per cup, and the creamy rich texture of Greek yogurt, I'm going to start adding it back into my morning routine.🥣💁🏼‍♀️ .
Have you discovered any aspect of your diet or self-care that weren't working for you? I'd love to hear in the comments section! #DoGoodByYou #doingthings

Sesame chicken is one of the more egregiously unhealthy options on the Chinese menu.🍗 It’s also (er, therefore?) more addictive than crack. The combination of deep fried chicken coated with a sauce that is 75 percent sugar, basically makes my mouth do hedonistic back flips!
My healthy version of this Chinese classic is one of your most loved recipes on the site. Go get it in the #feedmephoebe archives!🥡🥢 #chinesefood #glutenfree #feedfeed

Oh hi, IT ME! In your feed, and more importantly, on the PODCAST!🎙 In today’s season 1 bonus episode, you get a rare solo appearance on how I became your #SIBOAmigo. Those who have read #TheWellnessProjectBook know the first chapter of my story, from being diagnosed with #HashimotosThyroiditis when I was 22, to spending the better part of my mid-twenties trying to get on board with the health hand I was dealt. In this episode, I talk about the many root causes that led to my autoimmune disease, and how some of those root causes later set the stage for #SIBO. I’ll also be answering listener questions on how I overcome health setbacks (including the 411 on my latest gut pot holes), what advice I would give someone recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and my biggest takeaways from the entire first season of #SIBOMadeSimple. If you’re wondering the path I took to healing my SIBO and what the road forward looks like, give it a listen!👉🏼 Link in profile. And don't worry, after I get back from the Sibo Symposium in Portland this weekend, I'm going to have that "Ask a Doctor" episode for you with all your listener questions answered!👩🏽‍⚕️ In the meantime...what should I eat in Portland?? xoxo P

Last year before my move, I started the arduous process of cooking my way through my pantry.😬 One of my favorite dishes to kill multiple canned birds with one stone was this artichoke hummus recipe. Artichokes are about to be in season, but I know very few martyrs who would be willing to breakdown and cook a whole head just so it could be pureed to smithereens. Plus, there's something to be said for the briny quality of canned artichokes in water. In this artichoke hummus it gives the dense chickpeas a nice light body. And the tanginess of the canned hearts cuts the richness of the tahini in a way that feels rather fresh and springy, even if that illusion can be created year round. When I served it last week to a group of friends, no one could quite put their finger on what was different about the hummus. Just that it was so much better than usual.🤤 Link in profile. Friendly reminder that this is also the perfect time of year for a little #pantrypurge. Make something this week from the deep depths of your cabinets or fridge! If you share your creations with me / tag @phoebelapine I'll share them in stories! Part of living that #lowwastelife is making the most of what we have before heading back out to the store to buy more.👉🏼 What are you going to use up this week? Tell me in the comments! #feedmephoebe

GIVEAWAY ALERT!⏰ Rice and I have had a torrid love affair over the years. There is no carb that makes me feel more taken care of. And yet, in the kitchen, he's sometimes treated me like a bad boyfriend, showing up burnt on the bottom yet still raw in the middle, no matter how much attention and care I've brought to the relationship.👫 Yes friends, I usually don't burn the garlic, but I often mess up the rice. Like...real often.🍚🤦🏼‍♀️ Unlike that bad boyfriend, I can safely say: it's me, not you. Though we're more on the same page now, my past blunders are one of the reasons why I love using rice in casseroles like this Provencal Chicken Skillet magic I developed for @thefeedfeed using @think_rice arborio rice. But that's all changed since this usually gadget-free goddess got herself a RICE COOKER. The 8-cup little cutie from Aroma is fantastically space-efficient and so damn easy to use. Today I'm giving away one to YOU along with a supply of U.S.-grown rice to try it out!
To Enter:
1. Follow @think_rice @thefeedfeed and @phoebelapine
2. Tag a friend in the comments below who makes you feel as warm and comforted as a perfect bowl of rice makes me (Each tag counts as an entry, but one tag per comment please!)
3. Giveaway open to U.S. only and closes tomorrow March 10th @ 11:59 PM EST.
Go get it folks!! And in the meantime, also go grab this recipe in the #feedmephoebe archives. It's a perfect quick weekend dinner. #feedfeed #thinkrice
Official giveaway rules here:

I can’t believe it was a little over a year ago that I first got to call this kitchen mine. I also can’t believe that this time last year it was warm enough to wear jeans with holes in them and no socks...🧦👖 It fills me with such pride every time someone compliments our space on here, even if we are often hard on ourselves for the time it’s taken to fully nest. My office bulletin board and mirror are still sitting on the floor. We still have a lot of 💸 to invest in furniture to fit the space that we haven’t felt like spending. Being a homeowner can make things feel impossibly permanent, which for us brings a lot of indecision. It can also lead to being overly critical of every little chip in the molding, crack in the floor, creak in the pipes. But I still feel just as excited and awestruck and grateful as I did a year ago that this is where I get to call home. Happy Friday friends!! Now please excuse me while I clean the bacon grease off those white cabinets. 🥓🙏🏼 xoxo P

Not only is this plate full of FODMAP's one of my lunches from last week, but it's also the perfect image of recovery and food freedom for this week's podcast episode.🎙 For the season 1 finale, I wanted to get the perspective of someone who has stood in these #SIBO shoes many times and found a silver (intestinal) lining. In today’s episode, @beccoomes is sharing her powerful patient story, from getting through cervical cancer, to managing endometriosis, to finding balance despite a chronic case of SIBO. Rebecca is a fellow podcaster (go listen to her show, @the.healthy.gut !), and she has learned a lot over the years about what it takes to tackle chronic illness without it taking over your life. We talk a lot about mindset, learning to tune into your body, and maintaining a generous spirit when everything feels like it’s being taken away from you. For those of you who have been asking for a patients’ perspective, more information on endometriosis, and living with chronic SIBO, this episode is for you.👉🏼 Link in profile! As I begin planning season 2, I would love to hear: what topics do you want more info on? It doesn't have to be directly related to SIBO - I'm all ears! Tell me in the comments!🙏🏼 #sibomadesimple #sibodiet #lowfodmapdiet

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