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Phoebe Lapine | Feed Me Phoebe  🌿🍫Queen of Health & Hedonism 🍞🚫 Gluten-Free Chef & Hashimoto's Advocate 📖Bestselling Author of #TheWellnessProjectBook 👇🏼The Latest!


This time of year, I talk a lot about The Vice Detox – a vicious trio of sugar, caffeine and alcohol that forms your liver’s biggest foodie foes.🍫☕️🥃 On the addiction/sinfulness front, I’ve found that most people identify with 2 out of 3. Which is largely the case for me as well. Sugar is my top vice, followed by alcohol, with caffeine much closer to the bottom. If I had to round out my vice trio with a fourth, I’d most definitely choose Thai Food. Thai takeout, to be exact.🥡
I’m in remission from the take-out aspect of my Thai food addiction, thanks to two recent rounds of The Vice Detox as part of the #4WeekstoWellnessCourse (if you want to join me for round 3, early bird pricing for Feb is now available...). On the blog today, I'm sharing my new quick and easy homemade Green Curry Chicken, why Thai food is problematic for anyone's vice trio, and how you can also make these dishes at home avoiding FODMAP's.👉🏼 Link in bio!

Same recipe, new name: When You're Cold AF Kitchari Bowls.🤧 Hope all my east coast homies are filling their bellies with some comforting plant-y goodness today. I’m having a really hard time with my snooze button this week. The apartment is too damn ⛄️.

The last time I cooked a dish without garlic or onion was🤔...never.😬 Alliums make my culinary world go round! Giving them up was the scariest prospect of starting my low FODMAP diet last week, and the reason why so many SIBO warriors before me have had to learn to subsist entirely off their own creations.
So even though the first thing I did when I returned home from Hawaii was throw out my neck, the second thing I did was get in the kitchen and start batch cooking some low FODMAP food. There’s now homemade plain chicken stock and carrot marinara in the fridge. .
This sesame sheet pan salmon was the total winner of last week’s haul. It got me to break out of my regular veggie comfort zone and turn to baby turnips and bok choy—two Japanese staples that go underused in my kitchen. The recipe is up today on the blog, and I think those who have the luxury of eating my favorite aromatics, won't even notice it's missing them.👉🏼 Link in profile!
#whole30recipes #quickdinner #glutenfreerecipes #paleorecipes

I never thought coffee was something I’d give up.☕️ Not for a month, certainly not for life. But when I did my first Vice Detox of 2015, it was the prong of my trio (which also including alcohol and sugar) that I missed the least...🤷🏼‍♀️
Because of what the experience taught me about my cravings, I’ve mostly kept caffeine out of my life. I drink green tea most days, but not all. And sometimes on weekends or during vacation (ehem, hawaii🌺) when I really want to indulge my taste buds, I’ll have an espresso or almond milk latte. .
When I started the #4Week toWellnessCourse, which kicks off with a week-long mini vice detox, I was surprised by how many people were most dreading giving up coffee. When it was over, I was also shocked by how many people surprised ✨themselves✨ by deciding, like me, to stick with it. .
On the blog today I'm sharing why some people don't view coffee as a superfood and my go-to warm caffeine-free beverages that can help you kick your habit and still enjoy a treat in the morning. 👉🏼Link in bio. And thank you for all the sweet notes yesterday - my pain in the neck is still a pain in the neck! But I'm coping...🤳🙀

As much as I loved every moment of our Hawaiian adventure (especially the muddy ambles through insane foliage), I was ready to be home.🌺 Even the rainy little interlude I spent in LA seemed like a sign that I should just get on with it and head East. I was excited to be back in my bed, my routines, my preferred instaconfessional surroundings (i.e. my office). But returning, especially in the new year, doesn't come without its own set of anxieties. The emails to read, bags to unpack, poor dehydrated plants to guiltily feed🌿😬...So it's no surprise that after the second long flight in two days, after weeping my way 3000 miles and 800 pages through A Little Life, after rolling into bed at 1am, the first thing I did this morning was rollover to snooze the alarm and, in the process, tweak the shit out of my neck.🤦🏼‍♀️ The emails haven't been written. The bags haven't been unpacked. I hobbled a few paces around the apartment for the sake of the plants. But mostly I've spent my much anticipated day of home front to-do listing in a little pile of pain.🤕 If you've read #thewellnessprojectbook you know how I feel about the way my spine is connected to the head that sits upon it. I also think that just as many of life's ailments that can be chalked up to stress, can also be credited to something bigger telling us to slow the fuck down. So that's what I'm doing. Trying to resist the urge to get it together, and just be home.🛀 We will be back to regularly scheduled blog programming tomorrow (🤞🏼🤞🏼) with some caffeine-free coffee alternative to kick that vice in 2018.

