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Phil Heath  🏆7x Mr. Olympia 💪🏼 @gifted_athletics 🎖️ @phit_app 🎁 @thegiftboxbyphil

We are officially 3 Million Strong on IG and I have all of you to thank. I truly appreciate you all for your on going support of my journey and for that I am offering up a huge 30% off sale on @gifted_athletics website through Monday while supplies last. Use the code “3MIL” and you all set! I hope everyone is enjoying their day and staying safe out there especially those in disastrous climates. Thank you again as your support does make this awesome journey of mine a bit more exciting!!! #PhilHeath #7xmrolympia #3million #Strong #GiftedAthletics #FatGripz #CompexUSA #PhitApp #TheGiftBox

Why not right? Flex Friday so get out there and get to the gym and make it happen. If not then flex anyway lol. #NoHashtags #YeahRight #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia

Never judge a book by its cover. What a voice, signing from his soul. This made me actually stop and listen to this video a few times. Good day to everyone and shout out to the homie @austinweiss for finding this.

HUGE Congrats to my brother @patricktmoore and his lovely wife aka my sister @cnsl_tikaa! It was such an honor for @shurieheath and I to be apart of your special day. I love you brother, you are a good man with a huge heart and I’m so proud of you. Shurie and I can’t wait to have you and Tika in Denver. I’m looking forward to training you and kicking your ass in the gym! 😈 #TheMoores #Family

Today is my 16th year anniversary of the day I decided to start bodybuilding. I’ll never forget that day I took my very first selfie with my old 2.1 megapixel camera inside my college basketball house. I waited for my old teammates to be away and i snapped it wearing just my track pants to hopefully one day look back and say this is where it all began. I’m so thankful I did that because I am now much further in bodybuilding than I had ever imagined. I am truly blessed to say least as it’s been one hell of a ride. I know the best is yet to come out of my life, but for now, I’m gonna take today and say THANK YOU GOD for closing that door in college hoop and putting some cool friends around me who saw my potential and literally forced me to compete. Through the pain, the sacrifices, the victories and defeats, I have embraced it all with extreme gratitude and pure happiness. Damn, I can’t lie, as this day is hitting me in the chest, but in a positive way. When one door closes another one opens, just be ready to kick some serious ass when it does, giving it everything you have so if/when that closes, another challenge will appear and you’ll be more ready than you could ever imagine!

I wish you all peace and positive vibes.

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So it’s #HumpDay so we definitely gotta work on some legs so that means glutes, hams, quads and calves. Try to get this done in under two hours doing 3 hard working sets of 4-5 exercises for Quads, 3-4 of Hams, 3 exercises for glutes and 3 exercises for calves. Keep the rest periods shorter under 90s and you’re gonna get those legs swole AF!!!! Oh and it’s gonna hurt but that’s only a mental mindstate, so when that pain comes you embrace it and use it to push you into another dimension for greatness! You can’t cheat this feeling as it only comes through hard work. Time to grind people so finish this first week of October off with your best attitude and discipline yet!!! Let’s get it!!!! #PhilHeath #7xmrolympia #PHILosophies #HumpDay #GrowDammit

Thanks to my agent aka my pops @getedge for hooking up wifey @shurieheath and I with awesome seats tonight! Im always smiling with this incredible woman by my side! #MyRideOrDie #MileHighCity #Broncos #Blessed #MrOlympia #PhilHeath

New month new goals same learn, to work harder, to be thankful and to spread love and positivity! Make sure whatever journey you are on that you can keep a strong, positive mindset through the most troubled waters. You can and will succeed with keeping emotions in check and reminding yourself that being human you will be imperfect yet continue to chase your own greatness! Be well everyone and make October an incredible month!!! #PhilHeath #7xmrolympia #BeLikeWater #CreateANewFlow #WriteNewGoals #ActOnYourGoals #NeverGiveUp #FocusOnHappiness #BeGreat #WantBetter #ReachHigher #YoureWorthIt

Rolling up to the gym for a behind the scenes live stream today! #philheath #mrolympia #phitapp #giftedathletics #musclecars

I can’t lie, training arms is absolute heaven for me and I’m sure for many others. Who doesn’t like to train them right?! The goal is to take that same enthusiasm and hard work and apply it to your worst day, perhaps like leg days, heavy back days etc. It’s all about your attitude because most of the time I see people loving curling them dumbbells up, staring at themselves in the mirror, then flexing and shit (which at times drives me nuts lol) in pure amazement, yet cringe and cry about leg exercises. Leg days and even back days require a different mindset right?! WRONG!!!!!!!! It requires that same passion you have from arm day as it’s clearly about you and your mindset going in. After years of training and also just living, I realized that once I had the same approach to my roughest leg days as arm days and chest days, I then could make them not only grow, but grow greater discipline mentally to tackle other difficult tasks outside the gym. If everyday was like arm day we would all be excited and probably have no problems right?!!! But, what if, just what if, we channeled our minds in creating that positive, go get em, take no prisoners attitude in all aspects of life??? I’ll tell you what you’d get and that is exponential growth inside and out!!! Let’s grow together today and then turn that into a habit and soon you’ll be tackling every challenge saying to yourself in that Jack Burton voice, “gimme your best shot pal....I can take it!!!!” Be well, finish strong! Don’t wimp out on your goals! Be committed to YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! Oh and spread that positivity to others too because there’s gonna be somebody going through their worst day and possibly you having a nice smile saying hello can pull them out of their own funk. Have an awesome day! #PhilHeath #BePositive #BeCourageous #BeMotivated #Be #Alive

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