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PHIORO  Phioro is a luxury fine jewellery house that transforms the depth of your story into unparalleled creations by Designer Clare Pardoe. Dubai | London

The Circle of Energy... Go within, to your deepest centre, and find the answers that lie there.

E m p o w e r Y o u r s e l f ☄

What piece of jewellery makes you feel incredible when you wear it? What empowers you, makes you feel beautiful, and feminine, yet strong enough to take on the world...? We want to hear about it in every little detail ☄

"I throw wishes into the night, and wait for the stars to catch them" ~ Christy Ann Marine

The smallest of the Energy Ring stack - so versatile - you could wear it every day. And have you seen the matching earrings?!

Qi energy, is the flow of energy that fuels life itself. It is the underlying force that sustains all living organisms.
We love teaming the Qi symbol with the earthy, natural beauty of pearls. Like little seeds of wisdom, these drop earrings are classic, yet striking and profound.

#pearlsofwisdom #pearlearring

Can't beat a simple, yet minimal earcuff... The Energy Line earcuff goes with quite literally anything!

A gift box full of magical moments, meaningful sentiment and sparkling potential ☄

Stack 'em high, stack 'em wide. SO many different variations for this stunning ring set. Inspired by the Energy lines that run through every living thing, but also channelling elements of the Dubai Skyline ☄

That's the beautiful thing about self love... you wear it like a pair of earrings and it becomes more and more exquisite with time.

Double Trouble ☄

Meet the Designer! Clare has been designing jewellery for over 15 years, while the designs may change, the delicate, yet powerful elements stay the same. Clare designs jewellery to empower women to recognise their inner beauty, and channel their positive energy through beautiful talismans worn on their body.

Find the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow... find your inner beauty.

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