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C O R I N N E F I S H E R  “My only moral is I don’t believe in sports.” -Marilyn Manson PODCASTS: #GuysWeFucked & #TwoLessLonelyGirls 🖤👽

My what a mess we have made.

LOCATION = NYC (sry I sometimes forget other places exist cause I’m an asshole)

Family photo! #anxietyattack

“Discovered” this lil British angel on a late night talk show while spiraling in a W Hotel in Georgia this weekend and she made me LOL. Yes, she’s an actor on The Good Place, but she also launched an Instagram account called I Weigh earlier this year inspired by a photo that she came across online of Kourtney, Khloé and Kim Kardashian with their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, detailing each woman's weight. The account welcomes submissions of followers' non-edited or airbrushed selfies using the hashtag #iweigh, with text describing the things that they feel grateful for or proud of. Give it up for this week’s #IMightBeALesbianTuesday, @jameelajamilofficial!! #IMBALT #JameelaJamil #TheGoodPlace #IWeigh

Thanks for a hot weekend, ATL! I shopped at Ponce City Market, tasted Coca-Colas from all over the world (and possibly joined another cult? Not sure, that place was heavy on propaganda, but I got an awesome Diet Coke hat.), celebrated Pride in the South & saw some dorks protesting on behalf of God (didn’t see Jesus there, but you know that dude he’s always turning up), strolled through the lush botanical gardens, saw a lady come back to a Panera Bread 24 hours later to complain (I was almost impressed), hung with the outcasts & weirdos in Little Five Points, ate some “guacamole” made of sour cream, visited the tomb and birthhome of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a guy from Tampa named Johnny buy me a lap dance from a gal named Star at Pink Pony, and did 6 sold out shows with @krystynahutch at @laughingskulllounge! 🤠 #BridgetBishopTour #GuysWeFucked #comedy #podcast #poweredbywomen #Atlanta #ATL #Ocatvi

Took a moment of butt silence last Sunday out of respect for Kavanaugh sexual assault survivors (ya know, just didn’t feel appropriate), but I think what the world needs now is #ass sweet ass! So here is my first-ever portrait mode #SundayBunday. It’s a lot. And it’s not in jeans. So I can’t wait for all the unfollows! If you’re not following me for the hot #azz pics, I’m not sure what your priorities are. If you want learnin go pick up a book. #bum #butt #cheeks #booty #bodypositive #fatbitch #comintofuckyourboyfriend #wearingachristmasthonginoctober #trytostopme #iguessyoumightbeableto #imhonestlyprobnotgonnabeatyouinaphysicalfight #idontlikeviolence #iloveviolinstho

Happy #NationalComingOutDay to my LGBTQ friends, especially my VIGs bc besides being spectacular you were my only friends doing well enough 8 years ago to afford to come to my bringer shows and that is a good deed that will never be forgotten. Thank you for pushing my drunken rag doll body in taxicabs, spotting me money for Kesha concerts & being supportive beyond words. You are NYC treasures & I don’t know where I’d be without you 🖤🍭 Fuck. I just made this post about me. YOU GUYS TAUGHT ME SO WELL!! Here’s to many more years of being fearless & fuckin dudes 🥂

When you’re a traitor for years then wonder who fucked your boyfriend... #itme 📸: @deanlapham #rogueislandcomedyfest

Happy Birthday to DiFi — the mom, the myth, the legend! Self-confidence and the art of taking no shit starts at home. If I had one wish for every little girl it’s that she would grow up in a home with a mom like mine because that has made all the difference 🖤

Happy Birthday to my truly outstanding brother, @clfisher107! 5 stars. Smart, funny, weird, kind, supportive & adventurous. Honored to have you as the human most closely related to me on the planet. 🖤

Ya girl is v excited to announce she’s on the Benefit Board for the @pasesetter masquerade ball happening in NYC on 10/20 at @metropavilion! PASE creates and supports quality after-school programs for underserved youth in NYC. If you wanna help the youth, join us in a mask at the ball! Your charitable ticket purchase includes 4-HOUR OPEN BAR sponsored by @titosvodka, ball entry, entertainment by @mattfx from @broadcity & bragging rights for at least a month bc you got blackout in a ball gown for the kids. Tickets are $125, BUT bc you follow me and I’m on the inside (of this event, not like the Illuminati) you can buy tickets today & tomorrow ONLY for just $100! Use code JBFriend or simply click on the link in my bio and the discount will be automatically applied. 🎃 #HappyHalloween 🕷🕸SEE YOU THERE🕷🕸

I had so much fun at @rogueislandcomedyfest that I smiled a real smile with teeth and everything. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us in Newport, to the wonderful #RICF volunteers (especially @colleengenevievee), to @xdreeem for killer promotions and graphic design & to @douglaskey for being the fucking mayor of everything for the 4th year in a row. If you’re in town, the festival is still happening tonight-Monday with some pretty terrific comedians so treat yourself. PS: Hi @zhermz! So wonderful to finally meet you. #comedy #RhodeIsland #Newport #rogueislandcomedyfest

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