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felicia  inspire and be inspired; rinse and repeat; all day, every day. most days i feel like i'm the luckiest person alive and i couldn't be more blessed.

throwback to when my #nails were so lit they match the ocean perfectly. now that the photo is on instagram, it's official: they are my favourite nails of 2017 ( which admittedly is a pretty shoddy nail year for me). for anyone curious, the #polish is #scarabII (i think) from #louboutinbeauty. #throwbacktoelnido #instanails #manimonday #loveloveLOVE #thankstoffieforthepic #butwhyisthepicblurry #imtoooldtobesayinglit #thanksagaintocatfamforthepolish #wontanyonegetmeonefromtheirnudecollection

AAHHHHHHHH WHAT A GLORIOUS SHOW!!! was smiling the whole time coz i truly had forgotten just how good he could be and i was just really, REALLY glad that i was there witnessing his awesomeness (when did he get so good-looking?!?!?!). the show also looked cool and i dig the creative direction the show took. there were some really cool effects and videos. definitely an improvement from his last concert.
but most of all, tonight absolutely just made me realize that i sorta, maybe, kinda missed OT5 😶😶 ... issit 2020 yet? 😢😢 #foreveryoungbear #maybeijustloveconcerts #ormaybeijustlovebigbangstill #onceavipalwaysavip #issitreallyonlymy2ndconoftheyear #confiles

posting something a little futuristic looking so i can drop this psa: run, or drive, to a cinema nearest you and watch blade runner 2049!!!! it is SO GOOD, i was left rather speechless by the time the credits rolled. the visuals took my breath away and the storytelling was masterful from start to finish. 2017 is not over yet, but i can already confidently say that this is my favourite movie of the year. #throwbacktotokyo #tokyoartcity #lights

"live all you can and understand;
if the world didn't suck we would all fall off."

kyaaahhhh!!!! it ARRIVED!!!! havent been this excited about #makeup in a while! (actually, thats a lie. i was pretty excited for the becca x jacylnhill face palette. and everytime hourglass cosmetics release an LE holiday face palette ... 💸💸💸 😓). but i digress! these are so pretty irl. i dont even have the heart to swatch them 🙈🙈🙈. #udbasquiat #goldgriot #palette #UDBASQUIATCOLLECTION #urbandecay #eyeshadows #😍😍😍 #loveloveLOVE

spent my saturday observing @pilates36 new instructor apparatus training! always good to refresh on my fundamentals and go back to the basics. #alwayslearning #neverstoplearning #lifelongeducation #pilateserrdayeveryday #pilates36

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