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Tree Day at the Nosworthy house. Ya’ll can keep your white Christmas 😉 (just joking - we’d love a bit of snow on Christmas Day....) but a beach and blue sky Christmas suits us juuuust fine!

<<SWIPE>> When Hercules was a child, two Nymphs, Pleasure and Virtue, granted him the choice between a pleasant and boring life and a severe but glorious one. Hercules chose the latter, and that’s why we still speak his name.* Page detail from THE MEANING MAKERS MINIFESTO, my short creative work on purpose, fulfilment and getting what you go to work for. Comment below if you want a copy. #phillnosworthy *(quote not my own; anonymous).

What you make makes you ///// I made a marriage then my marriage made me. I made a daughter then my daughter made me. I made goals, then my goals made me. I made a business, then my business made me ///// What you make will take you to the next, higher version of you. What you make makes you ///// So what are you making right now?

We’ll never go professionally where we are afraid to go personally. Levelling up ‘in here’ IS the strategy for levelling up ‘out there’.

Extending an invitation to GM’s, HR managers and People Leaders ; I am currently taking expressions of interest for my own private learning circle in 2019. 
This is designed to be a high quality, small-group experience for People Leaders committed to accelerating their own growth while gaining critical insights for their teams and organisation. > Four Private Dining summits throughout 2019 > Industry briefings in group-selected focus areas > Guest contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners > Tours of high profile businesses and workplaces > Organic peer to peer mentoring > Structured group reflections and conversation

If you feel this is for you, please drop me a note here or via for more information.

PSA : “Don’t waste the remaining part of your life in thoughts about other people, when you are not at least thinking with reference to some aspect of the greater good. Why deprive yourself of the time for some other task? I mean thinking about what so-and-so is doing, and why, what they are saying or contemplating or plotting, and all that line of thought, makes you stray from the close watch on your own directing mind”. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome AD70.

My prayer for you. It’s the same thing I wish for anyone in our public or private sessions, or through our online courses. I pray for you knowledge and the wisdom to put it into practice, self awareness and the courage to grow, and health - deep health, of the mind and the body. #isahaf

I’d be hopelessly lost without this incredible woman.
She has influenced and shaped me more than anyone else.
She has challenged and stretched me.
She has stopped me doing stupid things.
She has made me do stupid things. ;-)
She is there when I am too hard on myself to restore my vision of what could be.
She is a creative force and girl boss in her own right.
Mother of my child, guardian of my heart.
Together since we were 17, and we’re still only getting started. I love you Jess.

Here’s to the gritty ones today. I’m with you. Read it out loud: “Every day, life is forging me into the person required for the road and tasks ahead.

I am a willing participant in the process of becoming. I’m not there yet, but I’m on the way.

I embrace the challenges in my life; the ones ‘out there’ and the ones ‘in here’, because I know they are the mechanisms of growth, and the very things that will call greatness out of me.

I know that it is pressure that forms diamonds, and I know that life happens for me, not to me”.

Sharing something simple and powerful from #JosephCampbell’s The Power of Myth. It’s about the necessity to carve time in our day to call out of ourselves all that we could be.

So as long as you distract your mind from it’s dreams it will not know them for what they are. You will always be taken in by the appearance of things because you will not have grasped their true nature.
If dreaming is dangerous, then the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time. - Proust

Feeling so grateful and so humbled. What an extraordinary privilege to share my thoughts on service and the art of human craftsmanship with the world’s greatest luxury goods creator here in #Kerala, #India. Thank you to @tajhotels for hosting us and creating the perfect architecture for what just might be remembered as a life changing moment.

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