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Philosophie  We make foods that make your life better, inside and out. Raw, organic, gluten-free superfood protein blends, coconut butters & honeys👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

🦄swooning over our Hump Day Cauliflower Pitaya Bowl! full recipe just posted on the blog✨super nutritious+delicious💕#philosophielove #philosophiesuperfoods #makeeveryfoodasuperfood

Have you melted our #philosophiesuperfoods coconut butter + spread on toast yet!?!?!? WE TRIPLE DOG 🐶 DARE YOU.
@balancewithb just committed to the retreat Sept 28-Oct 1 in Vail, CO with @sophie.jaffe + @caleyalyssa -- an inspiring long weekend filled with love, enlightenment, vulnerability, strength, yoga + self-love. DM @wildwellnesstravel if you have any questions or want to commit to a magical weekend with us! 🌟🙏🏼🌙 #toasttuesday #philosophielove #makeeveryfoodasuperfood

Simple homemade almond milk with @philosophielove superfoods -- we forget how easy + DELISH this is! 💕

All our coconut butters + Philosophie superfoods are now sold at @pureejuice in Bethesda! ✨🤘🏼 #philosophielove #makeeveryfoodasuperfood #philosophiesuperfoods

@philosophielove Superfood snuggly Saturday scene 🌸🙌🏼 What could be more perfect? ☁️ Cacao magic chia seed pudding goals 🙌🏼
Photo // @skitnica -
#philosophielove #makeeveryfoodasuperfood #cacaoMagic

🌴Coconut Oil: Friend or Foe?! ✨Head to the blog to read our thoughts on the controversial coconut✨Spoiler alert: we❤️always! #philosophielove #philosophiesuperfoods #makeeveryfoodasuperfood

Our @philosophielove #PHILOSOPHIEBABE @sarndilia does it again 🌸💕🙌🏼 Head to our blog for a plethora of incredible summer smoothie recipes so you'll NEVER get bored! ✌🏼✨ #makeeveryfoodasuperfood #berryBliss #philosophielove


Avocado 🥑 + #philosophiesuperfoods CACAO MAGIC changes LIVES ⚡️ Photo // @eatrunandallinbetween -
#makeeveryfoodasuperfood #philosophielove

✨our Superfood honey is simply the Bee's🐝Knees✨Head to blog to find out just how life changing these beauties can be!💕#philosophielove #makeeveryfoodasuperfood #philosophiesuperfoods

OH MY {CACAO} MAGIC ⚡️☁️ 👀 LOOK at that Cacao Magic Coconut Butter in the center!!!!!! 🙏🏼🙌🏼✨ These superfood oats are on point and our #philosophiebabe @_kruti is slaying it.
How do you #makeeveryfoodasuperfood ? 🍫

🌟Smoothie bowl Berry Bliss magic by our #philosophiebabe @nutritionwithchelsea 🌟

🦄Happy Friday Philosophie tribe! Summer time means festival season+ lots of vacations 🙌🏼sharing my pre festival 5 day cleanse tips + yummy, nourishing, clean recipes to pair with my fav lifestyle suggestions💕Head to the blog to read the full article! #philosophiemama #makeeveryfoodasuperfood #philosophiesuperfoods

Kitchen essentials ⚡️🌟⭐️ #philosophiesuperfoods coconut butters, protein + Superfood blends and our superfood organic unfiltered honey 🍯
Upgrade your kitchen, upgrade your body, upgrade your LIFE. 🌸✨ Which is your favorite? How do you #makeeveryfoodasuperfood !? #philosophielove #philosophieCleanse

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