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Walking into this new week with even greater focus than the last. Everyday we wake up, we are blessed with an incredible opportunity for personal excellence and to create joy for ourselves and possibly others. Recently I have been challenged in areas which I didn’t expect and that’s when I realized I have an even greater opportunity for more personal growth. See, Bodybuilding for me has enabled a great life through hard work, discipline, persistence, a positive-stubbornness (yes in my world there is such a thing) but where did that all start from??? I then began to recall every “Y” in the road growing up and the choices I made which were in fact defining moments that got me to where I am at today. Although I am not perfect, I am happy about that because there lies a huge set of circumstances that I will be challenged with. While going through these levels of life, I will learn through my ability to address the objectives with a greater sense of urgency, passion and intelligence oh and don’t forget faith, in receiving a new attribute. This will create an even better skill set for the next round of circumstances which I will call “battle-tested-moments” and also provide the confidence to go further in life with more vigor than before. I hope you all have a great week and use that mind, use that heart, use those muscles because we all have them and get some new success!!! It’s never easy, but it sure does feel awesome to achieve a new personal best not just under the squat rack, but in LIFE!!!!!! Love you guys! Train Hard, train smart & have fun! 💪🏽

I’m inviting ALL and I mean ALL Arnold Classic attendees, especially PROS and Social Media influencers to my 7th Annual Party during the Arnold Classic Weekend, Friday March 1st. It is to support autism awareness and raise money for further research as it is something very dear to my heart and many others around the world. So, if you’re not competing or coaching someone competing, please come out and show your support to a cause which impacts many children and families. I’m very excited to once again team up with our friends at @makeitfitautism as this event has always been the highlight of my year! Please look at the image for details and I hope to see you all very soon! #PhilHeath #MakeItFitFoundation #Autism #Awareness #Support #Research #LetsParty

BIG BIG BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO THE ONE AND ONLY HANY RAMBOD!!!! Been knowing this man since after I turned pro in 2005 and we have done some incredible things to say the least. From collecting Sandows, to traveling the world together, to watching him marry his awesome wife @missnaz to seeing his baby Kameron come into this world and growing like a weed, to running successful business all while being able to laugh and bullshit with me and help push me to fulfill my own destiny. Brother this one is for you. May you enjoy this great day, you old ancient artifact, ya damn old ass sea turtle, you thick sketcher shoe wearing geritol drinking Man I love you!!!! #HappyBirthday #WishHimAGreatOne #TheProCreator #BrothersMakeFunOfEachOther #PersianNinjaKick #DamnWeDressWell #MuchLove

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Merry New Year!!!!!!!!! #HappyNewYear #BeefJerkyTime

Wanted to share with you all my top9 posts of 2018. Thank you all for following my journey as it is definitely an interesting one to say the least. As I reflect on 2018 I will say that I am truly thankful for everything from the ups and also the downs as those moments have engaged a whole new level that I get to bring forth into the new year of 2019! Thank you @shurieheath for your unwavering faith in me, not to mention the true genuine unconditional love and support any Man would dream of. To my fans, I thank you for riding with me, especially after the Olympia because it showed me who was really down with Team Heath and who wasn’t. Don’t worry I’m onto something that I can not wait to bring to you so hold on tight. To my friends and family who provided me strength and encouragement I thank you as it was well received. And to the rest, don’t worry I actually love you too because that’s what this life is about, spreading love and peace to all even when they are being little jackasses haha. This Top9 was pictures of me but it was YOUR INVOLVEMENT that made it popular so thank you again for your support. Have a great last day of 2018 and be sure to get that last workout in and if you Party tonight please do not drink and drive ok. Much Luv to All! #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia #NYE2018 #ThankYou #Onto2019 #DreamKiller #HeroVillain

Here’s a pic for ya #FlexFriday and #flashbackfriday. Can’t remember exactly what year this was taken but all I know is that I was ready for WAR!!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying this last weekend of 2018! As always, train hard, train smart, have Fun and if you go partying please be responsible and don’t drink and drive because it’s a terrible thing to do ok. Love you guys. Oh, I’m gonna train today with my friend @patricktmoore for some back and biceps and then off the watch dem @nuggets beat the @spurs 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽. #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia #JammedPackWeekend #TheEndOf2018 #TheBeginningOf2019 #2019isAlreadyMine #DreamKiller #HeroVillain #GiftedAthletics

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m truly blessed to have amazing friends who I can call family. I believe it’s extremely important to spend time with those who truly care about you and add value to your life. Wishing you all a great finish to 2018! Cheers! #PhilHeath #Christmas #Family #DopeChristmasSweaters #HanzoTrynaMakeAnAppearance

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It’s #throwbackbackthursday so why not. Another pic from me guest posing at Dexter @mrolympia08 show in Florida back in 2009 9wks out. Hope everyone is having great workouts and also building up that positive momentum going into 2019! Be strong, be encouraged and be willing to go for it!!!! #philheath #7xmrolympia #giftedathletics #fatgripz #compexusa #musclesound #milehighmeats #phitapp #teamschiek #tbt

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