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notn2materialsshowmewhaticantc  God-fearing,educated, classy, accomplished 1's always have less followers.❤rain&snow☔⛄ can't stand heat🌄⛅🌘🌒🌑,🏈Nfc shit talker,traveler🚝✈🚢

First day back, do like always and do your best.
Lead baby girl, excel and accomplish..
We Iove u, our one and only.

I dare anybody who knows me (family, friend, foe or not), say I'm not loyal, the real definition at that....🎯💡🔝♍✔💯

Great vibes.....😘

Ppl miss the message, too busy looking for the mistakes.

Surround yourself with those who appreciate you.

#SaturdayMorningVibes 🚿

Cheesing and all.. Morning and happy Friday babies 🤗

It's ok to tell me good morning 😄😋

Ppl miss u when ur either living good or looking good..either way their intentions are no good,👂 me?

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!😅
#LightWeightDays 🤦🏾‍♀️

Way back Wednesday, but damn😂😍

When I realize I'll look just as good at my mommy's age😍👌👍🏆🙌🏾💍💍

I tried to walk away this morning like a hard ass and literally not look back.
I'm immensely proud of your mature choices and not being a statistic.
Your intellectual choices as a young black man in today's times, are just simply impeccable. You have no fear, you don't question yourself.
So as you probably read this in the airport rn , know I'm a little selfish about you leaving, but when I think about the reasoning and the future, I can't help but smile and be proud to be your Godmom.

Love u Papi @k_flesh11, see you soon.
Woke before 5a.m. in disbelief.😢

Excuse my wakeup, gym hair 😣

😭😩😂 sweet baby Jesus!

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