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PHESTOGRAPHY  📸Phestographic Memories 🎙MC Assassinator 👁👁👁 booking info:

@rapnoir is out now! Head over to @hieroshop for the #hierotrope series animated vinyl bside featuring @PepLava! HIEROGLYPHICS.COM

Driveway Follies #phestography

10.30.18 Allow me to vent a little please with something that’s been driving me mad for the last several years or so..This house, rather complex, was owned by my grandparents when I was growing up and many years prior to. Some of my fondest memories were generated behind this black gate (Eating Plums with my sister, cousin Lamar until we got 😷). Squatters got it now, rabid dogs patrol the yard, neighborhood still looking like the utmost bottomless abyss of the crack game. Today, 870 is the as is estimated worth. My Dad and his siblings sold it years (couple decades) ago for about 150. I really don’t understand why now that I’m grown but I also understand I don’t have the entire story. But I do know one of my uncles who lived upstairs on the right was livid. I found a letter he sent to my Dad, after my Dads passing. I was told they made amends but he didn’t show up to the funeral. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and if we ever meet again I’m sure it will be nothing but love. That’s the way my Dad would want it. Moral of the story: Get along with your family! Make good calculated decisions along the way, with them. Don’t take opportunity created by inter generational wealth for granted. Study inter generational mishaps and make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Hold on. Life is short..#lovemyfamily #phestography

Holding Pattern #photography

Family Affair, Hip Hop Exhibit. SF, CA Haight St. #hierocrew

The Death Star..Cue the Imperial March.. 🔵🔵🔵 #countdowntoarmageddon

Food for thought: Why/How is this man important to the history/Culture of Oakland, Ca? Or not. Comment below: s/o @tooshort

Still so surreal to see my brother on the big screen. @thehateyougive is coming to a theatre near you Oct. 12th!💥💥💥Starring a true #Oakland native #RussellHornsby #nojusticenopeace #blackpanthers #oscargrant #tamirrice #trayvonmartin #philandocastile #emmittill #ericgarner #sandrabland #freddiegray #altonsterling #mikebrown #grandjuryrecords #andthelistgoeson

Tomorrow is the day! 9.28 we release the @tilinfinitydoc w limited edition USB containing the film, bonus footage and photos! It’s been a long time coming.25 years exactly #som25 #soulsofmischief

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