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Come check out our inventory! We're one block up from M&F on Lomas/San Pedro. #AFAautosales #AFA #Automotivefinanceauthority

Proud to be out here killin it with an amazing team! We're buying, selling, and trading cars. Having a grand opening very soon so stay tuned for future post so you can come by and see all the hard work myself & my team have put into getting this thing through the roof!!

Just signed a lease for my first business today.. this has been a dream of mine for so many years! Be disciplined enough to block out your instant gratifications for delayed results! Don't focus on things that don't matter, and just FOCUS LONG TERM! It will happen, It will pay off. Come see us!!! 02.21.17

One small victory for @aclu_nationwide and here's to many more! I stand with protecting our liberties and protecting refugees. #nomuslimban #aclu

Constantly stay hungry, constantly be improving. Down the rabbit hole. #ar15 #albuquerque #albuquerque_skies #cashmeousside

Another Bimmer for sale! 325Ci Sport Package in great condition! DM if you have any further interest. #BMW #E46 #BMWUSA

We're all taught double standards.
We grow up seeing and hearing failure.
We're raised to be cautious and not take risk. "Education& #34; is your future. "It means success."
What we aren't taught about formal education Is it is NOT the only way to success.
Those who never try, who never take risk...
NEVER succeed.
A man is educated when he takes highly organized specialized knowledge and can procure it into a means to acquire wealth.
The quantity of your education doesn't matter,
The quality does. Napoleon Hill said...
"An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others." #mfceo @andyfrisella

Political opinions cast aside, why is this not getting the major media attention it deserves? With Thanksgiving only a few days away, Native Americans participating in peaceful protests are being shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with tear gas, and are being driven out ceasing the water protesters with brut force. Yet the media has insufficiently been able to report what is actually going on in North Dakota. One protester even lost her arm by tragically being shot with a concussion grenade see @joshbrolin post (graphic). Spread the word of what is actually happening and what the media so willfully neglects to report. #nodapl #standwithstandingrock

Before I get ridiculed I get rid of fools, cut em off and then it's back to making bigger moves.

Well guys looks like the conspiracies are true! #hillaryrigitclinton

2003 (all wheel drive) 3 series for sale. Currently getting wheel fixed. 😂

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