I’ve been immersed in total paradise for the last 10 days, and while most of my vacations usually involve more hedonism than health, the oh so fresh and clean Hawaiian cuisine has me feeling totally rejuvenated.💪🏼 The perfect stepping stone before taking on a very strict diet to combat my SIBO.
Though many of you have asked about my protocol, I’m going to wait until I’m further into it before giving the full breakdown. On the agenda though: a full vice detox for the next month. Luckily, the January session of the #4WeekstoWellnessCourse kicks off TODAY, so I’ll have a tribe to support me through part one. Part two is going FODMAP-free, something I've written about before but have yet to try myself. Part three is supporting my digestion in any way possible so that there’s less partially digested food particles for my critters to feed off of.
In the spirit of the latter, I’m excited to be sharing this green kitchari recipe from @leah.vander cookbook. It's a flagpole of healing Ayurvedic cuisine, and said to be the best combination of nourishing foods that won't tax your digestive system. Though one of the main ingredients is yellow lentils, it's actually a really easy dish to adapt to be low FODMAP. And it's insanely delicious no matter how you spin it. More on the healing qualities + recipe via the link in profile.✨✨

Me and my overgrown intestinal bacteria are really going to miss these large mounds of fresh veggies, eaten leisurely, lying down with a glass of rose in hand 😬

The Kapua suite was booked and Kunu wasn’t around to teach us how to surf, but we somehow managed to have a ball in Hawaii regardless.🏄🏼‍♀️ The mini ponies may have been a personal highlight. It took a lot of self control to not eat three courses from the Japanese side of the breakfast buffet every morning, but not as much as it took to leave this cutie behind.🐴 I think Baron and LILO would have gotten along famously. More ponies and candidates for next year’s Christmas card in my stories.👪

Where's your buddy at?👫 You've probably heard about the research. When it comes to making habit changes - working out more, eating less sugar, keeping phones out of the bedroom - it helps to have a buddy to hold you accountable. Of course, in the case of the latter, not having the buddy you go to bed with every night keeping similar rituals can just as easily unravel your own.👯‍♀️ I talk a lot in the book about being in a new relationship and how that effected my wellness pursuits.😬 Now that Charlie has been around the block with me and experienced his own wellness revolution, I'm very grateful to have him by my side keeping me in check. Every year, we set some dual intentions and sign them on a piece of paper. We also make predictions for the following year to add a little bit of fun to the new year process. Today we'll be sitting down with a last round of tropical🍹 in hand, for a last Hawaii sunset, to log our goals and see which of our predictions from last year came true. To let you in on the buddy fun, I've freed up one last set of spots in the #4WeekstoWellnessCourse. It's a 2-for-1 deal for you and a friend or partner to enjoy the program at half the cost and have each other throughout the process.👭 Just purchase through the site (link in profile) and send me a message with your buddy's name and email. Materials go out tomorrow, so this is your last chance to join and to grab the remaining spot!⏰ More scenes in my stories for what's going on in my buddy Hawaii HQ. And if you want to make something comforting and delicious for yours back home, the healthy sesame chicken on #feedmephoebe is a fave of mine.🥡

The first thing that I have my clients do in the #4WeekstoWellnessCourse is a full pantry purge.🍯 Well, rather, I have them do a full shop keeping of what’s actually in there. This is great for New Year cleaning, but more importantly, it’s an exercise in ingredient list awareness. You look at the back of each and every item and take stock of how much hidden sugar—and how many different types of sugar—is packed into one plastic package.🍬 Then it’s up to you how soon you want to find a replacement.
The experience was extremely eye-opening for the beta group, as it was for me during my first vice detox nearly three years ago. So many of my favorite items were off limits for the month-long added sugar embargo. But more so, I was freaked out by how much mindless sugar I’d been eating every day in my avocado toast rich, theatrically “healthy” diet.
Especially this time of year, with so many hopeful resolutions on the books, I want to make sure that you’re not undoing your willpower without even knowing it.👉🏼 Hop over to the blog for my guide to hidden pantry sugars and the brands I buy to avoid them.

Just a girl and her turmeric chicken and her TV family.💁🏼‍♀️ If your new year’s resolution involves less inflammation, and doesn’t potentially involve whiter teeth or countertops, this recipe is for YOU!😜 It also just so happens to be my absolute favorite one from #thewellnessprojectbook and I’m making it today on @homeandfamilytv.📺 Flip to the Hallmark Channel and tune in!

I have a love-hate relationship with January 1st.📆 On the one hand, the world is full of optimism. It’s the official time of reflection and intention setting, two things I support year-round. Even those nursing hangovers know for certain: tomorrow will be a better day. But on the other hand, it’s also when the wellness three ring circus begins.
After a month of holiday gifting craziness, our consumerism turns to self-improvement. There’s talk about weight loss. There’s talk about cleansing. There’s talk about becoming the "you" that you were always meant to be. The optimism is there. But it relies on the premise that right now you’re not enough. .
More on why this drives me crazy, the true meaning of detox, and a crazy delicious red beet soup with coconut and cilantro that promises to give your liver a new lease on life is on the blog! Link in profile. And, of course, HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!💥🎉

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