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Phil Verling  Commercial Insurance Consultant Apex Insurance Specialising in Hospitality Sector Entrepreneur☘ Former Publican Cork City, Ireland

Not sure could i give any great advice on success but i have faced a lot of set backs and adversity in last two years and now know how important it is to get your money right, stay focused ans motivated, dtay tenacious and even just have a little Faith. Great oportunity for someone. Everyone should subscribe to the podcasts.
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I want YOU to guest-host an episode of my new #DroppingBombs podcast with me!
But I'm only accepting 1 person, the best of the best!
TO WIN you must post a screenshot on your insta showing you've subscribed, to my podcast on iTunes, with the hashtag #droppingbombs and tag me @therealbradlea
In the description, describe what you would talk about on the show, and what value you'd bring.
I'll be looking through posts and announcing the winner this Sunday the 23rd! Looking forward to hosting a special episode with the lucky winner🙌
Engagement will matter.

Manage your time, switch to a 24 hour clock. Whatever you put into your days you get out. Simples!

When it's all said and done, I've certainly raised the bar [for MMA fighters]. Forget that, though, it's even for the average person. "Four years ago, I fought at the HMV Forum, Kentish Town [London] - I don't even know where that is from here - in front of 500 people. Four years ago! Look at tonight, this arena is full for a press conference. "Never mind motivating for UFC fighters and raising that bar. Humans, people on their own journey can see that anything can be achieved and it can be achieved like that [snaps fingers] if you put your head down, you work, you believe in yourself, and speak with confidence. Whatever you want to do, you speak it loud and with no fear and, no matter what people say, it happens. "That's something I can take with me. That inspires and motivates me right back."

Lovely brunch in @thespitjack well worth a visit. Service impeccable as always.

There is no one in charge of your life and decisions except you. Don't fall for the lie of being a victim of circunstance. Take responsibility for your life

Thoughtful birthday present from my Fiance and daughter. Turned the big 31!
Confident I'll still have my success and freedom in the future even tho I had to reset my career. @grantcardone & @elenacardone & @therealbradlea did it so no reason I Can't!

No great secret. You want to be successful. You gotta work, and you gotta outwork everyone around you. Gotta be 120% beast mode. 10x everything about your life.
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Many of you have BIG dreams and a small grind!! You have to operate in Beast Mode 🦁and go 1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ being in gazelle mode will not get you there. #etinspires

How do you get a nail in a wall? You hit it over and over and over.
If your sitting dreading going to work tomorrow, remember, an overnight success takes years and years of work before it becomes a reality. My main mentors @grantcardone @therealbradlea and @garyvee have all put in decades of work to enjoy the success they have now.
Be glad it's Monday tomorrow. Get back hustling. Fill up that sales pipeline. Take massive action, take brave decisions. You won't get rich making poor decisions.
Choose who you take your advice from carefully. Don't be mislead by flashy Instagram accounts telling you how to become rich through your smartphone in only 3 minutes a day.

Wealth success and freedom all take hard work, girt, determination and an ability to get back up again when you're knocked down.

Be great.

Some day to be out on the lakes of Killarney. Especially with Charlie. He 'll take you to meet Phyllis the Pheasant. Anyone visiting Ireland and Kerry should def pay them a visit in @gapofdunloetraditionalboattour
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Charlie taking it easy👍👍#Lovekillarney

Kudos to @threefoolscoffee and @thesandwichstall can't go wrong for a great lunch.

Don't be grateful it's Friday. Be disappointed it's not Monday.

The only things standing between you and your success are your excuses.

Don't reset your path to freedom each weekend, if the majority of people won't do business on the weekends, don't become part of it, find the people that will work on the weekends and be part of them.

Everyone says do what you love and you 'll be happy and successful in life. Nonsense you gotta do what you hate and be brilliant at it.
I love buying expensive shoes and suits and relaxing on a beach somewhere....but that's not going to earn me any money.

I hate having to eork. But work pays me money. So I am and constantly become great at my job so I get more and more money which gives me the freedom of choices in my life. The choice to buy what I want. Holiday where I want.

Aim to have a level of success in your life where you don't have to live life on a budget.

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