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PhillyUncut Documentary  #phillyuncutthemovie drops January 2019

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#phillyuncutthemovie drops January 1st 👉#herionepidemic 🎯#osageavebombing 👉#birthofuptown 👉#housingprojects 👉#kabonisavage 👉#showerposse 👉#jbmstory we create these documentaries to create awareness.
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Regrann from @nogunzone - You would think that a man who OKd a bombing that killed 11 people, including five children, would be forever disqualified from having a city street named after him.

But this is Philly.

And this week, the 2400 block of North 59th Street will officially come to be known as W. Wilson Goode Sr. Way. It will be named after the former mayor who authorized Philadelphia police to drop a bomb on a house with people inside.

City Council members Curtis Jones, Cherelle Parker, Derek Green, Mark Squilla and Jannie Blackwell introduced a resolution on June 14 to name the street for Goode. It was adopted the following week before Council broke for summer recess.

This is a disgrace. Just thinking about it makes me hot.

For those who have forgotten what happened that awful day more than 30 years ago, let me refresh your memory: It was May 13, 1985. Philadelphia police were trying to arrest MOVE members holed up inside a  house at 6221 Osage Ave. in Cobbs Creek. A protracted shootout ensued during which police fired 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

When MOVE members continued to defy police commands to exit,  Goode allowed a bomb, made from C-4 explosives, to be dropped on the building from a helicopter. Only two of the 13 people inside survived. The resulting fire was allowed to burn for 45 minutes and eventually consumed the entire block. Sixty-one houses were destroyed and an entire neighborhood devastated.

Goode publicly apologized but no city employee ever faced criminal charges.

Afterward, Philly became the talk of the country and for good reason. What mayor bombs its own citizens and destroys an entire city block?

Time has a way of dulling even the most painful memories. To his credit, Goode,  who went on to serve a second term, has spent almost a lifetime living down that awful decision that day. You can't deny that Goode, the son of sharecroppers from North Carolina, has an amazing story. Philly's first black mayor will always be remembered for how he helped minorities obtain municipal contracts and high-level jobs that they were once excluded from getting. - #regrann

@philly_vs_ny - Welcome to the official All City Classic Philly vs New York page. #phillyvsnewyork #phillyvsny #allcityclassic - #phillyuncutthemovie drops January 1st

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Drops January 1st #herionepidemic #osageavebombing #birthofuptown #housingprojects #kabonisavage story #showerposse and the #jbmstory we create these documentaries to create awareness of life to the youth that decision making is imperative.

#phillyuncutthemovie drops January 1st #herionepidemic #osageavebombing #birthofuptown #housingprojects #kabonisavage
#lexstreetmassacre #showerposse and the #jbmstory
Sad but it's a true story - #phillyuncutthemovie #phillyuncut2
#phillyuncut documentaries we create these documentaries to create awareness.

#phillyuncutthemovie is a very special project that will create awareness to the youth about principles in life and that decision making is imperative. Drops January 1st - #herionepidemic #lexstreetmassacre #jbmstory #housingprojects #showerposse #birthofuptown #osageavebombing #kabonisavage story.

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