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you’ve got your finger on the trigger
but your trigger fingers mine

they ask how i’m doing, i say better than ever😉


way better off:)


if i love you was a promise
would you break it if you’re honest?
tell the mirror what you know she’s
heard before
i don’t wanna be you anymore

i know my captions are usually short, but i wrote this today. if you have the time, please read it- it might be something you need to hear as well💞
i just want to say i’m sorry,
to myself
You trusted me to take care of you:
you put your heart in my hands and,
i let it crumble
in the hands of a boy who
never deserved you. he let me believe that
he, although broken himself, could fix us.
i now know, that a fire cannot be lit
with a burnt out match. and although we too
made mistakes, his were infinitely more
to live without the ability to
is not life. it is glorified selfishness, an excuse to give up when it is better to
hold on
i praise you for understanding that, when he did not. if there is something i want you to take from me, it’s this:
you are worth much more than he led you to believe. you are, and always have been, stronger than you know. most importantly, you are free to be yourself, to live the way you choose. while it may be difficult, i only hope you never surrender your personal liberties for love again. Phoebe, you deserve to love, and be loved, by someone who knows how. Do not cry over a dead end. Smile, for there are many other roads to choose from.



thanksgiving break when i almost froze to death🤪

live more

all smiles in cali(:

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