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Phil_marinara  27 Certified Personal Trainer Team Marinara Contestprep🔥 Monster Nutrition @elementzero_nutrition Athlete and Athlete-Manager

Great Session after a long day of work , repping @elementzero_nutrition as usual , it’s great being able to work for and be a rep for a company you can truly vouch for and believe in the people with it and the products from them , so much more to. One from us , fat burner coming out within the week cannot wait , #elementzeronutrition weighing 215 on my recomp gonna keep growing and leaning out for the summer and be prime for not bday In July and my handsome boss @darren_nutrition wedding , Thnk you to @monstermealz for keeping me on point 24/7

When the chest is starting to come together for summer , growing and staying lean and gettin leaner , beautiful thing is nutrient timing and training intensity 🙏🏼🙏🏼 keep chipping away ps no idea wat the shadow is on my shoulder Hahahahahaha #jumpman

Killer shoulder workout today finally starting to come together with the look that I want they by day summer will be here before you know it so make sure you get all your asses in check!! On a serious note Thnk u to all my boys my clients and everyone who always supports me pushes me it means the world and beyond lucky and happy to be apart of a great growing supplement company @elementzero_nutrition and two awesome stores @monsternutrition @elementzero_nutrition , and to my homie @ifbbpro_punisher for relighting a fire under my asss 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thankful for everyday 🙏🏼🙏🏼 life’s full of stresses do wat u love

One of #TeamMarinara OG’S @th3blessed1 josh theese two pics are one week apart to the left from 2016 long islands winning his classs , the next week the Atlantic States for the WIN again back to back baby , we brought two difff looks tried diff methods and came home with back to back wins , he worked extremely hard and I HATE saying this but 1,0000 percent Natural and I mean natural as hell his fatburner was lipo 6 lol , get a coach that nutrition and training is there specialty and actually caring about their clients over and beyond and stay with them night before show tweaking their peak and the hole day and morning ESpc of their show , bsck to back champ 🙏🏼

Destroyed chest tonight after work and I think it’s safe to say my recomposes phase from my homie @ifbbpro_punisher is working , may be slow but steady and the muscle is staying and GROWING , huge Thnks to my homie Christian and to my @monsternutrition @monstermealz for keeping me on point working and running around nonstop , and being a part of the team of @elementzero_nutrition supplied with the best supps quality and effective , cannot wait already for the far burner to drop to add it in my program 👌slow and steady wins the race
@monsternutrition @monstermealz @elementzero_nutrition @ifbbpro_punisher

What a great day yesterday with a great group of people! @monsternutrition . 6 year anniversary party was a success!! With many more to come,. I love working for a amazing person who knows what it truly means to work for everything you have, and to work with a bunch of amazing people that is more then a team but a family. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed some love and enjoyed the fun with us, many more and much more to come thank you for everyone stopping by !!!

🚨🚨This Saturday @monsternutrition is having our huge 6 year anniversary event ! Come down from 12-4 to join the party 🎉 Sick sales , a ton of supplement company vendors and deals store wide on EVERYTHING ! Come by for the fun , Music and some sick deals , summers coming time to stack up !!

Cannot wait for this transformation
#Repost @rayc084 @get_reposter 🚨🚨 announcement 🚨🚨 so I'm sitting at a solid 210 right now and me and my coach @philly_marinara decided we going to start prep May 15,2019 to do a show in brooklyn on Sept 28th 2019 mark that date down Brooklyn Npc Grand Prix show. I will be posting pics and videos from here on out so u can see the process and how it's going down..this year the people in my corner besides my coach will be @elementzero_nutrition supplying me with there best products through my whole prep also @monsternutrition where I get most of my supplements from and also my boy @dcsports9 from the only and only clothing line supplied to me and also great photo shoots @teamdcsports_apparel..we going to crush that stage and this prep so stay tuned and watch how I move 💯💯💪🏼💪🏼 #weworking #bevsgym #bodybuildinglifestyle #npc2019 #ifbbpro #ifbb #2019prep #letswork #dedication #determination #TEAMMARINARA #staytuned #thereslevels

#Repost @leanmax_framingham @get_reposter
@leanmax_framingham now is fully stocked with @elementzero_nutrition products, we’re always bringing the best products to our store, and I’m pretty sure you guys gonna love it, come check it out and try some samples💪🏾 P.S I thought I woke up big today weighting 208lbs, but then these guys came and made me look like a kid😂😂 it was great seeing and making business with you guys💪🏾🏆

After a long day on the road with the boss man @darren_nutrition for @elementzero_nutrition , successful day ended it even better great shoulder workout , recomp phase is going good and can’t wait to for the greenlight to grow from coach @ifbbpro_punisher

Day one of the @elementzero_nutrition road trip with @darren_nutrition ended the day off right with the gym 💪🏼 work hard train hard , no matter we’re in the country #elementzeronutrition

#transformationtuesday for anyone that says you can’t do something or look a certain way prove them wrong for yourself most importantly , left was 21 , middle was 24 , right 26 , Rome wasn’t built in a day and certianly gains don’t happen by accident this sport is a marathon not a race , Patience and consistency and be your own motivation cannot wait to see 2019 cut down #positivity#grind

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