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A lot of people have been asking for a #transformationtuesday, so here ya go. #swipeleft to see tiny Ben at one of my last days at @google, about six years ago. I think I was sitting in a #delorean from one of the cool events Google puts on all the time for its employees 😎 I think having guns is even cooler though 💪 #progresspics #doievenlift

#soundon 😂 a fun #motivationmonday with the closest thing to #nosecandy I ever wanna experience 😳 What’s your favorite part? #workoutmode

End of the day with #nopump, #notan and lotsa water, but showing improvements. This is from a few weeks ago, wish I had time to get some more awesome pictures with @kylewurzel. You can snag the hat from @ironrebel, it’s 🔥🔥🔥 from the @mountaindog1 collection. UYP sale still going too, at least till I can #getmyshittogether and I’ll have some sort of cool #100kfollowers promo when I hit that mark. #ironrebel #granitesupplements

#Soundon and watch till the end, because I had to play my own @black_tom_cruise when Staci couldn’t yell loud enough 😂 765x5, not a #personalbest but I was just blowing off steam today. I’ve been on the back of the #strugglebus for a while so it helped to have a #funworkout. And seriously, thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to me with words of support - it helps and means a hell of a lot more than 765 pounds. 🙏👍💪

I don’t use the #swissball much, but I do really like it for #flyes. I try to position my upper back on the ball so that I can keep a bit of an arch in my #thoracic spine while keeping the lumbar neutral. That helps me get a better #cheststretch and to also practice proper positioning for the bench. Trying to pushing the upper back into the ball helps, too.

After a #hardworkout on an upset stomach I was feeling pretty drained, so I decided to eat a high carb meal immediately afterward. #ivemadeahugemistake #powerbelly goin strong rn 😳

Man, I ate something that did NOT agree with me and I’ve felt like trash all day. #nosleep, feeling bloated and drowsy, but I hauled my ass to the gym anyway. I think it’s really important to be honest with yourself when you #feellikeshit and either lighten up or just expect the weights to feel heavy and move slow. Josh let me play with the @squatsandscience open barbell tool and that was really helpful too, since it showed that these high bar squats actually moved pretty okay. I’d love to get one to play with myself but they’re sold out all the time 😢 I think it has some huge #potential for both powerlifting and bodybuilding. #tillicollapse on the headphones was also very helpful 😂

Some excerpts from my quick #backworkout today: #cheating #barbellrows with 495 and #weightedpullups with 45. I don’t usually do barbell rows at all because I don’t see enough increase in #thiccness or carryover to bench or deadlift justify the extra #lowback recovery time. That said, from a mental standpoint, variety is useful in and of itself as a motivating tool. If you’re not considering the mental side of your training, you’re selling yourself short!

Well, my dissertation defense yesterday was one of the worst days of my life, and certainly of my academic career (even though I technically passed). I’m feeling a lot of negative emotions right now, but I’m trying to focus on how grateful I am to everyone here who reached out with kind words, and ESPECIALLY to @staciardison @coachcloud and @brainybrawn for their support. This session was very much a mental health day - I’m sure y’all know how cathartic it is to #liftheavyshit. The truth is, most challenges and setbacks can be reframed as opportunities for #personalgrowth, but that’s obviously easier said than done. I’m tryin 😊 Besides, education is important, but #bigbiceps are importanter 💪💪 I honestly don’t know if my rambling helps anyone else, but it feels damned good to get this stuff off my chest.

To celebrate my #lastdayofschool tomorrow, I wanted to rep out with 800 after my bodybuilding work. Unfortunately, the barbell had other ideas! I couldn’t hear the equipment #malfunction over my headphones or I obviously wouldn’t have tried to keep going 🙃 Hopefully my dissertation defense goes better than this tomorrow - #wishmeluck 😊💯🔥 #trustmeimadoctor

Front squats for high reps suuuuck 😂 Heavy fronts squats are a pretty interesting movement - I find they carry over well to other movements, but they require a pretty broad #skillset to execute well (including the ability to grind out reps when you #cantbreathe). Generally I prefer assistance work where I don’t have to think about my technique and can just go #ballstothewall, so lately I’ve been doing more hip-belt squats. I’ll share those next week! Oh, one last pro tip: highly recommend knee sleeves on fronts. Wraps help too much and the amount of forward knee displacement can cause #achesandpains for a lot of people. Mine are from @ironrebel 👍

Ah, well... they can’t all be winners. I wanted more reps, smoother reps, #deeper reps, and easier reps on this AMRAP and I couldn’t make that happen. As frustrating as #baddays can be, they’re part of the game, and having a #supportsystem is so crucial to understanding and dealing with that. Fortunately I have the best one ❤️ UYP has a full section on #overcomingobstacles like bad sessions, stress outside the gym, and illness, and it’s still on sale for 40% off for a few more days - link in bio 👍 #outliers

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