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Picking. Weeding. Chicken staring. Yep. Urban farming. My word, how wonderfully intense were these strawberries. #templegarden #urbanmissioncenter #strawberries

Annie, our daughter’s greyhound at the dog park. #greyhound

first eggplant of the season #templegarden

Part 2 - Temple Gardens gave me tomatoes and beets. Not as bad as I thought peeling. Can you eat beet greens? Tried it. Very tasty ala a NY Times recipe. My Friday evening snack. Walking home I showed the vegetables to Vernall our neighbor next door. His eyes sparkled when he asked if there were green tomatoes and I said that was out of my area (how green do green tomatoes need to be?) but that I would enlist Sara’s expertise. #templegarden #templehouse #urbanmissioncenter #salvationarmy

Part 1 - Temple Gardens this evening. I weeded the cabbage patch. I have my eye on a nicely forming head. Our new generation of Temple House chickens for eggs but one is a rooster. Chicken concentration camp. I see apple pie later this season. I like the fence painted during our art pop up event this spring. A little of Van Gogh. Betsy’s fruit of the spirit weathered but enduring. I like the look of the rocks and rubble. #templegarden #templehouse #urbanmissioncenter #salvationarmy

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