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Trying out some new things
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Stay out 😒
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You took my breath and I’ve been waiting all weekend for it back.
Hoping all is well 💙
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“Ooh YEAH baby!”
Just moved into my new place today! So thankful for all the support from everyone these past few weeks ❤️
Here is some BTS footage from my shoot with @theonebuzz and Lucas the other weekend 😋
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One of the hugest influencers in my life to this day has been my ex girlfriend (sorry to call you out like this but now is the time). As supportive as she was at times.. she was also and currently is one of the most unsupportive people in my life. Even when I talked about opening up on social media she still can’t help but laugh at me.
- Like many who would turn to parents for comfort, I would confide within her. I depended on her approval when I would bounce thoughts and ideas off of her or show her what I was proud to have accomplished but I could never seem to fully satisfy her with my own personal achievements.
She constantly would tell me that my ideas were dumb or not going to work.
- To this day I still remember having 300 followers on Insta and when I proposed the idea to take pictures with people who had more followers she told me “Nobody is going to post you on their page with your lack of followers.” (Look at me now just months later 😂) And just the other week when I mentioned doing meet and greets with fans (possibly) she told me “You’re not a celebrity”.
That. Eats. At. MEEEEEE!!!!!!
AND SO I take those emotions and I throw them in my bag and leave and then go and prove her wrong. Although it never gains HER approval.. its that push that allows me to try new things, push my limits, and break past my barriers because I channel those chaotic emotions into proving my worth.
- As much as you hurt me, you were always my shoulder to come to when my head became too much for me to deal with though and you supported me in other ways.
- I just have to let you know that I am thankful for what you have shaped me into because of the way you treated me, good or bad, because you may laugh at me for posting this but your negativity has pushed a lot of positivity above the surface for others to share.
P.S. She and I are still friends and are happy to be 😊

Chicken Noogies ❤️

Rambling/Explainin.. I can’t find the right words to fit my explanation into so I’ll have to tell my story through my future posts 🤷🏼‍♂️ get ready to learn about Transparent Pepper

I met another Moonchild 🌜and I can’t get over this person. Anxiously awaiting your discharge from the hospital so that we can talk more 😊 for the first time in 7 years, I had actually been able to bond, relate, and vent about cutting with another patient. I know that I myself was a patient but I miss being there to share stories and spread joy and happiness from within that building they kept us locked up in. - One thing many don’t realize is that just because I model or post pictures of myself so "freely", doesn’t mean my life is easy.
I have tried anti depressants but what works best for me is to absolutely destroy myself in the gym and to channel the energy from my stress, anxiety, and depression into the work-outs I put myself through in the gym. I stopped cutting and harming myself in other ways and used it to my benefit.
- Many people admire the body without realizing WHY I was able to work out so intensely to get to where I am. Basically using this positive outcome to mask the mental problems I deal with. - I’m not alone either.
- I hope to spread some light on those who look down on themselves for their “imperfections” or their “crooked smiles” (like my own).
- I have progressed far enough now, through the support of those around me and especially on my social media platforms, that I don’t let negative comments get to me. I post what I feel like because this is my page, about myself, and I post what I want to share. Sometimes its really hard and I feel insecure and am embarrassed at what I upload but I fight that mental barrier and I hope that if you have insecurities too that you can reach out to me.
- I’m NOT a celebrity, famous actor/singer/musician, or really in any important role in our society. I’m just a guy with 46,000+ followers and fans who I hope I can reach out to and help shed some light on.
- I’m not too good for you. So please come to me if feel the need to. I acknowledge that there is a lot of neglect within individual’s lives that prevent them from seeking help. *If I can’t get to you in time, please don’t be shy. Call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 * - Thank you, to my Supporters AND “haters”.

Needed to release all this energy I stored up the past few days! 😁😁
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Hey everyone sorry for not posting the last few days but I was locked up in a mental institution/ hospital. Give me some time and I’ll be back to replying to your messages and the fan pages. I have been thinking about you all and I really do apologize for falling off the face of the Earth but I had no control. My rights were taken from me and my phone and etc.
Happy Friday from yours truly in those #calvinklein ‘s again!
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Hang me out to dry
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